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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

things i like #2

dress: river island, hat: topshop, sandals: swedish hasbeen, earrings: vivienne westwood, lipstick: mac creme de nude, satchel: asos

Monday, 29 August 2011

Beauty UK Palette Amazon

Beauty UK eyeshadow combo palette 02 Amazon * 

Recently when I was in Leeds seeing Victoria, I noticed on Twitter that Superdrug & Beauty UK were doing in a promotion in the city. We had a good chat with one of the girls and they kindly gave us a ton of stuff to try out. When we got back to Victoria's we divided up out wares and I knew I wanted to try this specific palette purely for the reddy copper colour. I was mainly inspired by Mary Kate Olsen to try a coppery eye colour, because I'm sure alot of us would like to look like her! In the photo of me its looking more red than orange/copper but in real life its very coppery rather than full on red. Silly camera.

I really like the eye shadows in this palette, they are all pigmented and easy to apply.  Like with alot of low priced shadows they feel very soft to work with but they didn't have that much fall out.  Trust me I've used worse low end shadows. The colours are quite dark but do come out true to pan, there is some really interesting sparkly shades in there too. The liners in this palette are ok, they arent up to my stupidly high standard of gel liner, but are fine if you wanted something cheap, I used the black one initially but had to go over it with the Topshop eyeliner as it just wasn't right for me.

Overall I think its a good palette, it costs around £4 which is very reasonable. I remember before I was a MAC addict back in school I used to use a Beauty UK palette religiously. I'll probably only use the copper-red colour and the top brown shade if I'm being honest. The others are a bit too dark for my personal eyeshadow tastes as I like to wear pinks or corals normally. However it saves me shelling out for another shadow in a colour may not get much use out of as its this is the kinda look I would wear on a night out or if I just fancied a more ~rawk chixx~ look! Very pleased with it though and it will take its place in the drawer in my makeup tower of makeup I would use again.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

giveaway: LOVE drape skirt

Quick giveaway for this skirt that I picked and was sent to me from LOVE. Unfortunately it doesn't suit me, I asked if they wanted me to send it back but they said I could give it away instead. Its a black sheer skirt with a dipped back with open draped front panels. Its a really lovely skirt it just does nothing for me but Im sure someone else would appreciate it!
- Giveaway ends on Midnight 30th August (GMT)
- Open to anyone and everyone! (+ International Readers!)
- There will be ONE winner!
- The skirt is size S/M (approx 8-10, would probably fit a 12 at a push)
- Winner will be chosen using
- You must be a follower of this blog!
- To enter all you need to do is comment below.
- Leave your email or blog link so I can get in contact with you!

things i like #1

jacket: topshop, boots: sarenza, nail polish: OPI stranger tides, 
hat: topshop, ear cuff: asos, purse: urban outfitters

Monday, 22 August 2011

liz earle cleanse & polish

liz earle cleanse polish liz earle skin tonic
100ml Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish £13.25
200ml Liz Earle Skin Tonic Spritzer £12

Liz Earle is one of those brand that seem to go around the blogasphere, They send out alot of free products so therefore alot of people seem to rave about them. I'm always a little skeptical when brands do-do (lol) the rounds in the blogasphere because you never really know for sure.

I bought these from John Lewis when I was in London a few weeks ago, the girl who served me was really lovely (she even said she followed my blog too! Hi!!) and she knew what I wanted before I even asked! Basically I'm so lazy when it comes to taking my makeup off. I hate that tight/dry feeling you get with makeup wipes and most eye-makeup removers hurt my sensitive eyes. I occasionally (alot) do the ultimate skincare faux pas and "forget" to take my makeup off before I go to bed. It all seems a bit easier to do it all blurry-eyed and in the morning!

When applying I do my cheeks, nose & foreheard first, then do the eyes, which generally leaves me looking like panda. But I do wear alot of eye makeup! It doesnt hurt when you apply it onto your eye area, which really surprised me.  Then gently buff your face with a muslin cloth. Pat the skin dry and spritz with the Skin Tonic, The result is really soft, super clean and as super lame as it sounds "radiant"! It literally takes about 3 mins from start to finish. Perfect for lazy people like me!

I would 100% buy the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish again, I've never said that about a skincare product. I'm in two minds about the Skin Tonic as I'm not even sure what it does. I've never understood the importance of toner! I REALLY wish I'd bought this sooner, I know its a bloggers favourite but I do totally see why now! As far as the price goes I think its reasonable, I know Liz Earle do various sizes on their website so you can always buy a small bottle just to try it out!
(My skin for reference: I have oily/combo skin, relatively good skin in terms of breakouts and spots, slight scarring on my chin. I have a very uneven olive and warm toned skin with very pink toned cheeks. Im a MAC NW15 without tan and generally wear foundation this colour then bronze up with bronzer if needed!)
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Sunday, 21 August 2011

topshop gel liner in ink

Been using this Topshop Gel Liner for the past few weeks just to get a feel for it before reviewing it. I don't really like gel eyeliners because I've not found one that's I find is "black enough". I think MAC Fluidline is really grey on application and I find it never dries enough so it is still quite smudgy! The Topshop Gel liner however is very nice, easy to apply and comes out a very dark black. It lasts all day on me without colour fading or smudging. I've not had any trouble with my eyes being irritated by the product either. To apply it I've been using a Sigma Small Eyeliner E10, but any liner brush would do, it depends on your personal preference. As with all Topshop Makeup the packaging is very trendy with the hand drawn elements. The white does put me off a little as its already really grubby from being in my makeup bag.

I do definitely like this eyeliner and will probably continue to use it until another product comes along that takes its place. I am a bit of a eyeliner whore! As far as the price goes I think its really good value at £8 as gel liner tends to last a long time (unless it dries up obviously!). It looks a touch fuzzy in the photograph but thats mascara as I'm terrible at applying it haha!
I typically wear liquid eyeliner with a long sponge tip appliactor. My "Holy Grail"  is Illamasqua Precision Ink. Qualities I look for in eyeliner are really opaque dark black eyeliner that doesn't fade or go grey as its worn, water resistant, smudge proof, quick drying and non-irritable on sensitive eyes

Saturday, 20 August 2011

glossybox august 2011

Murad Time Release Blemish Cleanser, Ahava Mineral Body Lotion, Daniel Sandler Jumbo Jet Mascara, 
KMS California Hair Stay Style Boost, Rebel Nail Toe Wraps via Glossy Box

This months Glossy Box was ok in my opinion. The Ahava body lotion and the Rebel Nail Wraps are going into my "presents for others box" because they really aren't for me. I hate the way nail wraps look, and I'm not one for body lotion. But I do know that some other people in my family would like them so I'll pass them on for stocking fillers at Christmas!

I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Sandler at the Boots event to I went to on Thursday so Im looking forward to trying the mascara out. I wont open it till my current one runs out though because I dont want it to dry out! The KMS California Hair Stay feels SO weird, literally like really cold really thick but crackly goopy kind weirdness! So hard to explain but its seriously the weirdest thing I've ever touched. Not tried it yet but I'll wash my hair tonight and give it a whirl. I also quite interested in the Murad Time Release Cleanser, I dont really have bad skin so Acne isnt a problem for me, but I'd rather be preventative than do nothing!

Glossy Box goes up next month and I'm in two minds about keeping going. I am going to a Glossy Box Event on September 1st and I'm interested to know where they are heading. Like I said in my Boudoir Prive post it all seems a bit up and down, Once again people are bashing it (no well known brands maybe?) The fickleness of bloggers really plays such a part in the successfulness (sp?) of these sorts of boxes!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

boohoo a/w press day

Ended up at the Boohoo A/W Press day yesterday,  Boohoo is a brand I probably wouldn't have bought from purely as in my head its a tacky/sparkly/market stall kinda vibe. Although I do visit the website regularly and find stuff I like I'm always put off because I cant see it in person before buying. Was pleasantly surprised with what they had to offer though! I think they have the A/W trends down, you know the 60's and 70's look and then the whole grungy style. They have some absolutely gorgeous fur coats as well as this lovely ombre grey maxi skirt which is to die for! I love their choice is prints like the polka dots and the Mui Mui style bird print jacket!

Its hard going to press days on your own because its near impossible to hold a bag and a camera as well as a item of clothing! So hence why there are so few individual shots! They gave me a voucher to use to get some of their stuff, so I think Im going to wait till some more of the A/W stuff filters out! From what I see the quality is pretty good, the same as all the sort of high streets shops so I wouldnt worry about it!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Boudoir Prive August 2011

Olavie Antioxidant Body Butter, Jane Ireldale Purelash, Sachajuan Conditioner, Bloom Tea, 
Babor HSR lifting extra firming cream, Etat Libre D'orange Archives 69 & Rein.

Like over 9000 different people in the blogasphere that will be posting about this, but I like offering my thoughts on things like this because its something I'm genuinely interested in. I think the social media elements of this whole Beauty/Sample Box phenomenon is really interesting. As I think that plays a big part in the reaction to beauty boxes that are out there.

Unlike Glossy Box, I think Boudoir Prive could genuinely survive in a "real" world rather than the blogging one. Us Bloggers are fickle and shallow people who like brand names. Ask anyone what sort of samples they'd like in a beauty box and Im sure most of them would say MAC, NARS, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier... You know high end stuff that you would find in most department stores. Brands that most people would buy if they had the money.

Boudior Prive is certainally luxury, The samples arent that cheap. Mainly exclusive-high end brands that I think alot of people wouldn't have heard of before. I think the general public would more likely be taken with the things in this box, than bloggers. I think generally the general public might not really care about brand names and just like that little touch of luxury each month.

I dont think that Glossy Box and Boudoir Prive will be doing some one-up-man-ship over the next few months as I do think that they are different in their own ways. Boudoir Prive seems a little more thought out, where as Glossy Box seems a bit month to month. Like Glossy seem to have no long term plan in what's going in boxes, which can make it feel a little thrown together. Like last months box had 2 full size products, which seems slightly silly for a box that is labeled as a "sample box"!

I think a fair few people who got the Boudoir Prive box were expecting a Glossy 2.0 stylee first box. Something high-end, full size from a well known brand. I can see why people are disappointed but not everything is aimed at our age range and at bloggers. You can use 1BOX12 to get 50% off your first box if you fancied signing up just to see what its like!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

models own polishes

(L-R) Models Own Silver Spangle, Models Own Disco Mix, Models Own Prussian Blue, 
Models Own Lilac Dream, Models Own Pink Plush,  all £5 each from Models Own *

I really love Models Own nail varnishes, I have alot of them but I've only actually bought about 3 in all. They are a goody-bag at events staple, that and tote bags! I always say that if I fail as a blogger I could open a tote bag museum! I've been getting into doing my nails again recently, so when they offered to send me a few after they were impressed with my nail art in this post I jumped at the chance! Because there are literally so many colours, I did a quick tweet and got some reccomendations, then picked my favourite from them! My personal fave is Disco Mix, its such a lovely super glittery shade. I also really love the Pink Plush one, I love peach nail polish but it can often make my skintone look dirty, but this one's just perfect!

Compared to Barry M, my usual nail polish go to brand, they dry so much quicker but are alot pricer. However Models Own are doing their usual milestone 50% off sale, So once they hit 50,000 likes on Facebook they are doing a whopping 50% code! You can like them on Facebook and help us all out!  Then the polishes are a mere £2.50. Who doesnt love a bargain!

Ps. The nails in this post are from here.

Friday, 12 August 2011

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette

MUA Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette: superdrug £4

MUA is a brand I've never tried before, Not to be a makeup snob but makeup for a £1 a piece doesnt sell itself to me! I think if it wasn't for other blogs I probably wouldn't take a second look at this sort of stuff. People are comparing this to the Urban Decay Naked Palette, and honestly I think its so much better than that. I find on me the Naked Palette colours are really grey, ashy and dull. They look pretty darn awful to be honest,  UDPP is the most pointless product I've ever used too! The brush was probably the best thing about the whole thing pallete! Although I think the UD palette is worth it, as the eyeshadow quality is just lovely and pigmented, I just think its not right for someone of my coloring.

I really like the MUA Heaven and Earth pallete, for a low end makeup it really isnt all that bad. Warm toned, shimmery with a wide range of colours in one little palette. The shadows do feel a little soft like they are going to break, but they apply very nicely. My favourite colour is the sort of peachy pink colour and the lovely warm coppery brown.

Being honest, I'm not going to be giving up my MAC palletes and hail this as the only thing I'll ever be using in the future. However it does make a nice addition to my overflowing neutral collection, especially the highlight colours as I'm running out of my favourite highlight. I think you should seriously consider getting this over a Naked Pallete if you have similar colourings to me, plus its only £4 which is pretty good for what it is!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

llymlrs & vipxo

view more photos & a FULL LENGTH ONE INCLUDING SHOEZ on Victorias blog ;)
i dont have terrible bags under my eyes either, its just unfortunate facial features.

I was going to post this on my proper blog but wanted to do a outfit post for today too, but didnt want to do two posts in one day, so decided to go for here, plus Im a stickler for routine and I just couldn't break my blog monotony!

Victoria and I are friends in "real life", We talk all the time and I would genuinely class her as one of my best friends. Its so genuinely nice to know that I've met someone through all this who I really trust and can confide in. I went up to see her in Leeds for two days, and of course we had a barrell of fun! We drank WKD (cool yeah!), had a sly takeaway and I even wore Uggs! Big love to her boyfriend Matt who took our photos! He was pretty pro at it, compared to me standing in my spare bedroom remote shooting myself! Check dat qualityyy! I need to get myself a boyfriend who's willing to take my photos!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

what i bought this week 2

boots: river island *
sleek pout polishes: superdrug
liz earle: john lewis
hat: river island

Got some boots from River Island which I paid partially with some vouchers I had left over when I did some work with River Island for their website as a "Industry Insider". I paid £20 out of pocket which isn't too bad! I don't really need another pair of boots, but ho hum! I bought this snow leopard hat with ears purely because I thought it was too cute, one of those items I doubt I'd get much wear out of until it goes really cold, but I totally love it! I wore it today actually! I just saw on the website they have a proper leopard version too! I also got the Sleek Makeup Pout Paints as they were 3 for 2 in Superdrug, I need to buy a lip brush now to test them out properly. Also bought the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish along with the Instant Boost tonic from John Lewis while in London which I really like!

I did buy a few other things including some eyelashes, fake nails & some mini BB creams to test out. They haven't come yet so don't count ;)
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