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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner

This eyeliner used to be known as the Eyeko Graffiti eyeliner, but since their rebrand they have changed it to Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner. Im presuming that the products are still the same but with different packaging! The one photographed is the old style packaging. Eyeko have re-branded themselves to get away from the cutesy/japanese/girly style packaging to a more sophisticated and sleek look. The new image appeals to me much more than the old one. I personally dont like the OTT girly packaging on makeup, which is one of the reasons I don't buy Benefit Cosmetics. I like things to look sleek and a little bit classy!

This eyeliner is one of my all time favorites. So easy to use, you just use it like you would a marker pen by drawing along the top lash line. Its one of the longest lasting pure black and smudgeproof pen eyeliners I've ever used. I've found alot of pen eyeliners seem to be more grey black than pure opaque black. I've also found the tip doesn't go funny (I really cant explain what I mean here, but you know when you have a felt tip and you use it loads the tip goes really smooshed and weird and thick? basically like that!?!) when you use it alot, it stays very stiff and precise.

Eyeko has slipped off the blogging radar I think for a bit, I've been sent a few of the Eyeko Graffiti eyeliners in the past, as well as repurchased them myself. I have a feeling the price has gone up alot as I swear they used to be alot cheaper than £10, Maybe about £6. £10 I think its a little expensive for something that is what I would regard as "drugstore". Although I think Eyeko are moving away from that image with their new branding and launching exclusively in Harvey Nichols and their price probably is reflecting that, I do think its priced too high for a middle of the road brand and just doesnt feel "worth" the extra money. But the product is really an amazing eyeliner and totally one of my favorites.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream

Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream in Fairy Cake Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream in Fairy Cake
Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream in Fairy Cake £2.99 *

I've been looking at this product in Boots for a while now and something kept putting me off. Mainly because Im not a big fan of glosses, I prefer a matt lip rather than a super glossy finish. I imagined this product would be very glossy purely because of the packaging with the doe foot wand. Its actually a lipstick/lipgloss hybrid with a full coverage velvety matt finish. Its quite thick and creamy, and leaves a very smooth finish.

It tastes and smells really vanillary but not too over powering, even though its a quite strong scent for a lip product. Its full coverage on my pigmented lips The price is absolutely perfect, £2.99 is extremely cheap for a product of this quality. On me Fairy Cake looks is a little bit darker and pinker than my natural lip colour. I think I'm going to go ahead and buy the Lip Cream in Powder Puff (looks like a really great nude lip shade!) and Cotton Candy shades, especially as theres 3 for 2 on alot of makeup and hair products in Boots at the moment.
Collection 2000 is sold in Boots and Superdrug. Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream comes in four shade and costs £2.99.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Crystal Clear @ NSpa Lane

it cost £40 for 40 mins but prices probably vary from place to place!

Bit of a different post today but I thought so highly of it I just had to post about this! Recently I went for a Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion Facial at a local beauty salon called NSpa Lane. I've had a few different things done at the salon before like my nails or a spray tan, but never a facial. I don't know why but I was so worried about getting a facial. Natalie talked me through it all, telling me not to worry!

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion is basically a non- chemical treatment that works by taking off all the top layers of skin by using a stream of crystals. This stimulates the skin to help collagen and repair skin damage. Its such a weird sensation like a little tiny hoover thats a little scratchy, and sucks up all the gross bits out your skin! It took around 40 minutes (although I was chatting so it did take longer!) After I had it done my skin felt really smooth, clean and really plump (I couldn't stop touching my face!). My skin had never felt fresher or brighter! I dont have any before or after pics as theres no chance I'd show my naked face on the internet, but I truly do think its worth it.

I'm definitely get this treatment done again, Your supposed to have a few sessions (3-5) to really see the full benefits, but I felt there was a noticeable difference from the first treatment! Especially on my blackheads and scarring. Alot of salons offer this facial and its something I would totally recommend if your looking for a facial thats not too harsh and looking to improve blackheads, skintone and fine lines!
Nspa Lane is in Ludlow, Shropshire and I'd highly recommend the salon if your local to the area! Its got such a lovely girly relaxing interior and Natalie does a really good job! Their Facebook Page is here or call the salon on 01584 874974

Saturday, 24 September 2011

boudoir prive september 2011

Colbert MD Nourish Eye Cream, Zoya Nail Polish, Cargo Boogie Nights Eye Pencil, Tropic Skincare Body Smooth, 
Agent Provocateur L'Agent, Macadamia Hair Repair & Mai Couture Blot and Bronze

Boudoir Prive September Box came to my door yesterday, I think this months box was extremely late as they normally come around the same week as the Glossy Boxes. It doesn't personally bother me that it was late, but I do think it should come at the same time each month rather than randomly throughout the month! However, I think it was worth the wait though, I personally really like this box. I dont know why but compared to the Glossy Box it just feels really Luxe. When I opened it I immediately wanted to take a photo (but my camera was out of batter!) it just looked so nice and well presented!

This month the box contained six samples and a extra item, none of the items were full size, just true sample sizes. I love the Zoya polish and the Zoya nail swatch plate, I think it just added something a little special to the package. The colour is something I dont currently own either which was a plus. Really interested in using the Macadamia hair oil as well as Im suffering with extreme frizzyness at the moment for some unknown reason, been trying alot of hair oils but nothing I likes really stood out yet! Another eye cream to add to my eye cream collection, but apparently this ones used by Kate Middleton! Plus it retails for £90! Not so fussed on the silver liner as I cant wear things on my lower lashline as I have really irritable eyes, Will be passing that onto my sister! As for the Tropic Body Scrub its something that smells LUSH and cant wait to use it! The perfume sample is OK, Not to my personal perfume taste! But I will probably pop it in my bag for a night out!

Overall I really like the items, but I still havent decided which box to keep subscribed too, I like them both. I like the fancyness of the Boudoir Prive one but then I also like the amount of stuff that you get from Glossy Boxes. Boudoir Prive is definitely more sample sized bits compared to Glossy Box. Depends what your really looking for in a beauty box! Im still unsure which I prefer!
Remember that you can get 50% off your first box from Boudoir Prive using the code 1BOX12.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

britney cosmic radiance

Sponsored Post through Handpicked Media

Britney Spears Cosmic Radiance 50ml 

I'm going to put my hands up and say I love celebrity perfumes. Probably a little too much. I think Britney Spears Fantasy was the first ever perfume I bought myself many moons ago, probably when it first came out when I was 14/15! Im not a huge Britney Spears fan, I think we all know that Im the Scene Queen. When I was alot younger (LIKE 8!) I used to pretend I was her with my top rolled up and trackies with pigtails ala Hit me Baby one more Time video! I do like her music though, although its obviously not my go to choice, Its pretty catchy and I always find myself singing along to the radio My favourite Britney moment was her double denim look with Justin. It just makes me laugh so much thinking about it, its one of those classic dressing faux pas's that stick out in everyone's mind! it will forever be immortalized in the fashion police hall of (shame) fame!

The perfume itself is actually quite nice, its quite floral and sweet, a little bit vanillary and jasminey. Maybe a little too sweet for some. It lasts a long time too which really surprised me as even with my current favourite perfume Vera Wang Princess, I have to reapply a fair few times during the day! Im terrible at describing scents so I'm settling for the description "its nice". You'll just have spritz it for yourself! I dont really like the packaging as it looks kinda cheap, even for a celeb perfume. Just feels a little plasticy? Such a packaging whore! I just dont think it suits the fragrance or the aesthetic they are going for with the outer packaging. Id expect something much for classy!
There is a giveaway being to run on Cosmic Radiance for to see Britney Spears in concert on her Femme Fatale tour running 21st September- 18th October. For a chanc to win two tickets every hour go here. Britney Spears is the number 1 celebrity fragrance brand and Cosmic Radiance is on sale from 21st September.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Soleil Tan De Chanel

Soleil Tan De Chanel: boots (£31)

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel (It'll always be Bronze Universal to me, I think the other name sounds so clunky in a english accent) is one of my all time favorite products. Its a orangey, deep brown warm toned cream bronzer, with no noticiable shimmer or glitter. It suits me all year round, including me at my palest in winter or bronzed in the summer. It gives a natural glow without being shimmery which is perfect for day time or night.

Its great for colour correcting foundation, for example if your foundation is too light, blend over a bit of this to give more colour without having to chuck a mismatched foundation away. Its also just a great everyday bronzer or contour shade because its not glittery or unnatural. The matte/satin finish leaves the skin looking fresh and not looking too heavily caked. I think because its a cream product its incredibly easy to blend into the skin. I normally use a Sigma F25 to apply, but I've used a MAC 109 and a Coastal Scents Kabuki on a stick in the past, I think anything rounded and dense seems to work nicely.

I think it is expensive for a makeup product, I know this before people go down and type how ridiculously expensive it is in the comments. Even I think its on the pricey side, But I bought my my first tub in Duty Free when on holiday in Turkey in June 2010 and Im still using the same pot (obviously until I bought this new one). Its lasted a good year of on-off daily use (Id say I use it 3-4 times a week on average if not more and its still got alot of product left. You get 30g of product for the price too which is incredible as most bronzers are around 9g.

I've included a photo of me wearing it, but I think it looks no different photographed in use as it does my other bronzers. Might explain my opinions on swatches in another post this week. Generally I think they are wholly inaccurate as some things can look incredibly different on different skin-tones.

Monday, 19 September 2011

IFB Crystals and Crumpets

I was supposed to be speaking at the IFB London Conference to talk about how blogging has changed my career, but because of a few logistical things they couldnt actually have the proper event. A mini panel was set up with some of the most influential UK bloggers as well as some people who have experience in the industry. On reflection I'd probs have fallen to pieces with all eyes on me!

It was a very professional blogging orientated talk if Im being honest so may not have appealed to all bloggers. Alot of the points were about monetization or how blogging has effected careers and lives. Not really "tips" in the sense of "make sure you have a nice layout", but just experiences and opinions, which I find so much more interesting than hearing about things that are like "do this" or "do that" and you'll be the biggest blogger in the world type tips.

Personally, I feel its so refreshing to hear about blogging from a professional point of view, rather than some of the "tips" that float around during the blogging chats on twitter and the like. The thing I like about IFB it talks about blogging from a practical, professional and informative view. The thoughts that come through are actually ones that advise bloggers on how to conduct themselves as well as give helpful information of how to grow and flourish in a over saturated market. Of course starting a blog isnt all about becoming a professional blogger, I just think knowing how to conduct yourself when it does come to a point where you have to deal with PR's and networking can really help.

Its really worth taking the time to explore IFB, Im not sure how many people really know about it but its so interesting and informative, especially for new bloggers. But theres always something I learn or think about improving after reading some of the articles on the website.

Some great articles from IFB are:
- IFB Fair compensation manifesto: Really important read as a growing blogger. I think alot of people undervalue themselves within blogging and without realizing selling themselves short. I think people forget that as a blogger you hold ALOT of influence (no matter the size of your following!) and in some cases you should be compensated for what your asked to do by a brand.

- Crash Course in Blogging Etiquette: Some of the points may seem quite basic, but its all useful stuff that you should do as a blogger especially when your just started out.

- Defining Sucess for your Blog: Far too many people seem to focus on their blogs lack of "success", but success is defined in so many different ways. "You’re only going to be great by being yourself and building a business that is true to your values– not by emulating super bloggers" really resonates with me. I've come round to the idea that I'm never going to be the next Rumi Neely, but Im happy with what Im doing now and I do believe theres a place for me within the blogasphere.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Juicy Couture FNO

some images taken by myself, some from heather & some are official photos! 

I was invited to a Juicy Couture event for Vouges Fashions Night Out. I was a bit unsure at first purely because like alot of people I think Juicy was a bit... tacky? I think they have a really bad reputation for all the velour stuff when in reality that sort of stuff is a very small percentage of what they actually do. They have some beautiful clothes as well as some absolutely lovely jewellery! I was sent the lookbook before I went and I was really surprised!

Me, Gem and Emma were all treated amazingly well by Juicy Couture. We had Afternoon Tea at Claridges, which was just lovely, Something I would really love to do again. Nothing better than champers, tea and little cakes, The scones were actually delicious! I somehow managed to cover myself in tea leaves during this time, because Im such a klutz! Lots of chat about blogging and laughs about life were had, My favourite thing about going to events is meeting new people!

We were given some of the nicest goodybags I've ever had at an event, a £20 Nails Inc voucher (with some savvy maths skills me and Gem managed to use these on some nail repair kits!) a Nars Lipgloss, a HUGE bottle of Viva La Juicy, a amazing book of Vogue photographs (which I will be posting about as the book is absolutely beautiful!) and a Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream! I also got to pick two items from Juicy Couture's collection, which I cannot wait to get my paws on! I've got to ring the courier up and get it re-delivered as I was at LFW when the package came!

From Claridges, we were taken to the Juicy Couture store to pick some outfits out and style them ourselves. The store itself is absolutely stunning, this is where I wish I took more photographs (I forgot my camera, notice a theme with my recent events!) because its perfectly decorated with tons of creative bits of artwork with a Juicy theme, as well as it being as all the pink and girly touches that are a signature of Juicy Couture.

Big thank you to Heather for asking me to come along to the event. I had such a wonderful day, It was definitely one of the nicest events I've ever been to! Wish I'd been able to stick around to go to more Vogues Fashion Night Out events as it was just a incredible buzz within the fashion industry that night!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

glossy box september 2011

Sponsored Post through Handpicked Media

HD Brows Eye & Brow Palette, L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil, Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, Plum by Mary Greenwell, StriVectin SD Eye Concentrate 
Glossy Box

The theme of this months Glossy Box is "5 Future Classics". I never really read the Glossy Box cards but I was quite intrigued when I saw that it was what they thought are going to be the new beauty classics. I think we are all always looking for the next ~Holy Grail~ products, so was interested to see what other consider the new classics. Think alot of people already know the Glossy Box concept by now, 5 high end samples (mainly full size/sample mixes though) for £10 (+£2.95 postage) delivered to your door.

The HD Brows kit is the actual bomb, which I've been eyeing up for a while after seeing a few people rave about HD Brows online. Anything that is to do with eyebrows I cant get enough of. The colours are great and since I recieved this (was sent the box early) I've been using the kit every single day. I've been wanting to try Mythic Oil for a while too, after seeing it on another blog a while ago. My hair is always in need of a good treatment and its really helped with the texture of my hair. I also have a secret obsession with eye cream so thats another plus for me. The fact oil is something I'm willing to try but I get so paranoid about trying stuff on my face! I know there will be grumbles about the perfume sample, But I think it smells alright actually, and even though its "something you could get free in a department store" when paired with the rest of the box I think very fair item in the box!

The beauty of this months Glossy Box is its all stuff I would actually use or would at least try, compared to a couple of items in previous boxes I probably wouldn't use and would simply pass on. I guess that's the luck of the draw with random sample box things like this.

ADDITIONAL Explanation: This is a sponsored post, However, I am still subscribed to Glossy Box, I had hoped I'd be sent one I'd "paid" (no payment was taken for the box, just lack of a better phrase) for as well as a gifted one I got for attending their event/writing this post. I wasnt sent the subscription box despite actually wanting it, so basically I just got the free box, and without asking if I wanted both the paid for box and a free one. I do think its a touch unfair as I have no qualms about actually paying for this box, I know alot of bloggers who arent subscribed do get gifted these boxes purely to post about. I have been subscribed to Glossy Box since their third box came out. I have been honest and open with my feelings towards the Glossy Box and similar sample box concepts in the past and will continue to be subscribed in the future. If I'm being honest I would have posted this regardless of if they offered payment or not, like I've done in previous posts about their boxes here and here.
PS. Sorry some of the stuff has been used, I presumed I'd get another box to photograph! My pet hate is used makeup photos! Eep!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

korres lip butter mango

Korres lip butter in Mango: House of Fraiser (£6) *

At the Glossy Box event I went to a few weeks ago we were asked to pick'n'mix our own Glossy Boxes and I picked out a Korres Lip Butter after vaugely remembering seeing another blogger rave about it. I picked the Mango one even though I had my eye on the Guava at first. It smells absolutely gorgeous (albeit a little synthetic!), super moisturizing and a lovely tinted finish on the lips. I get chapped lips alot so Im always using a lip balm, this really makes me lips feel hydrated! Its a tinted lip butter and on my pigmented lips it does actually come up a corally colour. Not full coverage but its a very lovely shade!

I love the packaging, I just think its really beautiful and nice to look at. Thats the designer in me talking, but I just really love the branding and colour elements! As for the "dip your finger" in pot, I dont like using my fingers to apply makeup (not nice when you have fake nails!) so I've been using a lip brush from MAC to apply. A little bit of extra effort but its still very lovely. I think you can also get them in stick form, which I'll probably buy once I use this up.

Friday, 9 September 2011

company magazine oct 2011

click to enlarge 
I was asked to be part of a blogging feature in this months Company magazine (it has Tulisa on the front) Of course I jumped at the chance to talk a bit about blogging and what I do. If you click the image it will take you to a larger photo so you can read the interview! Its funny being interviewed for magazines as they re-write what you say so I find it weird because to me its not my "voice" in those words! So happy to be noticed by another magazine though!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

things i like #3

jumper: river island, shoes: topshop, snood: miss selfridge, necklace: ebay, nail polish: models own nude beige, bag: asos

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

ombre nails

Models Own Peach Puff*, Barry M 119, Beauty UK Soft Pink,* Models Own Pink Blush*, Eyeko Punk Polish*
nails: ebay

If my blogs known for anything its probably my Ombre Hair, to the point where I actually put it on my business cards. Initially decided to try the Ombre nails trend for my Graduation day using pinks which I really loved, So I thought I'd do it again for this weeks nails! Obviously used my fake nails from eBay, painted them first and then stuck 'em on. I know this tends to confuse people that I paint before I apply, but they come on little sticks like this so its so easy to paint, decorate with nail art, wait for them to dry then volia. Instant long, manicured unsmooshed nails!

I used a Barry M nail varnish for the first time in ages for this look and boy was I dissapointed. The one I used took ages to properly and then still smooshed a little after using a decent topcoat (Seche Vite). I don't know if its because they are a little old but now I remember WHY I stopped getting them. I think Barry M really need to up their game a little bit, Models Own Polishes come in way more colours, dry much quicker and last alot longer (in my opinon, dont be pugnacious!). They might be a little pricier, not gonna lie I'm gifted alot of my Models Own polishes, as they are total goodybag staple, but I really prefer them over alot of other nail polish brands. I bought alot of their polishes myself in the Models Own Sale which I'm so excited to use!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

another LOVE Giveaway

The winner of my Love Drape skirt giveaway was Ella Victoria (entry 110). I emailed her a few days ago so if she gets back to me I'll send her item off, If not I'll pick another entry. Due to the sucess of the other giveaway, In Love with Fashion have actually offered another item for me to giveaway, but this time you can go ahead and choose your own piece rather than having one of my cast off's! All you need to do is "Like" them on Facebook & leave a comment on this blog post with your name, email/twitter & your choice of item. I'll pick the winner randomly using as per usual.
- Giveaway ends on Midnight 12th September (GMT)
- Open to anyone and everyone! (+ International Readers!)
- There will be ONE winner!
- You can pick any item from the LOVE website in any size.
- Winner will be chosen using
- You must "Like" LOVE on Facebook
- To enter all you need to do is comment below with the item you'd pick.
- Leave your email or blog link so I can get in contact with you!
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