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Thursday, 22 September 2011

britney cosmic radiance

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Britney Spears Cosmic Radiance 50ml 

I'm going to put my hands up and say I love celebrity perfumes. Probably a little too much. I think Britney Spears Fantasy was the first ever perfume I bought myself many moons ago, probably when it first came out when I was 14/15! Im not a huge Britney Spears fan, I think we all know that Im the Scene Queen. When I was alot younger (LIKE 8!) I used to pretend I was her with my top rolled up and trackies with pigtails ala Hit me Baby one more Time video! I do like her music though, although its obviously not my go to choice, Its pretty catchy and I always find myself singing along to the radio My favourite Britney moment was her double denim look with Justin. It just makes me laugh so much thinking about it, its one of those classic dressing faux pas's that stick out in everyone's mind! it will forever be immortalized in the fashion police hall of (shame) fame!

The perfume itself is actually quite nice, its quite floral and sweet, a little bit vanillary and jasminey. Maybe a little too sweet for some. It lasts a long time too which really surprised me as even with my current favourite perfume Vera Wang Princess, I have to reapply a fair few times during the day! Im terrible at describing scents so I'm settling for the description "its nice". You'll just have spritz it for yourself! I dont really like the packaging as it looks kinda cheap, even for a celeb perfume. Just feels a little plasticy? Such a packaging whore! I just dont think it suits the fragrance or the aesthetic they are going for with the outer packaging. Id expect something much for classy!
There is a giveaway being to run on Cosmic Radiance for to see Britney Spears in concert on her Femme Fatale tour running 21st September- 18th October. For a chanc to win two tickets every hour go here. Britney Spears is the number 1 celebrity fragrance brand and Cosmic Radiance is on sale from 21st September.


  1. Ha i think the packaging is mega tacky too, was quite shocked reading how other people liked it :-/
    I got a mini sample in the post but really don't like the smell


  2. Fantasy was one of my first perfumes too, I still love it because it reminds me of carefree times ;) I had a little sniff of this in Dalaman airport duty free and I loved it :) xxx

  3. Britneys packaging is always a bit tacky. Fantasy was one of my first perfumes, It's a bit too sweet for me now, it was sort of like the 'in' perfume when I was a kid.x

  4. I love the packaging. Call me tacky or whatever ! I love it !
    I've yet to buy any of her perfumes, but I always like the way they look. This one is the best looking out of her perfumes.

  5. I love her Fantasy perfume as well, but I can see what you mean with regards to the packaging on this one! I know the fantasy one was really good, the bottle and the box it came in! So surprised to see that this one isn't up to all that much xx

  6. Totally agree with the packaging being tacky, though that may be some people's taste, it makes me think it's aimed at children and might mean they miss a big part of the market.

  7. I always love Britney's perfumes for some reason! I'm excited to try this one out, I love the original Radiance.

  8. I have the original Radiance perfume and absolutely love it. It's safely hidden in my drawer though because I'm not a fan of its' packaging, but this, I miiight be able to deal with as it is monochrome! Ordered a freebie sample of this after seeing all the posts haha, 'cited. xx

  9. Princess by Vera Wang is AMAZING. I love it so hard. I agree about this packaging, but I find most of Britney's perfumes to be a tad on the tacky side when it comes to their packaging.
    x x

  10. Hahaa Britney is one of those people I say I'm not fussed about but in all honesty I could probably sing all the words to her songs. I would have never ever tried her perfume before, don't know why though, next time i'm in a fragrance hall i'll have a spray because i like floral, sweet smells.

  11. Curious was my first ever perfume lol! I think it may still be my favourite! For some reason Britney really does make the nicest perfumes, I always love them!

    The Deer Head


  12. Seems lovely, I agree about the packaging though! xx

  13. might give this a smell next time im in a perfume hall :D

  14. I must admit I'm not keen on this packaging, although do confess I agree about the celebrity perfume thing - I think it's just a habit I haven't broken! I really used to like the Curious In Control perfume but the only place I can seem to find it now is ebay!


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