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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Glossy Box October 2011

glossy box glossy box glossy box glossy box glossy box glossy box
Dermalogica Age Smart Multi Vitamin Thermafoliant, Dermalogica Age Smart Muilti-Vitamin Power Recover Masque, Leighton Denny Nail Polish in Baby Doll, Stila Smudge Stick in Moray, Robert Piguet Perfumes, Dermalogica Agesmart Renwal Lip Complex, Dermalogica bag
via Glossy Box 

After my usual casual rage towards my terrible postman I finally got my hands on this months Glossy Box. Already read the spoilers so I knew what was coming! I do like the products in this month Box. I desperately want to try Dermalogica after getting some amazing stuff last year at Fashion Week. Not quite sure I need Anti-Age stuff at the age of 21, but I'll roll with it. The nail polish is a nice colour, I dont own any baby pinks so its one for the collection. Im excited about the Stila Smudge stick as I know alot of US gurus rave about them online, would have preferred a gold, bronze or black one. But again I'll roll with it.

I didnt really like the fact it was three (well four including the pouch) of the same brand, I think variety is key to these sorts of boxes. But I think that's why I loved last months box so much lots of different products for different uses. Compared to Septembers Glossy Box its a little bit "meh". However, Overall I do like this months box, I'll be using all of it (apart from the perfumes which are going to MMMYMLRS). Its not that exciting this month, but it pretty good in terms of products that I'd get a use out of.

I cant help but think I have enough physical boxes by now. Im not one really to worry about the environment, I try my best to be green but the amount of hairspray I use probably doesn't help. But do I really need anymore pink boxes in my bedroom! I have 6, as well as 2 Boudoir Prive ones. I know people say they can use them for other things but I'm just sayin'. I do love the packaging of Glossy Boxes, don't get me wrong and I'm probably being pernickety. I just think there is only so many pink boxes a girl can need. Sometimes wish these beauty boxes didn't have all that excess packaging!


  1. Glossybox seems so much better than what we have in the U.S. The nailpolish looks so pretty.

  2. I hate how they keep sending us young people anti ageing products! im 17, i have no wrinkles! haha

  3. I love dermalogica, their mattifier is the best, but anti acing in a glossybox, really? Would have thought that their market is morely people your age who don't need anti aging.x

  4. The box is okay, some of my product would be also going to my mum. The nail polish looks lovely, I got orangeish one in my box. xx

  5. Loving the colour of the nail polish. I was also a bit put out but the anti-aging stuff, bit strange! xx

  6. I got the 'Hanky Panky' nail polish shade which is lovely. I now have 7 glossy boxes stacked in my room, plus a boudi=oir pivé one, holding nail varnishes and some make up, and I really don't need any more!! They should do a service whereby you can send your box back or something. It's getting crazy!

  7. I'm saving up my boxes to use as Christmas parcel packaging for my friends and family!

  8. hahaha, MMMYMLRS made me laugh! i haven't tried glossybox before, i think it's a bit too mature for me (hello anti wrinkle cream!) but the nail polish looks like a nice colour!

    beth xo
    ramz and the flock

  9. You could always use the boxes to package your christmas presents or something! Just wrap up in suitable tacky wrapping paper. Boxed gifts always seem that little bit fancier :)

  10. this is actually the best review i've read! i was completely disappointed with mine - so much so, i've cancelled my subscription.

  11. Hi, Multivitamin power recovery masque is a great masque for all age skin not just mature. it soothes and calms stressed, tired skin, so great for a pick me up after a night out. Its also packed full of antioxidants which repair daily damage caused by free radicals. so when you've been on a sun holiday this is a must have for you skin when you get back.
    I love this product and i am in my 20's. your never to young to protect your self from pre mature ageing.:)
    Aimee (dermalogica skin care therapist)

  12. i agree, i think a little more variation would have been better

  13. Much as I adore black eyeliners, the Moray coloured one is seriously pretty! I wore it today and can't get enough, feelin' like an Olsen, albeit wearing pyjamas and a topknot ;) I have a stack of pink boxes in my room too. God knows what to do with them, too pretty to chuck, and I don't have enough to put in them! xx

  14. Cool items, I would love to try Dermaologica products.
    You're right about the packaging though, imagine how many boxes they send out since the company is expanding... geez.


  15. I'm useless, i always try not to look at the reviews before getting the boxes but i can never resist, i was like "I NEED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW!!!!" when everyone was talking about their newly arrived boxes on twitter a few days ago. I'm keen to try the Dermalogica products, my skin is such a mess right now. Have been covering it up with foundation which hides the blemishes but then after a day of being covered in make up, i break out even more the next day! I feel like a 15 year old again with this acne! Thank god for this month's glossybox! xxx

  16. apprently you are meant to start using anti ageing in you're 20s as its easier to prevent wrinkles than it is to get rid of them, so the "experts" say! i still feel too young though, i think i'll wait until i'm 23ish.

  17. i wish they had a glossybox here in the states. granted, we have birchbox. but glossybox seems to be a bit more generous with their sample sizes. I wouldnt mind paying a tad bit more.

    anyway hope ya enjoy the items. i love the nail color!


  18. i know what you mean, its nice to have a few for organising stuff but there comes a point when you have far too many than you need but dont want to throw them away... :S


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