Tuesday, 29 November 2011

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Male cancer is something that is pretty close to my heart, Some of you may know my life long best friend actually died of cancer a little over a year ago now. So cancer awareness its something I feel very passionately about, I'm sure most people are starting to become more aware of Movember as its grown so successfully over the past few years (or the noticed a increase in top lip fur this month!) . But if you didn't the basic jist is in November boys ahem, men! grow out their moustaches or beards to varying degrees of success in order to raise awareness for male forms of cancer. Its just one of those things its a bit hard to do if your a lady! I think the girl version of Movember would be growing out their eyebrows, but unfortunately if I left mine longer than a day I'd end up with a Unibrow!

However, 118 118 have created a fun little Facebook app to promote Movember and we can all join in! All you do upload a photo, resize, add a tash and your done. My personal fave is the Pornstar or the Finger Twiddler!Plus, if you pop your moustached photo as your Facebook profile image, 118 118 will donate £1 to Movember. Its just for fun and doesn't cost anything, as 118 118 are donating on your behalf.  Unless of course you want to donate then please do every penny counts! Also everyone who Mo's themselves is entered into a giveaway to win a Ipad2!

PERSONAL DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post but I'm donating the fee I was offered to my friends charity Joels Wish and to the wonderful people at Severn Hospice which helped him tremendously through his final months and kept him comfortable until he passed.


  1. Movember is such a good cause. My boyfriend is doing it this year and it is worth his weird blonde tash. x

  2. I think Movember is great and such a good cause!
    I've noticed so many moustaches this month!

  3. This is such an amazing cause! Lot's of the guys at my work have raised tonnes of money with their mo attempts, I'm creating a 118 mo pic of myself as we speak!! :)

  4. definitely entering myself on the facebook page! such a great idea for a wonderful cause xx

  5. It's a good cause and I love the idea I join the page !

  6. Some guy came into my work the other day with a "handlebar" moustache it actually looked so cool! This is such a good cause...time to get the staches out girlies :)
    P.s. I love reading your blog its really cute xx

  7. Such a good cause, and lovely of you to raise awareness on your blog :) xx


  8. Such a fantastic cause. That is great of you to make everyone aware by using your blog. X

  9. Philip schofield on This Morning yesterday raised my awareness to Fanuary. yupp... girls growing THAT hair during january. I think i'd prefer letting my leg hair grow if im honest!

  10. this is such a good cause, and amazing how you're raising awareness :) xo

  11. wow thanks for letting us know! xo

  12. This is great, amazing to see bbloggers raising awareness too! going to go check out their fb page now.


  13. my brother's doing this - he reaaally doesn't suit a tache but it's all for a good cause! ;)
    ELF giveaway
    Fashion Junkie

  14. An amazing cause, I would always donate to charity's helping people with cancer because it's something so horrid that nobody can help - I've seen the pain it put a friend of mine through and nobody deserves it! I adore this ring too!


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