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Monday, 28 November 2011

boudoir prive november 2011

boudoir prive sample box beauty box november 2011 boudoir prive sample box beauty box november 2011 boudoir prive sample box beauty box november 2011 boudoir prive sample box beauty box november 2011 boudoir prive sample box beauty box november 2011 boudoir prive sample box beauty box november 2011
 Dead Sea Spa Magic Silky Smooth Body Lotion,Korres Wild Rose 24 hour Moisturizer, Rahua Voluminious Shampoo and Conditioner, 
Vines Ayurvedas Soul Luminious Skin Mask, Studio Makeup Rich Hydration Lipstick in Really Red

This months Boudoir Prive Box just isn't to my taste. Its full of repeat brands that have been in other boxes, including Korres and Studio Makeup,  which were in the last months Boudoir Prive box and Dead Sea Skin Magic (which I've got no intrest at all in!) I'm worried about using the mask even though I've actually done a patch test which came out fine. So many people have complained about it on their Facebook Page, I don't think I want to risk using it. The Studio Makeup lipstick is a nice deep red, but a little too dark for my personal tastes. I love the packaging though as it has a really satisfying click mechanism. Korres moisturizer, yeah thats fine as I do actually like and use Korres products. Im interested in the Shampoo/Conditoner as I missed it in a previous GlossyBox, But nothing makes me go "oooh that looks interesting! I'd like to try it!"

I've decided to un-sub from Boudoir Prive after the Christmas box and maybe give Carmine another chance (despite not liking the products they included this month either!). The Christmas box should be out in the next few weeks apparently. Overall with Boudoir Prive I find their service is always late and I find it doesn't appeal to me as the other box I pay for, Feel Unique, which is definitely my favourite and most recommended out of all the sample boxes I've tried. I get that with these boxes its simply not going to please everyone, I can accept getting products I dislike. The thing I'm most interested in is trying new brands, not the same old ones all the time. At the end of the day Im not gonna cry about it and just unsubscribe if Im not happy with something!

PS. Im a touch miffed by their choice of quote for the leaflet? Is this just me? I think the first part is fine,  just the lazy bit just seems off to me. I like to make myself look nice as much as the next women but I dont think its fair to say people who dont are lazy or ugly?
Im currently working on a post about the reality behind beauty boxes, which should be up next week. If you can let me know any thoughts you have on any of the beauty boxes, why you like them/why you dont like them let me know in comments!


  1. I don't think the quote is offensive, it is so true actually! every girl should make an effort to look good I think! xx

  2. Yeah i think the quote is really offensive, it looks like they are just trying to be funny when really its just not working! either that or they are just stupid. Surely they should of quoted on how all women are beautiful or something? I don't know, its just not right xo

  3. I actually liked this months box. I agree that repeat brands are a bit boring but I'd happily use all of the products, with exception of the mask after reading the comments on their FB page, which makes a change from previous boxes where the products were things I wasn't interested in. I actually got brave and used the face mask after a successful patch test last night. It did burn a little, and left me red (definitely one to do before bed rather than in the mornings!) but my skin looks and feels so healthy today! Bit jealous of you receiving the Really Red lipstick, I got the Truly Red one but prefer deeper reds!

    Can't wait to read the post your making on beauty boxes. I think they're a bit hit and miss and honestly should just unsubscribe to them and spend the money on things that I actually want but there's just something nice about receiving a surprise all nicely wrapped up through the post... xx

  4. No you're not the only one offended by the quote they used! It's just a little rude? I don't know, but it doesn't really fit in with the whole 'feel' of what a beauty box is supposed to be.
    I am subscribed to Feel Unique & Glossybox, I really like the concept of beauty boxes, trying out things you'd not normally think about, but none of them seem to have got it right just yet, I personally think they've made a mistake by handing out huge full sized products (HD Brows, Urban Decay primer potions etc..) it's not what the boxes are supposed to be a about and just feels like a stunt to get more people to subscribe (great marketing I know) but I just think it's backfired and created more negativity about the boxes then positivity! People have begun to expect that, and are then dissapointed when there's 'only sample sizes' included.
    (Rant over lol) x

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  6. that quote is a bit stupid.... obviously "Helena" has never seen Snog Marry Avoid! im not a fan of the whole beauty box craze, i think it's a bit gimmicky and a waste of money. i think people like the boxes because of the thrill of receiving a box full of surprises, but the reality is much more hit and miss. and i think it's a bit of a blogger thing, useful for making blog content...although they can make for uninspiring posts tbh, everyone tends to have the same opinions on the products which they like/dont. also, i think after a few months the boxes will start to feel samey and uninteresting. how many new moisturisers and random hair products etc. does a girl need? id rather try out products on my own terms, as and when i need them, than fork out £10 a month for products i can happily live without.

    cant wait to read your thoughts on it. i enjoy reading your more opinionated blog posts :) (thats not a backhanded compliment btw, i like the outfit and product review ones too!)

  7. As a feminist I thought the quote was pretty offensive, glad to hear others think the same!

  8. Hi Lily, I think it's great your writing a post about them, bloggers seem to be swept away by the concept. On my blog I wrote about each box & compared them all. I don't like leaving links on other peoples blogs but I wrote in on November 11 if you fancy a nose! xx

  9. I actually just unsubscribed from Boudoir Prive. I was planning on given them one more chance with the November box but my card was then stolen and when I was reminded by e-mail that my payment had failed (through a mass e-mail where everyone could see each others e-mail addresses!) I found it so much of a nuisance to reorganise payment (and shipping address!) then I decided just to leave it as I had thought about stopping anyway!

    I still have Glossybox (changing my card details wasn't hard on there!) as it's so far my favourite but with the money I'm now not putting into Boudiour Prive I might try Feel Unique! x

  10. i'm not currently subscribed to any beauty boxes at the moment although i really want to be and will probably get myself signed up to at least one of them very soon. however, i'm unsure as to which one i should pick. i'm always reading these types of posts in order to get a feel/understanding of what each one includes on average and to see which one i'd prefer. from your posts/views alone, i think feel unique seems the better one and then maybe glossy box with boudior prive not being very high on the list. so thank you lily for helping me with my decision! :) X

  11. the quote really feels like they're trying to sound like coco chanel, not working very well really... I agree that it is quite offensive, and the box isn't that impressive either..

  12. I thought the quote was a bit offensive too, the box was ok this month, better than the other beauty boxes but still not one that made me think "wow!"
    Really not liking the look(or smell!) or the skin masks!

  13. so grateful for your honest reviews on these boxes, I read others where it just seems like they're praising them to the heavens because they want PR offers. So I'm finally going to subscribe to the Feel Unique one! :) x

  14. I've just subscribed to the Feel Unique boxes purely because they were the only ones that I could actually pay for without having a Visa/Mastercard!

    Was originally interested in the others but have heard a lot of bad press about them - the Feel Unique ones seem to have been successful and after receiving my first box last month I can understand why...

  15. I'm not getting BP box any more as I dislike it. This box seems to be quite bad this month. Feel Unique box is the best one of all. I love trying out new things that are in the boxes, but I'm mostly interested in the "known" brands which are quite expensive, So I could test the product before buying it.

  16. Looking forward to that upcoming post re: truth about beauty boxes!
    I found the quote slightly strange as well.


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