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Monday, 5 December 2011

ELF Studio Warm Bronzer

elf studio warm bronzer llymlrs elf studio warm bronzer llymlrs

The ELF Studio Warm Bronzer is one of my favourite "budget" products, and one of the few ELF products I've tried that I 'd happily speak highly of. Since discovering it through Laura back in the Lollipop26 days I've gone through two and recently repurchased this as my third during one of ELF's special promotion deals, Its worth keeping a eye on their Facebook page because they often have 40% promotions and free shipping deals. At £3.50 its a absolute steal for the quality of product, its not the best bronzer I own, but its certainly the best for the price!

Sorry there are no photos of it in use, its quite hard to show you what this looks like on because I'm fake tanned at the moment, therefore its far too light for me so I use it as a highlight to my current bronzer which is a MAC MSF Natural in Dark. I think if your on the pale side and looking to step into the world of bronzing (its addictive, trust!) its a good quality, cheap starter product. Its not too dark or too orange, because its warm toned it doesn't look muddy on the skin. The ELF Studio Warm Bronzer is shimmery without being glittery, it has the right balance between glow, a slight sheen and a nice bit of colour.


  1. It's really cheap but it looks good !

  2. Always wanted to try E.L.F & I've been looking for a cheapish bronzer, just might have to buy this!
    Kyrie x

  3. wow so cheap, will definitely be trying that one out xxx

  4. Looks lovely.
    I adore that you use both blogs Lil, it has really worked well for you. x

  5. This looks really pretty :) I'll have to try it out

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  6. I love ELF! They had a really good deal on last weekend where you could get a free gift worth £15 and free shipping with your order. I though the free gift would be crap but turned out to be pretty decent!
    I'm actually holding a massive ELF giveaway at the moment here - check it out ;)
    fashion junkie

  7. this is my favourite bronzer evs! i was worried it would turn out way too orange or 'muddy' like you say, but was pleasantly surprised. wel done elf! x

  8. Oooo this looks lovely will have to try it out! x

  9. I have this too, and i cant make it work for me. I feel like its super glittery, when the sun hits my face I'm scared I look crazy with all this glitter on my face! lol. Maybe I'll give it another go


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  11. Never tried ELF products and feel like i'm missing out on life.

    Just started a new Beauty and Lifestyle blog with lots of info on Careers too.

    Take a look here wisewordsoffi and follow if you like what you see :)

  12. i've never tried any elf products and i definitely think i'm missing out on some great products. i'm also not a big user of bronzing products so i think i should jump on the bandwagon and purchase this bronzer X

  13. Love e.l.f. products! Finally something I can find in the US xo

  14. I just sold one of these bronzers on my blog sale! I loved the colour of it but i found it too dark for my skin tone!


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