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Friday, 23 December 2011

joliebox december 2011

opi gold shatter nail laquer, mitchell and peach shower wash, new cid cosmetics i-gloss 
jane iredale 24-karat gold dust, yon-ka vital defense, kusmi detox tea, joliebox concealer brush via Jolie Box *

Late to the party on the Jolie Box, Boudoir Prive's recently rebranded beauty box. Think there were some problems with them being sent out (the mail's fault!) so it was a bit late. Paired with my inablity to take a decent photograph of the contents, You've probably seen it already! So Boudoir Prive have joined up with French Beauty boxes Jolie Box to bring. Smart move I think, as I was starting to think Boudoir Prive were falling behind a bit in the beauty box race!

As for the products, I dont really like shatter polish at all, its a trend that went straight over my head! I have actually tried using it as a non shatter polish, and it does actually work as one soild polish if you dont use a different colour under. The Jane Iredale pigment (?) was something I was excited about after seeing spoilers, but the one I got was in aquamarine. Annyoing because I'd seen so many people with a gorgeous Rose Gold which IS my colour! I really like the new CID lipgloss, its a really pretty peachy pink colour, but the packaging is way too gimmicky! It basically lights up when you open it, which is temporarily blinding! Would be nice if you could turn the light off when you didnt need it! Detox tea smells really nice actually and I cant wait to try it out!

Overall this box isnt to my PERSONAL taste. Looking at it objectively its not a bad box as all the items are "good brands" or full size, plus there is a whopping 7 items this month. I'm probably in her minority here saying it wasn't for me! I always think its risky to go all out on these boxes, leads to heightened expectations (come on we all know about the Glossy/Nars Illuminator thing!) Personally I think having one big/known brand item each month would be easier in the long term.  But yeah I highly reccomend the new rebranding if your up for trying a beauty box. The French boxes brands include Benefit, Laura Mercier, Khiels so it might be a sign of things to come. Looking forward to seeing how it develops!
ADDITONAL DISCLAIMER: I will now be getting all Jolie Boxes for free for review/promotional purposes, Like with Glossy Box I was a subscriber prior and would and have paid for these in the past. You'll always get my honest opinion if something is free or not!


  1. The box looks really nice and promising; amongst all the ones I know of, the feelunique and jolie box are what I want to try out the most <3
    Thanks for the review xo

  2. Sounds like quite a good box, I've not jumped on the beauty box bandwagon yet as I rarely have any spare cash each month with being self-employed but when I finally can I might have to give jolie box a go!

  3. I think this seems like a really good box, first appearances always get me, lots of full size products and nice packaging, however I have noticed I end up really liking the products I didnt think I would! Its great how you can always be trusted for an honest opinion regardless of if it is promotional.

  4. At first i thought it wasnt to my taste either. The crackle polish is actually really nice though, very different and more subtle than the normal black ones!

  5. This box is really different with the french Joliebox !
    But seems good too :)

  6. The tea is the shizzle. Tastes so good.

  7. Go onto Beauty Box Swaps on FB to see if anyone wants to swap your mineral powder for the one you wanted!!

  8. I think this box looks a little disappointing but still impressive to receive a full size OPI polish. x

  9. Love your reviews and this has really made me want to subscribe to a beauty box, may just have to do it after christmas :) x

  10. This box sounds really good but I'm happy that I no longer get it, it's just not my taste, I love feel unique one. xx

  11. I have to agree with the shatter polish - i never understood it either, too messy for my liking but on a plus note this box looks great, thanks for the review and opening my eyes to a new beauty box to try in the new year :)

    Happy New Year to you, Becky x

  12. I cancelled my beauty box subscriptions but every time I see you've reviewed one I'm tempted to re-subscribe!


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