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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

new CID cosmetics i-glow in coral crush

new CID cosmetics i-glow in coral crush new CID cosmetics i-glow in coral crush new CID cosmetics i-glow in coral crush new CID cosmetics i-glow in coral crush
new CID cosmetics i-glow in coral crush: £24*

I-Glow Coral Crush is a beautiful swirled warm toned gold, pink, coral baked cheek product. The colour is to die for and gives the most perfect glowy cheek colour. Its not powderey or gritty, it just softly blends onto the skin. Its very buildable too so you can get a more intense colour or a lighter highlighter colour depending on how much you want to apply. The product reminds me of the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish, pinkier than By Candlelight, but not as dark as Stereo Rose. It gives me a touch of radiance, it super flattering on my skintone and works brilliantly as a eyeshadow too.

However I wouldn't pay £24 for it. I was sent this, I couldn't justify spending that much on this product. MAC Mineralized Skin Finishes are "only" £20.50, and thats well... MAC. I dont know the brand, so it ticks no boxes in the "high end, so therefore justified" boxes. Its a shame as I'd highly recommend the product, but not for the price! An alternative would be the Vivo Peaches and Cream, but that lacks the gorgeous flattering goldy pink glow. Sigh.


  1. That looks like such a perfect colour for me!


  2. Looks similar to prestige pure shimmer maybe? Xx

  3. I love this product! a lot of people compared it to Stereo Rose (I did in my blog too) and they are quite close! But It's strange I'm saying this but I much prefer the New Cid one! Bu miles.
    I know what you mean about the brand. They look a bit too expensive but I guess if you have a bit of cash around I would defo purchase this. I had mine for about a year now and I cannot see a dent..and I used it a lot! So I guess there is positive there.
    I still need to find a big Tesco near me that sells Vivo!!!

  4. Lovely product! Shame about the price tag though! I have Vivo Peaches and Cream and would recommend that too. Love Vivo :)

  5. This looks gorgeous but I think you're right about the price! Little bit much! X

  6. That is one crazy price! I couldn't justifie it either, but it looks lovely on you Lily!

  7. Looking gorgeous as per usual Lily!
    Your right about the price though, I'll be sticking to MAC products xx

  8. You always post about the coolest makeup, but I agree with the price, it's a little too pricey and the MAC MSFs seem to work just fine, the right amount of color and sparkle. Great review though :)


  9. Pretty colour but Way too expensive I think! X

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