Tuesday, 27 December 2011

technic carnival OPI rainbow connection dupe

opi rainbow connection dupe technic carnival opi rainbow connection dupe technic carnival opi rainbow connection dupe technic carnival opi rainbow connection dupe technic carnival
technic carnival nail polish: ebay (via moi!) 

I've seen this little dupe for my favourite OPI Rainbow Connection Nail Polish on a few blogs, But I couldnt find it in shops or on ebay so I ended up wholesale buying a few lots so I could have one as a backup (counter productive, I know). Technic Carnival is pretty much exactly the same but much cheaper than the original OPI Rainbow Connection and I think its a bit nicer as its not stuffed full of silver glitter. Great for layering and looks lovely alone too. Its a clear polish jam packed with multi sized and coloured glitter particles!

Anyway Im selling the rest of the lot on ebay for £3 per bottle so feel free to grab one! I've set up a new ebay account just for selling, as previously I just used my Mum's account to buy stuff from and I didnt think it was fair for people to start stalking her feedback. So this is why I currently have no feedback, pinkie promise I'm not a ebay scammer!
EDITED TO ADD: All my ones have now sold, I am going to see if I can source more! As per comments there have been sightings in Body Care & Nail Polish Direct (currently out of stock though)


  1. I have that technic one, I love it!

  2. I love all of the OPI glitters, so thanks for this dupe! I might have to treat myself to the technic one for only 3£!

    rachelpan xo

  3. I love the look of that dupe! I may just have to make a purchase :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  4. I got this for Christmas - took me ages to track down, especially after Amazon sellers put it up to £10! Ended up getting mine for £1.25 though :D

  5. It looks exactly the same! impressive!

  6. Oooooh selling fast! Very very pretty stuff
    It would be mine

  7. My mum has just bought me this Technic varnish for christmas... she found them in Bodycare!

    I love it so much... I have it on over red varnish right now!

    Dayner x my blog - mozzypop.com

  8. I nearly bought the same one from another brand last week. But I didn't and bought another color. Now I almost regret it.


  9. oh i just went to buy it off you - and BAM, none left :( xo

    if you have any more... hollaaaaa

  10. urban decay electra is very similar too!!!! I love it over black nail polish, or a dark red.... beautiful! I have a review on my blog of it x great post xx


  11. I got mine in Bodycare a few weeks ago for 99p but they were out of stock just before xmas. It's such a lovely chunky glitter to have over other colours, looks amazing over black xx

  12. i'm wearing this glitter varnish atm, got mine from Bodycare for £1, it's amazing. I've put two coats over a turquoise colour, it looks so pretty! <3

  13. saw lilys was sold out, they also do it online on this website here for £3.00 (plus 60p vat) and free delivery: http://www.nailpolishdirect.co.uk/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=technic_carnival&CartID=1

  14. Amazing dupe, been wanting Rainbow connection for such a long time as it's just so pretty! £3 is such a bargain, driving me crazy that all my money in the world at the minute is cash so I can't shop online haha!


  15. Awesome... they look soo similar!


  16. i love my carnival nail paint!

    in bodycare its just 99p! i have a post about a few glitter varnishes in their collection


  17. This looks amazing. You must get some more stock in please! :D x

  18. Definitely getting myself up to Bodycare to look for this! :) xx

  19. My mum nearly bought me this for xmas apparently, but she thought i'd be disappointed because its not the OPI one, I wish she had now, but still might pick it up as it sounds good x

  20. I usually don't go for nail polish like this, but for some reason this caught my eye!
    I feel like I need to be more adventurous with my nails!
    (Won't happen).

  21. i love rainbow connection so i might have to try nd find one of these for when rainbow connection runs out lol :D


  22. love this polish!! Where did you wholesale buy them?x


    1. They are from Bodycare and only 99p :)


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