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Thursday, 2 February 2012

glossy box january 2012

uk glossy box january 2012 uk glossy box january 2012 uk glossy box january 2012 uk glossy box january 2012 uk glossy box january 2012 uk glossy box january 2012 uk glossy box january 2012
Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner, Davines Moisturizing Balm, Davines Cleansing Nectar, FAB Moisturizer, Murad Primer 
via: Glossy Box *

I was probably more excited by the colour of the box than anything else when I got my Glossy Box this month! Its just the perfect bright neon pink! I wish I could have like 5 boxes in this colour for storage in my bedroom! The attention to detail in this box is spot on, It just fits the Valentines theme really well! Strange for this to be their January box though as it would have made sense to have it as the next months offerings. But I suppose then it wouldnt arrive in time for Valentines Day!

I have mixed feelings on Eyeko, I don't really like their rebrand and I doubt I'd pay for it or pick it out myself. I was surprised to see them in the box actually as they seem to have been insistent that they are high end now, and I think being in a beauty box is a little devaluing. I do actually like the pencil though, I was sceptical about a lilacy pink pencil and inititally deemed it useless, but its similar to Benefit Eye Bright. It works well to open up the eyes. I've not actually tried anything else in the box unfortunately, So cant really comment on the rest. I do like the idea of the Cleansing Nectar, and the body moisturiser looks quite nice.

Overall the box looks good, Its not particularly exciting, but I dont think beauty boxes are anymore. Once I get past the OOH POST MANS HERE part, Im always left a bit "meh"! Im considering resigning from a few gifted boxes schemes as more and more I feel like Im just wasting products. There wasnt really a stand out product for me this month unfortunately, Although I suppose once I try some more out my opinions may change. We shall see, are you over the beauty box trend yet?
For the record- Bloggers DONT get different boxes from subscribers, I probably would have liked the Clarins stuff in a ideal world, but thats just the luck of the draw with beauty boxes! For more thoughts on beauty boxes read this post!


  1. I feel the same about the eyeko pencil - mine has unfortunately broken already! :( xx

  2. Just saw a post on the Glossybox over at Dainty Dresses, and I've said it there and I'll say it again here, I love how they wrapped everything up for Valentine's Day! The cleansing nectar looks yum, haha.

    x Michelle |

  3. I love the packaging still and I dont think I will ever knock it. Again I dont think im to excited on beauty boxes now. Theirs definitley a lot more things your not fussed on than are. xx

  4. I liked my Glossybox this month :) cute pink colour too!
    Amy x

  5. I love the Glossybox this month, specially the color !!

  6. I have the same feeling about the box and eyeko!

    Great review!

  7. the box looks great, it's a little bit silly that it's their january box and not their february's but it would probably come too late for valentine's day! the packaging is sooo cute, the pink is just a perfect colour. the cleansing nectar would be my favourite, I think.

  8. I'm really not that impressed with the January box! xx

  9. I got the clarins moisturisers which I'm soo happy about, I would have loved this colour eyeko pencil thou! x

  10. Bit gutted i didn't get the cleansing necter in mine :( i didn't get the body moisturiser too, instead i got a nailpolish (of a similar shade to the deborah lipman one in the december box, but not glittery) and a cleanser/toner.

    I do love the colour of this box though and the little sweet!
    Georgie <3

  11. I got the two Nectar products too :) Which I was really excited about as I love natural products but I wasn't all that impressed. The cleansing nectar needs a lot of it to go long way but it does feel thick - I think I might try it as a bath oil and see what happens. The moisturiser also takes a lot of massaging to make it absorb into the skin. :/

    But I would still say this is my favourite box thus far!


  12. The pink is so lovely, perfect for valentines day, although I would agree that it would have been more appropriate for next month! x

  13. I really don't get the point of beauty boxes, I see tonnes of reviews of them every month and no one ever seems to be happy, seems like such a waste of money to me; I'd rather spend £12ish on fewer things that I know I'd like! xx

  14. i love your blog poster there my favourite!

  15. Love your reviews on the boxes.. Still making up my mind on whether or not to subscribe!

  16. I really wanted the Clarins samples too, but a lot of people were saying that their Clarins sample had hardly any in or they were empty! Glossybox is definitely my favourite.

  17. I got similar things to you however I seem to be the only person who has got a normal coloured eyeliner! X


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