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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

ELF Studio Matte Lip Colour in Coral

elf studio matte lip colour review swatch photo elf studio matte lip colour review swatch photo elf studio matte lip colour review swatch photo elf studio matte lip colour review swatch photo
ELF Studio Matte Lip Colour: ELF (£3.50)

I was expecting a really different shade from this one after looking at the ELF swatches. I always think they are way off but in the photo this one looks like a bright pink coral similar to Topshop Coy Lipstick or even Nars Bolereo. Its a different coral to what I'd personally call a coral. While it is a corally colour,  in my mind I see more pinky corals, Where as this is much more of a creamy nude peachy coral. On me, It actually reminds me a little of MAC Shy Girl without the creaminess and less nude. I am quite tanned at the moment which is probably why its looking more nude on me than it would someone a bit paler.

The ELF Matte Lip Colours are packaged like chunky lip liners, they come it twist up applicators and have a pencil sharpener in the bottom. The packaging is sleek and simple which is ok, they do feel a bit on the cheap side though. The Matte Lip Colour apply easily, although they do drag a little because the formula is matte and stiff. The coverage is very good and I'd say its a pigmented product, My natural lips are very dark and it makes them look a lot lighter.

Like all matte lipsticks its probably not suitable for anyone with dry lips as it will highlight any imperfections or lines. Despite this I think it's a pretty good product actually, Its not one for everybody though as I can see a lot of people not liking it. But if you're a matte lipstick lover with smooth lips I'd recommend trying this out!


  1. I have this in the shade 'natural' and did a review on it a while back! I want to try out a few other shades too since i wear the natural colour nearly every day! This colour looks really nice.

    rachelpan xo

  2. I use it and it's rather good for its price !

  3. I adore matte lipstick its the only reason I am constantly applying lip balm aha!

  4. If only my lips weren't so constantly dry, I love the look of these! x

  5. I love this and also the 'Natural' one, on you this looks so much more nude; on me it is actually a coral hehe :)

  6. ELF Studio actually do the perfect coral colour lip liner and blending brush (it comes shaped like this one! but the liner is retractable at one end and the brush is at the other) that you can use as an all over lip colour. It's called Pink Grapefruit and really reminds me of Mac Viva Glam Nicki in terms of pink-coral shade :) It's £3.50 too - just thought I'd let you know if you fancied a brighter shade :) xxx

  7. I love matte lips and this one is a really pretty colour, I think I'm going to have to make an elf order soon!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  8. I love matte lipsticks! Have yet to try anything from ELF...

  9. this is such a pretty colour!xxx

  10. This is my fave colour from the matte lip colours and weirdly one of the most searched for things on my blog...!

  11. This is a very pretty color I like how subtle it looks :)
    xo Smitty

  12. It annoys me on ELF how the swatches are so far off the mark. I always try to look for swatches on blogs before I buy anything because it can be a bit hit and miss. This looks pretty good though x

  13. I love the look of this, it's true the elf website swatches are never spot on but now that I've seen what this looks like on I'm sure I'll be ordering this very soon! Thanks for the lovely post

    xoxox - for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts :D

  14. This is a lovely colour. I need to try some elf products, they seem fantastic for the price! x

  15. I love the elf matte lipstick! i got it in praline :)


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