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MUA all in one BB cream

mua all in one bb cream review swatch photo mua all in one bb cream review swatch photo 
MUA All in One BB Cream (£4)* 

I've been aware of BB creams for a while, They have always been something I've wanted to love, I've previously tried two drugstore ones, The 17 BB Cream (good) and the Garnier one (terrible!) and I have tried (and loved) the Illamasqua Skinbase which was one of the first BB Cream hybrids coming over to the western market and I also trialled some authentic Asian BB creams. They sound amazing and promise a lot. Evening out of skin tone, being a primer and a foundation in one and concealing blemishes all with one super product.

I've been trying out the MUA All in One BB cream recently so I thought I'd share my thoughts on it. Personally the product feels very heavy for a BB cream, surprisingly it's one of the thickest BB creams I've tried. BB creams generally are thicker than a tinted moisturiser but not as thick as a foundation and I'd say this does have a similar feel to a normal foundation. Although saying that it doesn't feel heavy on the skin at all and blends effortlessly with my Real Techniques Buffing brush straight onto the skin. It glides over pores and fine lines and after a good buff it sits well onto the face. I find the coverage is probably about a medium or light medium depending on the amount of product used.

I have two shades, light and medium. I'd probably say light is too pale for my natural skin tone and medium is too dark for it so I mix the two. I doubt I'd be able to wear and of the three available shades shades if I was fake tanned though as the dark isn't that dark in my opinion. Fair play to MUA for making a BB cream that is actually pale. Most of the BB creams I've seen are really orange or very ashy pale. It's a shame they don't have more darker shades too. My skin is sort of pale, but olive toned so its always a struggle to get the right tone.

Overall I think It's a good lazy day foundation, I wear it on those days where I want to wear makeup but don't want to go through the faff of applying a full face of slap. The MUA BB Cream evens out my skin tone, covers any redness and conceals some of my blemishes. The finish is slightly dewy, I wouldn't class it as greasy or slick looking once applied but it does give the skin a semi dewy glow. I feel it's a touch tacky for me as I prefer my skin to look matte, but thats nothing a dust of setting powder couldn't sort out. For a measly four pounds its one of those products thats worth trying out I think!


  1. I just bought the new maybelline BB cream, so I hope it works well! This is my first one and hope it doesnt give me an orange face:)

  2. I agree that a lot of them have been rather on the dark side which is a shame for paler skins. To be honest I havent really been buying the whole BB creams I have tried them, yes but I find they are basically verging on a tinted moisturiser and don't seem to work well with my slightly oily skin.


    Beckys Makeup

  3. interesting review, i think BB creams are brilliant :) i'll be reviewing this soon! x

  4. I've never tried a BB cream but i'm thinking of doing so


  5. Really want to try this :) x

  6. I've been wanting to try a BB cream for a while, but I wasn't sure about the prices. Might try this one, it's so cheap! :)


  7. I would love to give this a go. For £4 its not bad price, looks great on your skin!


  8. why didnt you like the garnier version?

  9. i'm tempted to pick some of these up for holidays, can mix them to make the right tan colour!

    chlo @chlowitty blogs

  10. BB creams are great for lazy days, will have to try this one out! x

  11. I think the Garnier BB cream has put me off for life, this one sounds more promising but i'm pretty much always fake tanned so not sure there'd be a colour match!

    1. i feel you! its the worst thing I've ever used on my face, so greasy and urgh! not for me! however this one is lovely and i do recommend trying it out if it matches you!

  12. I'm intrigued to try this! I've only ever tried 17's BB cream xx

  13. Great review! I've never tried bb creams before! And £4! Might give it ago! Xx

  14. I've not tried a BB cream yet just cant make my mind up which one I want! x


  15. Oh you've really made me want to try it out ! xx


  16. I'm in love with the 17 BB cream but I may try this out!


  17. I'd like to try this out- I found the 17 one too shiny but I LOVE the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream- you might find Universal Glow good for your skin tone Lily. x


  18. I love the 17 BB Cream so much but have been wondering whether to try out the MUA BB Cream or not, but I love that the 17 BB Cream is so light so may have to give it a miss now if it's thicker but doesn't give any more coverage. Thanks for your review and helping me make up my mind :) xx

  19. ooh I really want to try this xxx

  20. I love th MUA products and recently purchased, tried/tested products and have written a blog about them all. After reading this i may go buy the BB cream aswell to try.


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