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Monday, 14 May 2012

philosophy the cocktail party

philosophy the cocktail party review swatch photo señorita margarita philosophy the cocktail party review swatch photo señorita margarita philosophy the cocktail party review swatch photo señorita margarita philosophy the cocktail party review swatch photo señorita margarita
The Cocktail Party: Philosophy / Boots (£18)*

Recently I was invited to a Philosophy event, but I wasn't actually able to make it so they sent me a few products to try anyway. One of the products I got was The Cocktail Party Gift set which consists of a cocktail themed Senorita Margarita shower, shampoo and bubble bath multi use product and a Melon Daiquiri lip shine.

I absolutely adore the scent of Senorita Margarita. It smells exactly like a Margarita (funny that?). I love lime scented products so this ticked the fruity and fresh boxes I like in bathroom products. I can sort of smell the salt and the tequila notes too, but lime is the most prominent. Although I wouldn't say its too sickly sweet, it's just the right amount of scent to pick me up in my morning shower! I think this is going to be my go to shower or bath gel for summer. I'm not sure about using it as a shampoo. As I don't use scented products on my hair because I have a sensitive scalp, This means I'm allergic to a lot of highly scented hair products. The lip shine smells very much like a Melon Daiquiri. In the tube, the Lip shine is a pinky coral colour with lots of golden shimmer. Once applied the colour is quite sheer, and the shimmer isn't that noticeable and leaves the lips very soft and moisturised. I felt as if it were a bit too tacky for my personal tastes. I don't often wear lipglosses because of this, long hair and lipgloss do not go together well!

Overall I think this would make a great gift for someone for birthday or christmas. The Senorita margarita product is really fun and multi use, and the lip shine has a wonderful smell to it. The packaging is really nice and eye-catching, and I've already put the box to good use as decoration on my shelves. The shower gel has to be my favourite product from the set its so multi use and smells delicious! But if your friend would rather drink a Magarita than the smell of a Margarita, maybe buy the set for yourself and make them the cocktail from the recipe on the bottle! I highly recommend trying out Philosophy bath products if you come across them. They all smell incredible!


  1. how adorable ..especially the packaging of course! xo

  2. I get you don't like using scented stuff on your hair because of the sensitive scalp, but in case you were wondering these Philosophy multi purpose gels are great as shampoo, I can't tell the difference between them and my usual Herbal Esscences!

  3. The shower gel sounds gorgeous, I can almost smell it just reading about it!

  4. I love every scent from Philosophy its such a great brand!
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  5. I've been meaning to try philosophy as a brand! x

  6. I can imagine this smells gorgeous and I agree this would make the perfect gift, I would love to receive it anyhow :-). So far I have only tried the skincare range of Philosophy which I love.


    Beckys Makeup

  7. This sounds like a brilliant set ! xx

  8. I've wanted to try this set for soooo long!

  9. The packaging looks amazing! :)

  10. The thought of the magarita one makes me wanna vom, I hate them haha!xx

  11. love the packaging, and this set sounds amazing :) xx

  12. This looks like a fun philosophy collection to use. Boutique Bag Lady


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