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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Batiste Brit

Batiste Brit: Boots / Superdrug (£2.99)

Batiste Brit is a relatively new offering from my favourite Dry Shampoo Range, Batiste. I got this particular can in a goody bag at the Blogs Boutique event I went to a while ago. Im normally loyal to the Tropical one (although I have used the Batiste XXL volumising one in the past too). Batiste Brit has sweet pleasant fresh smell to it, Pleasant being the totally british way of describing it! I can't put my fingers on the notes but it does smell very British for lack of a better explanation! I really love the packaging for Batiste Brit (The marketing idea for products in 2012 is basically ALL union jackets!) But the fragrance isn't my favourite out of all the dry shampoo's Batitste do!

If you've never used a Dry Shampoo, I'd be inclined to ask what planet you are from! I'd say Dry Shampoo is an essential must have product for everyone! Dry shampoo is my life saver and I really couldn't live without it. If you have long limp hair like me, especially hair thats a bit hard to style after you've washed it this is the product for you. I would normally pop a good spray through my roots to give it a bit of texture and take away some of the just washed freshness. Which in turn makes you hair much easier to style! I don't normally put much emphasis the need to go out and buy things, but GO GET SOME BATISTE NOW (other brands are available!)


  1. i really want to try this- i love your blog
    please come visit mine


  2. I totally agree, I use dry shampoo just to add texture and volume to freshly washed hair. It works a treat.


    beckys makeup

  3. I can't live without dry shampoo!

  4. I love Batiste, I use dry shampoo pretty much every day! The packaging on this one is so cute too! x

  5. Dry shampoo is such an essential! I use it every other day without fail x

  6. I love the range they give but i have to stick to just the one really(dark and deep brown) because of my dark hair so it's quite unfortunate that they don't do a darker version for all the ones that come out!xx

  7. The Batiste range is brilliant, my favourite is the floral dry shampoo, it smells lush!

  8. I haven't tried any of the newer Batiste scents... Definitely need to go out and have a mooch!

    Frances xx

  9. I love Batiste dry shampoo, I too use the tropical one! The smell is amazing!

  10. i love batiste dry shampoo, its my life saver to say the least! xo

  11. I need to get my hands on this! The only one they sell here is some shitty Dry Shampoo that's overly expensive :C

  12. So so good when you're roots have become unexpectedly greasy - just wap some batiste on and your hair looks better than ever! Absolute wonder product :-)

  13. Dry shampoo is my number one essential! And it's by far the best! Much better than products which are twice the price!

    karen joanne xx

  14. Dry shampoo is my best friend! I love Batitste Xx

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