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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Origins Make a Difference Skin Rejuvenating Treatment

Origins Make a Difference Skin Rejuvenating Treatment: john lewis / origins (£32) 

As I mentioned in my June Favourites video, Origins Make a Difference Skin Rejuvenating Treatment is possibly one of my all time favourite products. I don't really rave and rave about products, Im a fickle soul and I know that I move from product to product very quickly. I was recommended this product from the John Lewis Origins counter after deciding that Origins Zero Oil Lotion really wasn't doing it for me. While I liked the Origins Zero Oil, I felt like it wasn't really doing anything for my skin. It was still tight, leathery and overall just a bit dull.

Origins Make a Difference Skin Rejuvenating cream is designed to aid the skin's natural recovery and rejuvenate the skin surface. It applies like an absolute dream, it really sinks in as soon as I apply it, leave my skin soft and hydrated without feeling over saturated or greasy. I feel like I can apply this over and over again purely because it feels so nice on my skin.  I've been using this as my day and night cream instead of a moisturiser, but it works well as a smoothing base for makeup too.

I really REALLY enjoy using this cream and will 100000% buy this again. I think it has made a huge difference to the way my skin feels and has really plumped up my face. I am surprisingly happy with the overall appearance of my skin at the moment as well as the evenness of my awkward skin tone. I can't pinpoint if it's this alone, or the combination of this and my Alpha H Liquid Gold that has improved my skin. The price is pretty high, and while I do understand is it going to be out of some peoples price range. I just had to post about this as I've never tried a product I've got on so well with. I shall continue to rave about it for the foreseeable future!

everyday makeup 13

llymlrs llymlrs
Face: Hourglass Mineral Viel, YSL Touche Eclat Foundation, MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium Plus Cheeks: MAC Fluer Power Blusher Eyes: MAC Bare Study Paint Pot, MAC Mythology Eyeshadow, MAC Super Slick Eyeliner, Avon Super Shock Mascara, HD Brow Kit* Lips: Topshop Powder Room Lip Stick

Monday, 30 July 2012

Video: Bed Head Curls / My Everyday Hair

before & after

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler set to 1-1-3, GHD Brush, Wide Tooth Shower Comb,
Mark Hill Party The Night Away, Mark Hill Dirty Little Stop Out
So, There ya go, How I do my hair. Im constantly asked about how I curl it, but I honestly don't think I do anything different to it than anyone else in the world! Which is why I always put off recording a video on it. I just use my beloved Enrapture Totem Styler and curl bits in no particular order however I feel like it!  I know it's not perfectly styled or very slick or polished hence why I refer to it as a "messy, bedhead" style! This is highly requested and how I do my hair most days, I really don't do much to it and if I'm being honest it turns out looking different each time I do it. The next video is on the products I use and should be up in week sometime. Also, side note but I've been trying to get this to upload all weekend by my internet is so slow, So today I caved in and paid for the BT Wifi in my area and it uploaded in 9 minutes YES 9 freakin' minutes! Anyone who uploads HD to Youtube would be impressed with that! It was taking over 3 hours on my home broadband, So I know what I'll be using from now on!

Watch on Youtube for more links & information on what Im wearing, my makeup and some other bits and bobs. And if you wanna see more hit that subscribe button! (:

Rainbow Snow Leopard Nails

Rainbow Snow Leopard Nails how to nail art Rainbow Snow Leopard Nails how to nail art Rainbow Snow Leopard Nails how to nail art Rainbow Snow Leopard Nails how to nail art
Ciate Snow Virgin*, Models Own Nail Pen*, Models Own Red Alert, Models Own Fuzzy Peach*, Nubar Lemon, Essie Mint Candy Apple, Essie Lapis of Luxury
I was catching up on some WWE this morning so thought I would do something I hadn't done in a long while and do some leopard print nails to pass the time while I streamed it. I use the Gem Fatale Leopard Nails method, and have done ever since she first posted that tutorial many, many moons ago! Kitsch and Tacky, but was fun and easy to do! I think leopard is one of the easiest nail art's to get the hang of. It takes a little practice but is so easy once you get the basic shape outline shape right!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

quick holiday reviews: hair

Label M. Mini Airliners kit (£12)*: A small kit containing Label M.'s Gentle Cleansing Shampoo, Daily Shine Conditioner, Protein Spray and Sea Salt Spray. The shampoo and conditioner did their job but were nothing special, but they were too small for a two week holiday for my hair so I had to use an additional one as well. I enjoyed using the Protein Spray as it contained UVA/UBA protection and stopped my hair drying out, my brother also used this as his scalp burns quite easily. The Sea Salt Spray was perfect for adding beachiness to the hair in the evenings as its not too heavy or crispy. Overall a really nice little kit for holidays! I've still got loads of the Sea Salt Spray and the Protein Spray left which I shall continue using!

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment (£25)*: Another day another hair oil! Does the same sort of job as all the other hair oils on the market if I'm being frank. I've seen alot of people say they prefer Macadamia Oil to Morrocan Oil but I'm not all that sure. I think it's all down to personal preference when it comes to which hair oil people liked the most. Despite this I did enjoy using it and it did leave my hair soft, shiny and sleek.

Dove Leave In Conditioner (£3.39)*: I used this to try and keep my hair conditioned and stop it drying out so much in the sun. I would spray it into my hair throughout the day, when it was either dry or wet. While I think it worked well for smoothing and conditioning I don't think it really had any additional benefits to my hair's overall dryness. It's a nice product but I really don't think it's outstanding but for the price it's worth it as a de-tangler and a smoothing spray.

Primark Hair Doughnut (£1): I bought this on a whim when checking out at Primark but it does exactly what it's supposed to, Just a bog standard hair doughnut. Great for a creating a nice even bun style hair-do when going out in the evening. At £1 you can't go wrong! I prefer doing buns with a doughnut as they seem to look much better and give the bun alot more volume and shape.

Tangle Teaser (£10)*: I used to use a pink one that I bought myself but Mum stole it from me! But I remembered I had one I was gifted a while ago so it was easy to replace. I kept a Tangle Teaser in my pool bag just so I could comb my hair through if I ended up going sea or in the pool. My hair can get super tangly and matted if I don't brush it regularly. It is handy tool for untangling my fine hair, but on thicker hair it doesn't particularly work all that well.

Phyto Sun Veil (£13): I only remmebered I took this on the last few days of my holiday so I haven't tested it out too much. However  I do like it and it is nice at protecting the hair from the sun's damaging effects. Non Greasy, Non Sticky.

Friday, 27 July 2012

an introduction to diptyque

Two nights ago I popped over to the Diptyque store on Brook Street to check out some of their products and learn a bit more about the brand. I'm not overly familiar with Diptyque, I know Lily and Anna both rave about the brand but I never really took the time to look into it. Founded in 1961 by three friends in Paris on the Boulevard Saint Germain. Diptyque stocks a range of candles, perfumes, soaps, colognes, body products, room fragrances. I actually ended up buying a perfume from them called Oyedo which I shall review in due course but it's a gorgeous very citrusy, fresh and warm. Offically describe as "notes of yuzu, grapefruit, lime, orange, mint, thyme and woods" It was pretty pricey at £50 (well I paid £37 as there was a offer on that night) for 50ml's. But one sniff of Oyedo and I was hooked on the scent and bought it!

Diptyque is sold three London stores, Selfridges, Liberty’s and Space NK and you can also buy online at their website. They are a iconic and very pricey brand with incredible branding. I love the packaging purely from a design point of view, very simple but striking in their own way.  Their scents are spot on, unique and varying from woody scents to warm citrusy scents. I can't wait to go along to the store and check things out when it's not busy from an event. I was really impressed by the selection I saw in store. I do worry this might be a new habit for me to waste my money on a bit more!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Video: My Models Own Collection

nail polish collection models own storage nail polish collection models own storage
Models Own Hedonist, Models Own Utopia, Models Own Juicy Jules, Models Own Balearic Cool, Models Own Feeling Blue, Models Own Beth's Blue, Models Own Disco Mix, Models Own Ibiza Mix, Models Own Misty Grey, Models Own Pink Punch, Models Own Lilac Dream, Models Own Slate Green, Models Own Top Turquoise
Today I decided to make a new video on my Models Own collection. I have a hell of alot of nail polishes, I don't even want to start thinking about exactly how many! But I do have to admit that Models Own is my favourite nail polish brand, although Essie is a close second. I think their affordable and wide shade range appeals to a alot people which is why I think it quickly became one of the most well known nail polish brands in the UK. In the video I talk about some of my favourite Model Own nail polishes and about my Nail Polish Storage. I do actually have more Models Own polishes than I show in this video, but alot are very similar so I don't keep them all on my display rack! All on nails swatches can be seen in this post & for more in my nail polish storage you can check this post! Feel free to watch on Youtube for more information about my makeup & my clothing and please subscribe if you liked it! (:

models own swatches

Swatches of Nail Polishes mentioned in my latest Youtube video on my Models Own Collection. Models Own Nail Polishes retail for £5 and can be bought in store at Boots or Online at Models Own.
models own hedonist swatch swatches
Models Own Utopia
Models own Juicy Jules swatch swatches 
Models own Juicy Jules
  Models Own Balearic Cool swatch swatches 
Models Own Balearic Cool (review here) Models Own Disco Mix swatch swatches
Models Own Disco Mix Models Own Ibiza Mix swatch swatches
Models Own Bubblegum Models Own Pink Punch swatch swatched
Models Own Pink Punch
Models Own Lilac Dream swatch swatched
Models Own Lilac Dream
Models Own Slate Green swatch swatched
Models Own Slate Green Models Own Top Turquoise swatched swatch
Models Own Top Turquoise

quick holiday reviews: makeup

MAC Face and Body in C3 (£27): Simple to apply, water based with really light coverage and a natural looking finish. I didn't really wear makeup during the day on holiday but I did use this occasionally in the evenings to make me feel a little more done! For £27 you get 100ml of foundation, which is about three times the average ml of a high end foundation. As my skin has cleared up alot recently so I've been trying to use lower coverage, dewy foundations. This is very light and feels incredible on the skin. Face and Body is also it's the only MAC foundation I've ever tried that I liked! I will review this in full soon!

Daniel Sandler Billion Dollar Body Shimmer (£20)*: Lovely shimmery highlighting product which looks absolutely stunning in the evenings patted onto the collarbones and chest area. Very glittery but looks incredible with tanned skin! Perfect for holidays or evenings out!

Pop Beauty Lid Bronzer (£15)*: Incredible little palette of 6 shades of warm bronzy eyeshadows. Very slim and small which makes the kit perfect for travelling. I wore this most evenings to add a little bit of definition to the eyes! Especially liked the copper bronze shade smudged under the eyes!

Makeup Forever Smokey Lash Waterproof Mascara (£17.95): Im so sad this mascara has finally dried up and gone off! Im a mascara tart and never repurchase ones, but this has to be one of my all time favourite mascara's. It is volumising, long lasting and super, super black. I wore it around the pool to give my tiny lashes a touch of definition and I had no smudging, melting or transferring! Hard to get hold of in the UK but a 100% repurchase from me if I can get my hands on it!

Bobbi Brown Bronzer is Aruba (£27): I'm not sure about this bronzer, while it looks nice in the pan and when the MUA applied it to me in the shop, I just don't think it really shows up that well on my tanned skin. Maybe I'm using the wrong brush as the shimmer doesn't seem to show up either! Quite disappointed with this bronzer actually but will update with a full review soon!

Bare Minerals SPF Natural Sunscreen (£23): I've used this before but always bought the fair one, but as it's always too pale for me I thought this time I'd buy the tan one. WRONG! Was too dark on my skin and sort of made me look a bit sunburnt! Although I did bring a mineral foundation to blend it with, I was just a bit silly getting one too dark for me! I do highly recommend the formula as mineral sunscreen's are great for a touch of coverage and also protecting your skin.The packaging is handy and great for on the go as the brush twists away! Mineral Sunscreens can look a touch cakey if you over apply but are good for oilier skin types! I will do a full review of this as I do really like it, I just picked the wrong shade!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

quick holiday reviews: face

Now Im finally back from my holiday(s) I thought I'd do set of round up reviews on some products that I used and tested while I was away. I've split them up into categories of Face, Hair, Makeup and Miscellaneous. Just for convenience sake as they will get pretty long if I did it all in one big post! I wanted to use my two holidays to try out as many summery products as I could. Please note I did take an excessive ammount of products with me on holiday purely so I could test them out while I was away in hot weather for the benefit of people who read my blog! I would never normally take this much at all! As I try out a lot of products all the time, some naturally just don't make the cut onto the blog and get skipped over. Some of these products might be reviewed in full in the future but I thought I'd stick to a series of mini reviews just for some little thoughts! Do let me know if you'd like to hear more about individual products and I'll try and review them all properly in due course!

By Terry Sunbooster (£65)*: To be honest I wasn't 100% sure what this really did at first, Its sort of a gel moisturiser for the face that supposedly has a bronzing effect. I didn't really notice much of a tan coming along, although my body tans well, my face doesn't at all. If I wasn't gifted this product by Space NK I don't think I would have looked twice at it, especially with the incredibly high price tag! Not worth the money in my opinion and I wouldn't personally recommend it! Maybe Im using this wrong, Im willing to give it another go as it feels nice on the skin and hydrating but I just don't get a "glow" from it!

Origins A Perfect World SPF 35 (£20): I've done a full review on this but thought I'd mention it again as it was my favourite facial SPF I tried. It's a handy little sunscreen that feels incredibly light on the skin and melts into the skin without feeling over saturated or greasy. The product itself also has a lot of skincare benefits as it contains White Tea which is a great protector for environmental damage! I really enjoyed this on both my holidays and would recommend this as a skin protector and a facial SPF!

This Works Perfect Skin Defence SPF 30 (£30)*: This is more of a tinted moisturiser and skin protector than a sunscreen although it does have UVA/UVB protection. It's toned every so slightly too pale and grey (this asian BB cream style colour) for my natural skin tone, so I wasn't able to wear it once I did get a touch of colour on my body as it looked too washed out. I found it felt way too thick, dry but also tacky and uncomfortable to wear. It felt almost more of a foundation type feeling than a tinted moisturiser as I presume most of them "melt" into the skin like a regular moisturiser! Although it was more mattifying than the Origins facial sunscreen it didn't particularly impress me and I wouldn't recommend it.

Origins Make A Difference Skin Rejuvenating Cream (£32): Holy Moly I can't recommend this cream enough. Its perfect for my dehydrated but oily skin and excellent for soothing the face after a day in the sun! It kept my skin feeling fresh, plump and hydrated in the hot weather! I'll be doing a full review/rave about this soon though!

17 Way To Glow Wash Off Tan in Dark (£4.99) : This is your standard wash off tan. As I said I don't really tan of the face so I need something to even out my face and body. I used this 17 Instant Glow in the evenings a few times as my base to even my skintone. It works well even though it was pretty dark, which for me is saying something! I do like these wash off bronzer's but this one just was a few shades to dark for me! I prefer the Rimmel Wash off Tan to this one so I think I'd stick to that in the future!

Xen Tan Facial Tanner (£12)*: This was my facial tanner of choice when I was away. I'd apply this every night before I went to bed after my Origins Cream. It evened out my face and body tan issues and gave me a nice warm glow to the face without getting too dark or looking unnatural! It really suited my natural skin tone as well and brought out the olive tones in it without going too orange.

Simple Moisture Boost Hydro Mist (£5.99)*: I actually quite liked this little spray bottle from Simple. It smells fresh and was nice to use throughout the day too refresh and keen the skin hydrated! I don't know if it really had any skincare benefits, I've had bad relationships with Simple Skincare before but I did enjoy trying this one out and nothing bad came of it. Similar style product to MAC Fix + as it's nice to refresh your makeup if it's a bit too powdery!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bumble&Bumble Texture Un Dressing

Bumble and Bumble B.b Texture (un) Dressing Creme review tested photo swatch
Bumble and Bumble B.b Texture (un) Dressing Creme: John Lewis/ Bumble and Bumble (£21.50)

In the run up to me doing a video on my hair routine (this weekend hopefully!) I thought I'd get some of the products I use at the moment reviewed and up so that my usual "eeerr well I don't know what this actually does" spiel might get excused a tiny bit! I know what products do most of the time, I just get super tongue tied when it comes to saying it on camera! Anyway, Bumble and Bumble is a brand I've always pined after, No idea why I don't buy from them I just don't think I ever got around to buying some of their products. Then one day I was in Liberty and thought "Why not hey?" (Cool Story Bro.)

Bumble and Bumble B.b Texture Un Dressing creme is basically a sort of volumizing, texturising and holding paste. I use it to try and add a bit of texture to my hair because it's so soft and straight after being washed which in turn makes it incredibly hard to style. The cream itself is sort of sticky a bit like the constancy of semi wet glue. At first I found this awkward to use as I didn't really know how much I should be using in my hair. After a bit of trial and error I now use about a 5p-10p sort of size and then rub my hands together so the product can be evenly scrunched throughout the hair. I personally focus the product on the ends of my hair and up to the mid lengths and then put whatever is left on the roots. I suggest trying to use less than I think I need and then slowly add more. If you add too much it can leave your hair crispy and dry and you'll more than likely have to wash it again! I then go ahead and either blow dry straight with a brush, upside down with a diffuser or leave it to dry naturally in a topknot to give it some natural waves. As I said I have poker straight fine hair and the undressing creme is great for giving it a more texturised, undone and beachy look.

Overall I really do rate this product, It's really helped my hair in terms of being able to style it how I like it in on the days that I wash my hair! I especially like using this when I wear my hair straight because it adds to the natural beachy, bedhead look without the use of hairspray and volumising sprays which I try not to use unless I wear my hair curly. If I was allowed to use one hair product for the rest of my life it would be this! As the first Bumble and Bumble product I've tried, it's really made me want to try out some more of their products! Any recommendations?

Saturday, 21 July 2012

glitter nails: aa galaxy and models own utopia

Models Own Utopia (£5) & American Apparel Galaxy Glitter (£9)

Possibly my favourite nail combination of all the glitter nail combo's I seem to go for. Models own Utopia is a pale lilac grey polish that is two coats opaque and dries smoothly and quickly. Then I layer over  American Apparel Galaxy Glitter, which is a clear chunky rainbow glitter which looks incredible layered over the light neutral Models Own Polish! The chunky particles really make the nails pop! 

Friday, 20 July 2012

Pop Beauty Lid Bronzer

Pop Beauty Lid Bronzer swatch review photo tested Pop Beauty Lid Bronzer swatch review photo tested Pop Beauty Lid Bronzer swatch review photo tested Pop Beauty Lid Bronzer swatch review photo tested
Pop Beauty Lid Bronzer: pop beauty / asos (£15)

The Pop Beauty Lid Bronzer has become one of my all time favourite eyeshadow palettes. I mentioned it in my July Favourites video
, but was rudely cut off by my camera! I thought I best get around to posting about this too as I have to admit I love it SO much! I wasn't too aware of the brand until I was invited along to the PIXI Beauty A/W launch and was allowed to pick a variety of products from the PIXI Store.

The colours from the Lid Bronzer Palette are all very pretty and warm toned colours ranging from a creamy shimmery white to a gorgeous coppery brown. The Lid Bronzer palette contains a total of 6 neutral shimmery shades that are shimmery and metallic in finish rather than chunky and glittery. The colours suit my eyes (blue green) and my skin tone (currently warm, olive and very tanned!). The copper shade is my favourite as I love to have it blended on my lid and then drawn a little under the eye for a Olsen style copper look! For shimmery eyeshadows I had very little fall out. They are soft, silky and very buttery and apply like an absolute dream.

I thought the packaging would bother me as it's a bit gimmicky and flimsy as it is made out of cardboard. Although I've actually found it great for travelling. I've taken it on holiday with me and I've had not issues with breakages or smashed contents. As the palette is so small and slim it fits perfectly into makeup bags, I think it would even fit into a little purse its that small! The shade range is perfect to take a look from day to night which makes it very practical for on the go.

Honestly, this has to be one of my most loved and used palettes since I got it a few weeks ago. I don't really buy (or review) eyeshadows as I don't have much interest in them. But this Lid Bronzer Palette is definitely one to try out if you're looking for a Naked Palette alternative that is WARM rather than strange coolness of the two Naked Palettes (for the record I don't like either)! For £15 you're getting 6 beautiful shades of pigmented shimmery shadow.

Note: As always, No swatches as I find them highly inaccurate! Skin tones are pretty different, I have however made the images as true to life as can be, and the shades are true to pan.
Pop Beauty Lid palettes retail for £15 and come in Nude, Neon, Bronzer, Amethyst and Monochrome shade ranges and are available from Pop BeautyASOS

Intro & What to Expect...

I filmed this before I went away and actually forgot that I already uploaded it! It's basically a short introduction to Youtube and what to expect from me as I move into a video format! I've said before Youtube intimidates me a bit, but I have got really stuck into it recently so Im trying to keep going until I feel more comfortable! Feel free to watch this on Youtube or subscribe to my channel!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

babyliss nano dry 1200

Babyliss Nano Dry 1200: boots (RRP: £15, can purchase for around £10)*

The Babyliss Nano Dry 1200 is a Travel hair dryer. It was actually a gift I was given at a Ojon hair event and thought I'd test it out while I was on holiday. In my experience most Hotel hair dryers are like "an old lady blowing on your hair" (to quote someone on Twitter, so sorry I can't remember who! But I thought it was hilarious). My hair takes forever to blow dry with a regular hairdryer, so I knew that getting it washed and dried before going out in the evenings whilst away was always going to be a challenge.

The hair dryer itself is very small and very, very light, about the size of an average sized hand (so technical)!. The hair dryer comes with a nozzle attachment which is perfect to use when blow drying with a brush and has two separate heat settings, both of which are warm and the higher setting does feel very powerful. I found this hair dyer to be a really handy little tool for travelling as it fit nicely into my suitcase, worked fine with travel adapters and dried my hair in good time. It took about the same time to dry my hair with the Babyliss Nano Dry as it would my normal hair dryer at home (I think mines a Remington?) But to be fair, like I said my hair does take forever to dry anyway so I was impressed with it speed for such a small tool.

I think the Babyliss Nano Dry is the perfect tool for holiday-ing or travelling with limited space. A must have if your hair takes ages to blow dry and you get stuck with the terrible hotel hair driers. The hair dryer is small, very light and fits easily into a suitcase without being bulky or taking up precious suitcase space! The price is really good for a travel hair dryer at around £15 but it is on the Boots website for £10 at the moment which is a bit of a steal! This would also suit those with short hair looking for a cheap hair dryer, it really does work incredibly well for the price!
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