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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

babyliss nano dry 1200

Babyliss Nano Dry 1200: boots (RRP: £15, can purchase for around £10)*

The Babyliss Nano Dry 1200 is a Travel hair dryer. It was actually a gift I was given at a Ojon hair event and thought I'd test it out while I was on holiday. In my experience most Hotel hair dryers are like "an old lady blowing on your hair" (to quote someone on Twitter, so sorry I can't remember who! But I thought it was hilarious). My hair takes forever to blow dry with a regular hairdryer, so I knew that getting it washed and dried before going out in the evenings whilst away was always going to be a challenge.

The hair dryer itself is very small and very, very light, about the size of an average sized hand (so technical)!. The hair dryer comes with a nozzle attachment which is perfect to use when blow drying with a brush and has two separate heat settings, both of which are warm and the higher setting does feel very powerful. I found this hair dyer to be a really handy little tool for travelling as it fit nicely into my suitcase, worked fine with travel adapters and dried my hair in good time. It took about the same time to dry my hair with the Babyliss Nano Dry as it would my normal hair dryer at home (I think mines a Remington?) But to be fair, like I said my hair does take forever to dry anyway so I was impressed with it speed for such a small tool.

I think the Babyliss Nano Dry is the perfect tool for holiday-ing or travelling with limited space. A must have if your hair takes ages to blow dry and you get stuck with the terrible hotel hair driers. The hair dryer is small, very light and fits easily into a suitcase without being bulky or taking up precious suitcase space! The price is really good for a travel hair dryer at around £15 but it is on the Boots website for £10 at the moment which is a bit of a steal! This would also suit those with short hair looking for a cheap hair dryer, it really does work incredibly well for the price!


  1. ooh this definitely looks like it would be great for travelling! great price as well!
    nicola xxx

  2. Looks brilliant! I was looking for a new hairdrier anyway, and as I'm going to be doing lots of travelling at the moment this would be perfect!xx

  3. Ohh its very rare you find such a good travel size hair dryer,Thanks Lily!!

  4. this looks brilliant!

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  5. I can totally emphasise with the hotel dryers, they are a nightmare so I always end up lugging my own away as I am yet to find a travel one that does the business. This looks like it could be worth a try though and for only a tenner it definitely is a steal!

    beckys makeup

  6. This looks great for travelling! Cant believe how good the price is either! x

  7. This looks great for travelling, I'm going to Florida in a week and I might get this so I don't have to lug my normal one with me in my suitcase,
    Love Coco x x x

  8. My hair takes so long to blow dry as well, this seems like something I would definitely get for holidays! Great review as always :)

  9. So true about hotel hairdryers - I lug my Mark Hill one everywhere, as I get so impatient drying my thick hair! x

  10. love the remark on hotel hairdryers, i feel the same way about most travel dryers too so i usually end up lugging my massive remington one on holiday with me! xx

  11. Such a pretty colour! I might have to invest in it. I find even a lot of bigger hair dryers take an age to dry my hair(I'm looking at you, hairdryers at the gym) so a powerful one is always a keeper!

  12. I needed a new hairdryer and was bought this at christmas... i was mega disappointed at first because its so small, but its the best hair dryer ive ever owned! and i have mid length very thick hair! xx

  13. i took this exact hair dryer travelling around south america for 8 months and used it in jungle huts, salt hostels, on sailing boats and various other places with dodgey electricity and it survived! best travel hair dryer everrrr. fact x

  14. Funny I should see this post. I need a new hair dryer. The one I currently have is sticky taped together, because the nozzle keeps coming off and it's driving me insane! Haha. There's too many different hair dryers out there though, so I can never make up my mind.
    - Rhiannon

  15. Theres very few people with your profile that get involved so heavily with their readers.
    Hair dryer


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