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Thursday, 26 July 2012

models own swatches

Swatches of Nail Polishes mentioned in my latest Youtube video on my Models Own Collection. Models Own Nail Polishes retail for £5 and can be bought in store at Boots or Online at Models Own.
models own hedonist swatch swatches
Models Own Utopia
Models own Juicy Jules swatch swatches 
Models own Juicy Jules
  Models Own Balearic Cool swatch swatches 
Models Own Balearic Cool (review here) Models Own Disco Mix swatch swatches
Models Own Disco Mix Models Own Ibiza Mix swatch swatches
Models Own Bubblegum Models Own Pink Punch swatch swatched
Models Own Pink Punch
Models Own Lilac Dream swatch swatched
Models Own Lilac Dream
Models Own Slate Green swatch swatched
Models Own Slate Green Models Own Top Turquoise swatched swatch
Models Own Top Turquoise


  1. i LOVE Models Own Nail Polishes! And you've got some Great colours here Lily. Particularly Love Top Turquoise and Utopia!


  2. Great collection i love models own polishes, they are definitely my go to brand for them!

    Check out my collection here:

  3. They're all so pretty, Disco Mix and Juicy Jules are now on my lust list!

  4. LOVE them all! Bubblegum is such a pretty colour x

  5. I love the Bubblegum and Juicy Jules ones! xx

  6. You can't beat Models Own nail polishes for colour selection! Whenever I go in Boots I can't help but spy another I want to get! Got my eye on the HedKandi collection and the glitters at the moment!

  7. Absolutely love Hedonist and Bubblegum! xx

  8. Balearic cool is one of my favourites - Im loving blue nails right now xx

  9. you have so many of these polishes, really want to try them! I really want to try Ibiza Mix :D xo

  10. They all look lovely, but I particularly like the look of Bubblegum and Top Turquoise xo

    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles

  11. Love number two!!
    super cute
    S xx

  12. wow. All so nice!xx

  13. They're all such beautiful shades! I love the glittery ones, but they're all lovely :)
    - Rhiannon

  14. Definitely be purchasing Top Turquoise next time they're on an offer! Lovely :-) Your video on these was great too xxx

  15. Fave polishes, possibly ever. Love the packaging, names, colours, and price- can't go wrong in my opinion! x


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