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Thursday, 26 July 2012

quick holiday reviews: makeup

MAC Face and Body in C3 (£27): Simple to apply, water based with really light coverage and a natural looking finish. I didn't really wear makeup during the day on holiday but I did use this occasionally in the evenings to make me feel a little more done! For £27 you get 100ml of foundation, which is about three times the average ml of a high end foundation. As my skin has cleared up alot recently so I've been trying to use lower coverage, dewy foundations. This is very light and feels incredible on the skin. Face and Body is also it's the only MAC foundation I've ever tried that I liked! I will review this in full soon!

Daniel Sandler Billion Dollar Body Shimmer (£20)*: Lovely shimmery highlighting product which looks absolutely stunning in the evenings patted onto the collarbones and chest area. Very glittery but looks incredible with tanned skin! Perfect for holidays or evenings out!

Pop Beauty Lid Bronzer (£15)*: Incredible little palette of 6 shades of warm bronzy eyeshadows. Very slim and small which makes the kit perfect for travelling. I wore this most evenings to add a little bit of definition to the eyes! Especially liked the copper bronze shade smudged under the eyes!

Makeup Forever Smokey Lash Waterproof Mascara (£17.95): Im so sad this mascara has finally dried up and gone off! Im a mascara tart and never repurchase ones, but this has to be one of my all time favourite mascara's. It is volumising, long lasting and super, super black. I wore it around the pool to give my tiny lashes a touch of definition and I had no smudging, melting or transferring! Hard to get hold of in the UK but a 100% repurchase from me if I can get my hands on it!

Bobbi Brown Bronzer is Aruba (£27): I'm not sure about this bronzer, while it looks nice in the pan and when the MUA applied it to me in the shop, I just don't think it really shows up that well on my tanned skin. Maybe I'm using the wrong brush as the shimmer doesn't seem to show up either! Quite disappointed with this bronzer actually but will update with a full review soon!

Bare Minerals SPF Natural Sunscreen (£23): I've used this before but always bought the fair one, but as it's always too pale for me I thought this time I'd buy the tan one. WRONG! Was too dark on my skin and sort of made me look a bit sunburnt! Although I did bring a mineral foundation to blend it with, I was just a bit silly getting one too dark for me! I do highly recommend the formula as mineral sunscreen's are great for a touch of coverage and also protecting your skin.The packaging is handy and great for on the go as the brush twists away! Mineral Sunscreens can look a touch cakey if you over apply but are good for oilier skin types! I will do a full review of this as I do really like it, I just picked the wrong shade!


  1. I read on your blog before that your not keen on the Naked palette on you, i'm actually having the same problem all the colours seem to grey up on me no matter how gold or brown they are! Would you recommend this little one instead? xx

  2. Am going away in a few weeks and am wondering which foundation to take, as I always seem to sweat it off in the sun (gross I know. Would you recommend the MAC one for in the heat?

  3. I didn't know about the mineral sunscreen, looks interesting! I'm not the biggest fan of any liquid ones I've found as of yet so I might give this a try!

    Emily Wears Things

  4. I think I'm going to purchase MAC Face&Body but I'm going to wait for your review to see what you think:) x

  5. Great reviews(: I love reading quick reviews

  6. the mac face and body is quite reasonably priced when you think of it, i'd love to try the makeup forever mascara :D xo

  7. That's a great review of MAC Face + Body. I seriously need to get a bottle when I finish off my current foundation! xx

  8. I keep hearing great reviews about the bare minerals sunscreen so i might give it a go,

    Chloe x x x

  9. I went looking for MAC Face + Body the other day at my local MAC counter and they didn't have any! Now I know to go on a more serious mission for it :)


    Field Below

  10. Really helpful reviews, thanks so much for posting. I've never really payed attention to MAC foundations, but now I really want to try Face and body! x

  11. wanna try mac face+body so much!!!

  12. I've always wanted to try MAC products. I don't wear foundation, so I'm not sure what the best MAC products would be for me to try. I'm going to America at the end of the year, so I'll definitely have a look then :)
    - Rhiannon

  13. I'm desperate to try Face and Body! I hear lots of good things about it x

  14. Ah its good that mac finally has a foundation people like, i only ever hear negative reviews on their foundations!

    I have reviewed couple of their products...

  15. thats just what you need for on holiday, something quick and easy xx

  16. Mac accessories are best they bit expensive but they are good.
    Holiday home


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