Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bumble&Bumble Texture Un Dressing

Bumble and Bumble B.b Texture (un) Dressing Creme review tested photo swatch
Bumble and Bumble B.b Texture (un) Dressing Creme: John Lewis/ Bumble and Bumble (£21.50)

In the run up to me doing a video on my hair routine (this weekend hopefully!) I thought I'd get some of the products I use at the moment reviewed and up so that my usual "eeerr well I don't know what this actually does" spiel might get excused a tiny bit! I know what products do most of the time, I just get super tongue tied when it comes to saying it on camera! Anyway, Bumble and Bumble is a brand I've always pined after, No idea why I don't buy from them I just don't think I ever got around to buying some of their products. Then one day I was in Liberty and thought "Why not hey?" (Cool Story Bro.)

Bumble and Bumble B.b Texture Un Dressing creme is basically a sort of volumizing, texturising and holding paste. I use it to try and add a bit of texture to my hair because it's so soft and straight after being washed which in turn makes it incredibly hard to style. The cream itself is sort of sticky a bit like the constancy of semi wet glue. At first I found this awkward to use as I didn't really know how much I should be using in my hair. After a bit of trial and error I now use about a 5p-10p sort of size and then rub my hands together so the product can be evenly scrunched throughout the hair. I personally focus the product on the ends of my hair and up to the mid lengths and then put whatever is left on the roots. I suggest trying to use less than I think I need and then slowly add more. If you add too much it can leave your hair crispy and dry and you'll more than likely have to wash it again! I then go ahead and either blow dry straight with a brush, upside down with a diffuser or leave it to dry naturally in a topknot to give it some natural waves. As I said I have poker straight fine hair and the undressing creme is great for giving it a more texturised, undone and beachy look.

Overall I really do rate this product, It's really helped my hair in terms of being able to style it how I like it in on the days that I wash my hair! I especially like using this when I wear my hair straight because it adds to the natural beachy, bedhead look without the use of hairspray and volumising sprays which I try not to use unless I wear my hair curly. If I was allowed to use one hair product for the rest of my life it would be this! As the first Bumble and Bumble product I've tried, it's really made me want to try out some more of their products! Any recommendations?


  1. My hair is also naturally really straight so I'll have to try this out! Thanks for sharing :) x

  2. ohh this sounds good. i've just ordered the b&b surf spray and i'm really excited to try it out!


  3. Definitely want to try this out! It sounds like a nice alternative to the surf spray which I think would just be too drying on my hair x


  4. Definitely intrigued by this! So many of their products look amazing but I think the one I've been pining after the longest would be the salt spray! x

  5. Very tempted to give this a go - fairly strong recommendation saying it's the one product you'd use for the rest of your life! When worn on straight hair does it scruff it up/give it a sort of back combed look? If so, I'm sold! Cx

  6. Oooo exciting stuff!

  7. I have the same sort of hair as you so I might give this a go, very excited for the video,
    love chloe x x x

  8. This sounds like a great product! My hair is pretty flat and lifelss so anything that adds some texture is great!


  9. I didn't realise your hair is naturally straight, your waves always look so effortless and natural!
    I love the Brilliantine cream, it's kind of the same product but you use it in dry hair as a texturiser!

  10. Sorry if this is a silly question haha but can you apply this to dry hair or does it have to be wet? x


  11. I'm actually really getting into Bumble and Bumble products. The Deeep! masque is amazing, love it on my hair. I love the way this products sounds, I might pick it up soon as I will be ordering the Sunday Shampoo. x

  12. I love bumble! i have a similar hair type and use untexture for the same reason on days i wash my hair. i also love brilliantine- it's like victoria's secret in a bottle, but for dry hair as a finishing creme! also, surf spray is their best product overall and has just been relaunched and the company is focusing more on it. their youtube channel has videos on how to use it for diffrent hair types. the grooming creme is great for balancing out untexture and surf spray, it's like a lotion for your hair and adds moisture.

  13. so tempted by so many bumble and bumble products, would love to give some of them a go!


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