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Monday, 6 August 2012

accessorize enchanted

ACCESSORIZE 'ENCHANTED review swatch notes scent
ACCESSORIZE 'ENCHANTED review swatch notes scent
accessorise enchanted: boots / the perfume shop (£15)*
Combining the essence of delicate cherry blossom as it blooms, with the clear, fresh waters of the East, this beautifully composed fragrance lifts off with sparkling top notes of Bergamot, orange flower water, lychee skin and mandarin blossom. At the heart jasmine, cherry blossom petals, peony flower, cassis, violet and rose absolute rest on a sultry blend of crystal musk, vanilla flower and lingering notes of creamy amber.
Fruity, Floral, Fresh
As a big perfume fan I was really surprised that this £15 Acessorize Perfume interested me in the first place. The scent is right up my street, really summery and fruity with a floral undertone. I think it smells like raspberries or blackberries, but then it goes a little musky as it dries down to it's finishing scent. It doesn't last incredibly very long, but I wouldn't expect something so cheap to actually all day on the skin. Acessorize Enchanted smells very much like a celebrity style perfume, a little on the cheap side and lacks to depth of fragrance as more expensive ones. In fact it actually reminds me of Britney Spears Fantasy which I wore to death when I was younger. But like I said, I really like the scent and have been using it quite frequently. As far as I know you can buy this in Boots or the Perfume Shop and in store at Acessorize!


  1. You can definitely buy it in Accessorize, I used to work there and we kept them by the till!

  2. at lot of people have been talking about this. might have to go and have a smell of it! love these kinds of posts xx

  3. Was actually going to buy this today with a birthday gift card - might have to pop back tomorrow and get it :)

  4. I love the britney spears fatansy perfume! have to definetly get this now,great review :)

  5. thats so cheap for a perfume and i love the butterflies on the bottle xx

  6. I'm usually a bit of a perfume snob and don't normally go for "shops-own" or celebrity ones... I think I definitely need to give them a chance though as they're so much more affordable, and this one sounds lovely :)

    Frances xx


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