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Thursday, 23 August 2012

cosmopolitan blog awards 2012

Best New Beauty Blog

I was in two minds about doing this type of post. On one hand Im not sure how I really feel about blog awards (who are magazines to judge if a different medium is good or not?) but on the other hand I'm sure if I did actually win I'd probably be pretty happy about it (fickle soul)! I know I was a bit grouchy when the nominations came out for this as my Fashion blog wasn't up for Best Fashion Blog. To me, this blog has always been my side project, and in all honestly it didn't really occur to me that this was of that sort of standard to be "up there" as a Best New Beauty Blog. I dunno, I guess initially it felt like being snubbed for an Oscar or something!

I started this blog because I was getting a bit fed up of just fashion blogging. Posting about what you wear is a little bit boring when done to excess, and to most peoples surprise I actually prefer beauty stuff to fashion. The majority of the blogs I read religiously are beauty ones and the things I spend most of my money on are beauty related. Personally find it pretty easy to throw together a good outfit but finding the right skincare or the perfect smudge proof black eyeliner is the girl equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack!

I think it's really made me realise how far I've come with this blog in such a short ammount of time. I think it made me realise that people don't just know me for my fashion blog anymore and it's probably about time that I can legitimately call myself a Beauty Blogger! So yeah, it would really lovely if you took the time to vote for me. No pressure though as there is some pretty stiff competition! I'm under "Best New Beauty Blog" and you can vote here. Thank you if you do, and fingers crossed (:


  1. aw lily, you are so lovely. You totally deserve it, just shows you how awesome you are when it's your side project!!
    I'm voting for you now, good luck honey xxx

  2. congratulations and i like fashion but do prefer beauty too, even though you started a fashion blog first it does not mean you have to stay just that xx

  3. congrats! THis blog really does deserve it!!

  4. i'll definitely be voting after this. you really desereve it. you're the main reason i started blogging missus!
    laura x

  5. You deserve it Lily, I read your beauty blog pretty much every day!

    Kirsty-Anne x

  6. You have my vote! and i can completely understand why you felt the way you did since your "first" blog wasn't nominated. I think its reasonable you felt like that! anyway, I adore both your blogs. And you are correct finding the correct skincare is like finding a needle in not only one haystack but a whole field filled with em'. x

  7. Congratulations, you really deserve it! I love reading both your blogs and you seem just so lovely

  8. Good luck Lily. I think you deserve it. I always have a look at your recommendations and hold your values higher than others since you have been around for so long. Hard work should pay off. There are so many "beauty bloggers" around, new ones pop up everyday, and I just find it so boring that girls have to copy all the time. Yours is the original and in my opinion, the best. xx

    Endometriosis my life with you

  9. Already voted for you!
    I love both of your blogs they are what inspired me to start one in the first place! Xx

  10. Congratulations on this blog being nominated; I always enjoy reading this blog and you have introduced me to some great beauty products.

    I am a bit confused as to how you were feeling with regards to this blog being nominated and your older blog not. It comes across as though you expected people to nominate your fashion blog as one of their favorites. To me that doesn't come across as very humble. I suppose it was just the way it was written, and that you came across as grouchy (in your own words) because of it. I'm sorry if this isn't true and I misunderstood, because my other thoughts were that you were just surprised that this was nominated before your fashion blog.

    I don't mean to cause offense. I voted for both blogs and I enjoy both. I was just surprised with how you reacted to not being nominated.

    1. I didn't assume everyone would nominate my fashion blog as their favourite, considering i didn't ask for votes or anything when I easily could have encouraged more to get nominated. it's more just the fact i didn't even consider this one would be up there for best beauty blog (and best new one at that considering, yes this blog is yes than a year old, but I'm also an established blogger already) and the other not to be. It makes me personally wonder why it's not? I don't understand how it would be fair to presume that my blog might be up there (ammount of followers, position in bloglovin' numbers, and it was last year) and I was confused as to why it wasn't this year, I also heard rumours it could be because I won the company magazine award. it may not come across very humble, but i'm just saying how i felt.

      I personally think the voting is flawed, i think alot of amazing blogs have been "snubbed" for lack of a better word this year. i can think of a handful of amazing blogs that haven't even been nominated at all. not that any of the blogs don't deserve to be nominated I just feel the nomination system is more favoured to those blogs who encourage people to vote for them.

    2. Lily, I agree with you, the voting is very flawed and I am surprised that some of my favourite blogs haven't been nominated. Perhaps it is because although readers have voted, aren't the blogs then sifted through by the Cosmopolitan panel, and as you said, if you won an award last year they may have just overlooked you this year in favour of blogs which maybe don't have the same kind of recognition.

      I understand better where you are coming from now, and I appreciate your honesty in your reply. I can imagine that it's a bit surprising that one year your fashion blog is up there and then this year it is this beauty blog. It's definitely not because a lack of reader support, but perhaps it was the motive of the Cosmopolitan panel.

      Either way, best of luck with the awards for this blog!


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