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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

how much is your face worth?

the price of beauty

I saw Louise do this tag so thought I'd join in and do the same thing! I know I like high end makeup and don't actually tend to dwell too much on the prices of thing whenever I buy things. I did however think that this was just a fun and interesting tag when it comes down to it! The basic idea of the tag (if you couldn't guess) is to list all the products you use on your face and then add them up to get the price of all the products you use. I've spend hundreds, if not thousands on makeup over the years so I imagine it to be pretty high! Anyway lets take a look at the products I wore today:
Benefit The Porefessional (£23.50), Dior Air Flash Foundation (£33), Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19), Clarins Skin Illusion Mineral Foundation (£28), MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Dark (£21),  MAC Style Blush (£14.50), Clarins Odyessy Face Palette (£35)*, Inglot Shadow in Shine 09 (£4.50), MAC Espresso (£10), Pixi Lash Line Ink (£12)*, Avon Super Shock Mascara (£10), Ardell Demi Wispies (£4.99), Topshop Whimsical Lipstick (£8)

This comes to a total of 208.68 without including any of the skincare, treatments, brushes or stuff like that! I can't say I'm genuinely shocked at the price of it all, Although I can say I actually expected it to be a hell of a lot more than £200! I know I like high end makeup and wear a hell of alot of it at that! I suppose I do get more than one use out of all of these items so it could be justified by CPW (cost per wear)! I could have worn less of the products too, for example I don't wear powder or bronzer much at the moment, and I didn't really need to wear the Clarins highlighter I just like putting it on my face! It is worth pointing out some of the items have been given to me so I didn't buy all of them so I could use that as a slight excuse! I usually hate these open ended questions at the end of posts, but I'd genuinely love to know the cost of your faces?


  1. Mine came to about £70 (blog post here: which I thought was LOADS, and that's with no high-end products and quite a few very low-end products. Make-up is just so expensive! x

  2. Wow! I'm so jealous of all your high end makeup! :p x

  3. I've also done this tag here

    I enjoyed doing it but it was an eye-opener especially considering all the extras you use like brushes and skincare! x

  4. i love this tag so much!


  5. Mine is:

    Benefit 'That Gal' - £21.50
    Maybelline FIT ME Foundation - £8.00
    Maybelline Superstay 24hr Concealer - £6.19
    MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural - £21.00
    Maybelline Falsies Flared Mascara - £7.99
    Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush - £7.49
    Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner - £4.49
    Carmex Classic Moisturising Lip Balm - £1.34
    MAC Lipstick in Angel - £14.00

    TOTAL = £70.50!

  6. hehehehehe i love how you are trying to make excuses lily. its okay to love high-end make up, after all, you only get one face! x

  7. Bare Minerals Prime Time foundation primer £19; Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation £31; MAC Studio Finish Concealer £14.50; Garnier Tinted Eye Roll-on, £9.99; MAC Espresso eyeshadow £12; MAC Patina eyeshadow £10; MAC Mulch eyeshadow £10; NARS Luster blush £21; Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow £17; MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural £21; Bourjois Volumiser mascara 10.49; L'Oreal Superliner £6.49; MAC Hue Lipstick £14; MAC Fashion Scoop Cremesheen Glass £17; MAC Fix+ £13.50 = £226.97

    Like you, I can't say I'm genuinely surprised (add in brushes, eyelash curlers etc. and then I may get a bigger shock!) If I worked out cost per wear I'm sure I wouldn't bat and eyelash xx

  8. Scared to try this out! I spend far too much on makeup haha!!!

  9. Mine came to £39:50 which isn't too bad, i didn't include brushes. You look gorgeous in this photo(:

  10. Love your shirt ! from where does it come from ? :)

  11. i wouldn't do this tag as i am scared of the price my face costs xx

  12. mine was 398. Excluding creams etc. with creams it was 626!!!! not. good!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

  13. Im going to have to work mine out! x

  14. such a fun tag! You look so lovely. I am slightly worried to work mine out ;) xx

  15. I think mines in the same region. I am like you though, I prefer high end make-up as they are my little treats. After studying beauty and skincare, I know that skin prefers that extra care spent and will thank-you in a few years time!

    Models and Macaroons

  16. No7 Intense Volume Mascara 11.50; Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Foundation 5.99; Erase Paste 19.50; vaseline 1.99; No7 Beautiful Brow Pencil 8.00 (though I actually got this as a present); Urban Decay shadow box 27.00 = £73.98

    Wow thats a LOT more than I thought given that this is a super 'basic' face with no blush or highlighter or bronzer or anything!

    Add blusher (clinique) is 21; add highlighter (That Gal- benefit) is 21.50... And I dont have it anymore but my fave bronzer- Too Faced Leopard is 21....

    Thats a fair few pennies!

  17. night time :

    Botanics All Bright Hydrating Night Cream 50ml : £3.33 (on offer)
    Nivea Visage Anti-Wrinkle Q10Plus Eye Cream 15ml : £9.99

    day time :
    No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Normal / Dry Skin 50ml : £12.50
    Yves Saint Laurent Perfect Touch Radiant Brush Foundation : £ 34.00
    Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch : £ 25.00
    St Tropez Skin Illuminator Rose 50ml : £12.00
    Yves Saint Laurent Poudre Compact Radiance : £ 33.00
    Yves Saint Laurent Blush Radiance : £ 31.00
    CHANEL ROUGE COCO SHINE Hydrating Sheer Lipshine : £ 24.00
    17 Instant Glow Bronzing Rocks : £4.99

    Total : 189.81 and that didnt include brushes. plus I live Ireland so you need to add on the exchange rate :)

    1. totally forgot about:

      benefit brow zing - £22.50
      Bourjois Volumizer mascara 7ml - £10.49

      new total : 222.8

  18. I want to do this tag as a fun post but I don't really want to know how ridiculous my total will be haha x

  19. Haha,love this and just did a video yesterday ;) my face came to 82,18€..think this would be like £75 ;) xx

  20. Haha love this tag! I can't imagine mine mounting to much, all drugstore makeup but at good use ;)

    Jessica xo

  21. That's a fab post! Totally going to have to calculate mine :) I had a chuckle to myself though that I wear MAC mineralise powder in light normally and light medium when I have tanned.. I must be SO pale! Although I have bare minerals on the way that I am rather excited about! :)

    1. i use it as a bronzer! I'm not that dark haha! i wear medium most of the time!

  22. Mine only came to about £60 which I think is realy good :)
    I only use one high end item in my everyday makeup though xx

  23. Love these posts, I think mine would come to 70-80 but more on a night out!

  24. I tend to use more high end makeup minus the odd item so I think mine would come to around £200 as well. Crazy when you think about it! xoxo

  25. Goodness, mine was £217.99! I had no idea my makeup collection was so valuable, Maybe I should keep it under lock and key?!

    My blog post is at

  26. Saw this on Louise's blog too! It's soo interesting to see how much everyone has spent, here's my blog post:

    Hope you check it out! xxx

  27. L'oreal studio secrets mattifying primer £10.29
    Rimmel lasting finish foundation £6.99
    Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer £4.19
    Rimmel match perfection concealer £5.99
    Rimmel stay matte powder £3.99
    Thebalm Bahama Mamma bronzer £2.99-found in TK Maxx!
    TheBalm Downboy blush £2.99-again TK Maxx!
    Urban decay primer potion sin £14.50
    Urban decay naked palette £36
    MAC blanc type eyeshadow refill £10
    MAC charcoal brown eyeshadow refill £10
    2true clear mascara for brows £1.99
    Avon supershock mascara-technically free-came with a magazine!
    GOSH velvet touch eyeliner truly brown £5
    Clinique chubby stick woppin watermelon £16

    I had no idea my face was so valuable! lol x

  28. I was quite pleased with mine, however considering I only use 6 products it's still quite a lot. I'm not even going to dream of totting up all the makeup in my drawer though, that would be scary!

    You can check it out here

    Love your blog Lily!
    Anna x

  29. This shirt is AMAZING, pleeease tell me where it's from! i think I need it in my life. :) xx

  30. Mine came to £45.46, a lot less than yours! x

  31. i think the CPW should be introduced as a legitimate way of justifying buying tons of makeup x

  32. I've just done this tag too! Mine came to £190.96 (argh)!


  33. mine came up to £88.30 on a standard day - im quite pleased even though i know my actual make-up collection is probably worth a small fortune!!

  34. I'm too afraid to do this for myself hahah x

  35. Did this today after seeing yours yesterday.. £240.49, ahh!

  36. I've just done this after seeing this. Please check it out

  37. I think I might do this tag, but I'm worried about how much it might come out at! I just finished my glamour magazine sample of benefit porefessional I'm definitely going to get the full size :) x

  38. I'm definitely going to have to do this!

  39. I've done this! My face is not worth much!x

  40. I love the idea of this tag! You are ridiculously gorgeous- so jealous :) xx

  41. I did this post a while ago and it came to over £200, which I wasn't surprised about, I do have a bit of a make up spending problem lol.

  42. I just did this post after seeing it here and mine came to £91.40! it's here if you'd like a look-


  43. Ahh £192 >.<


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