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Friday, 3 August 2012

Jergens Cocoa Butter

Jergans Cocoa Butter review tested
Jergens Cocoa Butter: boots (£5.10)*

I've honestly never used a body butter, body cream or anything like that. Moisturising my body feels like a silly useless step, and I generally can't be bothered to stand around waiting for it to dry and sink in. My skin isn't very dry so I just don't see the point, In all honesty to me it seems like one of those unnecessary beauty chores people do for no real reason. Although, I have to admit since coming back from my holidays my skin has become a little dry and flakey from the sun and my peeling tan. So
because of this I thought I'd actually try one for a change. Que me rummaging through my sample boxes!

The Jergens Cocoa Butter was the first one I found and I thought it would be a good place to start. I found the Cocoa Butter very moisturising without being sticky or tacky. My skin feels soft and hydrated without being over saturated. I felt the cream was very thick but absorbed quickly so I didn't have to hang around in my undies waiting for it to dry. I adored the scent, really sweet and cocoa-y  with a touch of vanilla which slightly lingers on the skin. It's also 96% natural and (to the best of my knowledge) cruelty free.

I have to admit I did like the product but overall felt body cream is just not really that essential step and won't be part of my routine. I've never used it religiously before and seen no negative effects so far! But if you do have dry skin I would recommend this as it did sort my dry knee's and elbows out vey quickly!


  1. I really like jergens! Some of them are a bit over powering scent wise though! But they're definitely good moistourisers! X

  2. I like Jergens, it's just a bit expensive sometimes so I tend to use body butters up that I get as presents and Nivea for my face.

    I suspect it's because people know it's important to moisturise your skin really and not a lot else... That's definitely the reason for me anyway.

  3. I like jergens although my all time favourite is palmers cocoa butter. It smells good enough to eat! I have eczema so it's a crucial step for me and I swear by aveeno. xx

  4. I'm not a body moisturiser fan either! Can never be bothered when I get out of the shower - I just want to put my clothes on and go! I do use them when I've got a bit of a tan though as I like to think it makes it last longer. x

  5. great review as always :) im like you in that i hardly ever moisturise as i hate waiting for it to dry and never feel its totally necessary for me, but i might try this in future as its not too expensive and would be useful if i ever get a natural tan again! :P
    nicola xxx

  6. I can never be bothered with body moisturiser either but my legs are so dry so I've got to stop my laziness and put some on! I really like the palmers cocoa butter one, smells so good! I've still got loads of random body lotions I need to use up aha! xxx

  7. i love the feeling of when you have just moisturized it makes me feel so good and happy because i know i am helping my skin xx

  8. My skin is so dry I always moisturise after showering, the scent of the Jergens sounds lovely!

  9. Ahh, my black friends rave about body butters and their skin is flawless and silky smooth! Maybe I should start using them too...hmm. x

  10. Wow, the new packaging is nice! I always liked the old stuff, but now I can't remember exactly what it looked like after seeing the new design! Really lovely stuff anyway, I enjoyed using it. Plus all their products have the most gorgeous scents!


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