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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

products i've used up #5

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Products Mentioned & Review Links: LUSH Big Shampoo, Origins Clear Improvement Mask, Vo5 Moisture Soak Elixir, Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleanser, Original Source Mint and Walnut Shower Gel, Laura Mercier Invisible Setting Powder, MAC Moisture Cover Concealer, Pixi Lash Line Ink

I feel like Im constantly doing empties videos at the moment but honestly I've just been trying to use up what I have rather than keep buying more and more stuff I don't need. Hope you enjoy the video above and read below for more information that I might not have mentioned within the video! All information about what Im wearing and that jazz is in the bottom bar of the video, and please subscribe if you liked it (:

LUSH Big Shampoo (£11.50): I adore this shampoo as it's great for clarifying the hair as well as adding volume and shine. Sea salt is such a strange thing to put on your hair but it does honestly really work amazingly well! One tub lasts me around 4-5 washes which is not that much considering the hefty price tag. I probably only use it once a week max, but it's a nice addition to my usual haircare routine!

Origins Clear Improvement Mask (£19): My favourite deep cleaning mask! Packed full of white clay and charcoal this mask gets right down into the pores and gets all the gunk out. Perfect for congested or breakout prone skin to combat the skincare issues that cause bad skin. I love to have a good pamper at the weekends so this is perfect just to lie back and let it work. It goes quite hard after it's been on for a while which I like as it feels like all the pores are being cleansed and my

Vo5 Moisture Soak Elixir (£4.49): I always rave about this hair mask. I use it 2-3 times a week at the moment as it's so quick, easy and cheap. For the price you cant really go that wrong! I use this as a pre washing treatment and apply it while in the shower. It takes one minute and leaves the hair feeling smoother, softer and nourished. Over time I've seen this really improve the manageability of my hair.

Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleanser (£5.99): I remember hearing about this cleanser earlier in the year but I only managed to get hold of it agyer the rebrand and reformulation. I cant compare it to the original but personally I really like this one. It removes my makeup effortlessly without the need to go in with a micellar water to get the excess off. I can even use it on my super sensitive eyes. Balms are perfect for the winter months as they stop the skin from drying out from harsher gel or foaming cleansers. I'm a real covert to balm cleansing though! It's also 97% organic.

Original Source Mint and Walnut Shower Gel (£2.99): A uplifting and invigorating shower gel for those cold winter mornings. I buy this all the time as I really like the way it smells so strongly and goes slightly tingly on the skin. These are normally on offer for £1 or 3 for 2 so I tend to stock up whenever they are cheap! The walnuts don't really scrub all that much but they do add a nice roughness to the shower gel.

Laura Mercier Invisible Setting Powder (£29): I bought this probably about two years ago and have probably used it less than a handful of times. It just made my skin look cakey and ashy, which for a supposedly translucent powder just isn't right. It's very expensive for what it is too! I currently use the Laura Mercier Mineral powder to set my foundation which I absolutely love! I see so many bloggers rave about this setting powder but I just couldn't for the life of me work out why it looked so weird on me. It did control my oil and set my makeup but it just threw my colouring off completely.

MAC Moisture Cover Concealer (£14): Im a bit indifferent to this, It was okay but tended to get more and more orange as I wore it. NW20 isn't my shade (for when i'm pale or tanned) so it always looked a bit stark and cakey on my face. It does cover up redness and under eye circle well though! I would recommend the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer over this though as it's very cheap and works just as well if not better!

Pixi Lash Line Ink (£12): My favourite eyeliner of all time which has even taken over my love for Loreal Superliner Carbon Gloss. It's super pigmented, smooth, deep black and long lasting. I find it doesn't budge or migrate throughout the day. A perfect liner for those who are just getting into doing liquid eyeliner as the nib is long and precise.


  1. The V05 hot oil treatments sounds interesting might pick one up, since ombre-ing my hair the end feel quite dry...

  2. I'd love to try the big shampoo, but if it only lasts about 5 washes and the price of it I may just have to forget it:(

  3. i'm from germany and i love your style and your videos:)

  4. I have GOT to try out that BIG shampoo... I hear so many great things about it!!


  5. The cinnamon and orange wash by original source is my favourite! I also love the v05 hot oil ever since you mentioned it about six months ago! xx

  6. love original source ! ♥


  7. I use BIG to wash my hair 3 times a week and it lasts me at least 2 months. It takes very little to get it to lather up and I have long hair that goes to halfway down my back. I'd definitely recommend it, it gives me another day before having to wash my hair again.

  8. OOoh, we loove, love, loooove lush. :-)

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    Take a look at:

    And let us know.

    Kiss, Selina & Olivia, The RedViolet

  9. Need to try the v05 oil!

  10. original source is the best, if poundland or bodycare don't have it in stock i hunt it down, can't go without it!

  11. I really want to try the origins mask, I'm yet to indulge in any of their products x

  12. Might purchase some big! Need a new hair shampoo! :D

  13. Ive heard loads of good reviews on the Lush Shampoo so wanna try that, the vo5 moisture soak elixir is nice as well :)

  14. I really want to try the vo5 hair elixir, it sound really nice and for the price I should give it a go! <3 xo

  15. there are some really great recommendations in this post so thanks lily! i really want to try the BIG shampoo even if it does sound a bit of a weird concept and also the eyeliner as i don't actually use eyeliner that much so this would be a great starting product! also really LOVE the sound of the origins mask - i do struggle with spots and other skin problems so would really like to give this a go :) X

  16. wanting to try some more lush products!

  17. great video xx


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