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Thursday, 31 May 2012

benefit glamour freebies 2012 + giveaway

benefit glamour freebies 2012 the professional bad gal lash that gal benefit glamour freebies 2012 the professional bad gal lash that gal benefit glamour freebies 2012 the professional bad gal lash that gal

 Every year Glamour team up with Benefit to produce the best miniatures as GWP with purchasing the magazine. For 2012 it was no different. This year they have offered up Benefit BadGal Lash, Benefit That Gal Primer and Benefit The Porefessional, All in cute sample size packaging. I've used Bad Gal lash before and really liked it and Porefessional is one of my must have products. I've never tried the That Gal Primer, but Im excited to try it out as I'm very into illuminating primers at the moment. Each magazine costs £2 and according the Glamour they tot up to around £35 retail value, which I personally don't think is right but to be fair they are great little mini's. Im going to be taking the three on holiday with me as they are the perfect size for travelling in the summer season!

I purchased all three mini's for myself, even though I have a full size The Porefessional (its one of my MUST have products) but also picked up a trio of magazines and products to giveaway. I know that these normally are so hard to find so when I saw two lots of all three gifts I knew I should get one set to giveaway. Of course I left some on the shelf, unlike the lady next to me who took all the Instyle Body Shop Mascaras! Enter below via the Rafflecopter form under the cut, Comment entries don't count!
Glamour magazine costs £2 and is available in most newsagents. The GWP's come with the July 2012 copy of the magazine which is out from the 31st May. I suggest trying smaller, local stores if you're looking for the freebies. I looked in my local WHSmith (someone had cleared the shelf) and Sainsbury's (again cleared the shelf) But I checked in my local corner shop and they had a fair amount left. So if you're struggling to find them I highly recommend checking small corner shops or locally run ones!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Origins Clear Improvement Mask

Origins Clear Improvement Mask: Origins/Debenhams (£19)

Origins Clear Improvement is a charcoal based mask that claims to draw out all the impurities from clogged pores. The Active Charcoal in the mask is supposed to suck out all the impurities from under the skin and bring them to the surface. Living in London has made my blackheads a lot worse with all the pollution and dirt in the air, so I needed something that draws out all the dirt from under the skin. I naturally went with Origins as most of my skincare is actually from there. They recommended the Origins Clear Improvement Mask to be used after exfoliation and after I've opened up all my pores with a hot flannel.

I've been using this once a week to try and clear up some of my more congested areas like my nose and my chin. I try not to use it too much all over my face as I don't really need it on the outer parts of my face. Like the other Origins products I use I feel like this actually works. It's not one of those instant gratification products, it doesn't completely change your skin after one use. But I've used it once or twice a week for four weeks now and I have noticed my problem areas look a little better. Nothing drastic but I don't really expect anything to completely clear my skin out! A good product but I wouldn't say its essential or a skin saving skin product. I think I prefer the other Origins Mask for active breakouts, and this one is more about purifying the skin and trying to draw out the yuckiness that lurks beneath!

Skincare Disclaimer: I personally think skincare is incredibly subjective. I'd never run out and get something on the suggestion of one person. What works for me, may not work for you. I personally don't feel comfortable recommending skincare products, so all reviews are based on my own experiences with the product mentioned. Remember to look up other reviews and make sure you reference the reviewers skin type. My skin is Oily-Combination. I don't tend to get breakouts, but when I do they are on my chin. Also, cutting out dairy from my diet has also improved my skin of late.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

MUA all in one BB cream

mua all in one bb cream review swatch photo mua all in one bb cream review swatch photo 
MUA All in One BB Cream (£4)* 

I've been aware of BB creams for a while, They have always been something I've wanted to love, I've previously tried two drugstore ones, The 17 BB Cream (good) and the Garnier one (terrible!) and I have tried (and loved) the Illamasqua Skinbase which was one of the first BB Cream hybrids coming over to the western market and I also trialled some authentic Asian BB creams. They sound amazing and promise a lot. Evening out of skin tone, being a primer and a foundation in one and concealing blemishes all with one super product.

I've been trying out the MUA All in One BB cream recently so I thought I'd share my thoughts on it. Personally the product feels very heavy for a BB cream, surprisingly it's one of the thickest BB creams I've tried. BB creams generally are thicker than a tinted moisturiser but not as thick as a foundation and I'd say this does have a similar feel to a normal foundation. Although saying that it doesn't feel heavy on the skin at all and blends effortlessly with my Real Techniques Buffing brush straight onto the skin. It glides over pores and fine lines and after a good buff it sits well onto the face. I find the coverage is probably about a medium or light medium depending on the amount of product used.

I have two shades, light and medium. I'd probably say light is too pale for my natural skin tone and medium is too dark for it so I mix the two. I doubt I'd be able to wear and of the three available shades shades if I was fake tanned though as the dark isn't that dark in my opinion. Fair play to MUA for making a BB cream that is actually pale. Most of the BB creams I've seen are really orange or very ashy pale. It's a shame they don't have more darker shades too. My skin is sort of pale, but olive toned so its always a struggle to get the right tone.

Overall I think It's a good lazy day foundation, I wear it on those days where I want to wear makeup but don't want to go through the faff of applying a full face of slap. The MUA BB Cream evens out my skin tone, covers any redness and conceals some of my blemishes. The finish is slightly dewy, I wouldn't class it as greasy or slick looking once applied but it does give the skin a semi dewy glow. I feel it's a touch tacky for me as I prefer my skin to look matte, but thats nothing a dust of setting powder couldn't sort out. For a measly four pounds its one of those products thats worth trying out I think!

Monday, 28 May 2012

everyday makeup 9

makeup llymlrs wears tutorial products review makeup llymlrs wears tutorial products review makeup llymlrs wears tutorial products review
Face: Loreal Lumi Magic Primer, Shisedo Perfect refining foundation in B40, MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NW20, MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium, MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Dark (to contour), Look Beauty Blush in Make me FlirtEyes: Topshop Eye Crayon in Whisper, Urban Decay Foxy, Booty Call, Half Baked and Chopper Eyeshadows (from Naked 2 Palette), Topshop Gel Liner in Ink, MUFHD Smokey Lash, HD Brow Kit Lips: MAC Reel Sexy

Friday, 25 May 2012

St Moritz Dark Mousse

St Moritz Dark Mousse swatch photo review St Moritz Dark Mousse swatch photo review St Moritz Dark Mousse swatch photo review St Moritz Dark Mousse swatch photo review St Moritz Dark Mousse swatch photo review
st mortiz: body care / home bargains / tesco (approx £2.99)

I've been using the St Mortiz fake tan for years now, its cheap and cheerful and does the job. I use the Primark tanning mitts that are about a £1 to apply this with, and normally do it in front of a mirror so I can see where Im applying the tan. I find it applies really well and glides on smoothly but it does dry quite fast so you do need to move quickly. It is tinted upon application so you can see where you are applying it, but it can leave you looking muddy. So its best to leave it overnight to develop and then wash it off in the morning rather than before you go out. Once washed off it leaves a wonderful golden tan! I normally apply my tan in the evening so I tend to sleep in a onesie so I don't stain my sheets then wash off in my morning shower!

My skin is very olive toned so I find the dark tan suits me so much more than the regular version. I think it actually has a subtle greeny-olive tone to it that just looks betterthan the regular. I'd say this is an dark fake tan, not as in oopma loompa orange, but I presume if you're buying a fake tan labelled dark you're expecting a dark or "orange" fake tan. However it's tan without being too orange if you get me! If you're a tanning virgin or a bit scared that you're going to get the Essex look then maybe try the regular one!

It can be pretty patchy after a few days if you don't exfoliate before hand, just remember that if you want to get the best out of a fake tan you really need to do the prep beforehand. On me it lasts on me for about 5-7 days before I scrub everything off and reapply. I never apply it over already tanned skin so I can't comment on how that works!

Overall, it's my favourite cheap fake tan! It's easy to get hold of as most discount stores sell it and I know you can buy it in Tesco (with the prices bumped up a bit!).

Thursday, 24 May 2012

glamorous a/w 2012 preview

I don't know how aware people are of the brand Glamorous. Its a online brand based in the north which sell a variety of on trend pieces. I went along to their Autumn Winter press day to have a look at their upcoming collections. They have a really lovely selection of shirts, jumpers, dresses (both going out and day). Alot of the key trends that I saw at other press days were coming through with the collared embellished shirts, the sequins and the mixture of highly decorated pieces. I really loved their jumpers and their blouses which would look really cool layered with each other. The highly sequinned going out dresses were really gorgeous, I forgot to take a photo of them but they had some amazing harlequin hot pants that I loved! Also something else I forgot to take a snap off was this sheer embellished top maxi dress which would look so cool layered over a body.

They also had some proper disco pant dupes. Alot of people think Disco pants are shiny leggings (like these you can get on ebay) and they aren't. Disco pants are like actual trousers and don't have a elasticated waistband. But they had some thick, shiney hot pants and leggings which I think are the best Disco Pants dupes I've ever seen. They aren't as thick as the AA ones, which could make them a bit easier to wear as I find the AA disco pants a bit stiff! But nonetheless they are a really good inspired pair of trousers! No idea about the price but Im sure they will be less than the originals.

Glamorous's price range is around £20-£70 which is very reasonable I think! Id put it in the same sort of range as Missguided or Boohoo. Really looking forward to seeing more from this brand though!
All the items are NOT in store yet as this is the Autumn Winter 2012 preview, Some items might not make it into the store as all items photographed are samples. I presume things will start rolling out from the end of August. They will be amiable from the Glamorous online store.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

Boujois Magic Nail Polish Remover review swatch photo Boujois Magic Nail Polish Remover review swatch photo Boujois Magic Nail Polish Remover review swatch photo Boujois Magic Nail Polish Remover review swatch photo
Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover: Boots/ Superdrug (£4.99)

The Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover is a pink pot that contains a nail polish remover soaked foam pad inside. The pad inside has a hole in the top to insert your finger. During removal the pad feels saturated with product, however it doesn't make your fingers feel wet at all. It's so easy to use because all you do is pop your finger in, twist and press and off comes all the nail polish. The nail polish remover has no nasty smell either, it leaves your fingers a fresh fruity vanilla scent which is actually really nice.  Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover actually also contains sweet almond oil which is great for the cuticles.

Although I really do think this is an excellent product it's not going to be one that I'm using regularly. I wear fake nails daily and find it's too harsh and weakens the nail too much to use on my falsies. The formula breaks down the plastic in the false nail so ends up being very weak and bendy. I normally use acetone free nail polish remover if I do remove the colour on my nails. The packaging actually says its acetone free, but there must be something in the product that weakens and disintegrates the plastic on false nails. Although I just had a thought, the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover would be great to use to soak off nails rather than damage your natural nail by "pinging" them off. I shall try that next time I remove my nails!

I've also heard this is the perfect product for things like glitter polish, you don't need to spend ages scraping off glitter or using the foil method. A 30 second dip should remove most of the glitter with relative ease. I'd highly recommend this product if you wanted to use this on natural nails, not so much if you have fake ones! It will make changing nails so much easier, as well as less harsh on your fingers because of the unique formula of the remover. I'd highly recommend trying this out if you can get your hands on it! I read somewhere that shops are finding it hard to keep these in stocks as they are flying off the shelves!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Bioderma Crealine H2O

Bioderma Crealine H2O: ebay (around £10-£15)

Bioderma is one of the most raved about items in the beauty blogging world at the moment. Bioderma has the consistency of water and is a completely odourless cleansing and makeup removing solution. It's not greasy, sticky or oily, and the solution completely dissolves all traces of makeup. Bioderma isn't available in the UK but is very widely available in French Pharmacies. You can buy it online from various places including ebay.

Bioderma removes every trace of makeup without leaving any residue. My eyes are very sensitive; Therefore, I try to avoid harsh makeup removers. I've had no trouble with Bioderma H2O as it's so gentle on the eyes. It only takes a few wipes to remove all of my eye makeup including my waterproof mascaras. I tend to use this on my eyes with cotton pads and then use a makeup wipe to get the makeup off the rest of my face. It works just as well as removing makeup off your face as the eyes. I just prefer personally just use it exclusively as an eye makeup remover.

I can't say I'm actually fussed about this product. I do think it is one of the best makeup removers I've ever tried, but other eye makeup removers I've used to the same job for a fraction of the price that I can pop to Boots and buy when I need it. I doubt I'll go out of my way to get another bottle, unless I went to France or knew someone who was. I think the main reason I'm put off Bioderma is the fact you can't get it in the UK. There has been an influx of French Skincare in UK beauty market recently and Im surprised this hasn't been brought over. There are a few Micellar Water cleansers that are available in Boots for example La Roche-Posay Physiological Micellar Solution or Vichy Pureté Thermale Solution Micellaire Make-Up Removal Micellar Water, which might be easier to get hold of.

While I do like Bioderma and it does live up to everyones claims, including being one of the best makeup removers around. Its availability bothers me and I'm much more inclined to purchase makeup remover on a whim in boots or when Im at the supermarket than buy it online or get someone to pick it up for me. It might be worth trying out, but overall I won't be repurchasing (unless I'm in France)!

Monday, 21 May 2012

glitter nails: essie and NYC

essie sand tropez: boots/superdrug (£7.99) 
NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in Lights Camera Glitter: super drug (£2.99) 

I often wear glitter nail combos, so I thought I'd start posting my favourite colour and glitter combinations on here! I recently have become a bit obsessed with Essie after hearing about their UK Essie diffusion line. I already have 6 polishes and have my eye on at least 10 more! I paired it with the NYC nail polish in Lights Camera Glitter, a clear base full of tiny particles of silver glitter with chunks of blue and lilac glitter going through it. I love the combination of the warm toned neutral of Sand Tropez looks with the icy coolness of the NYC glitter nail polish! I don't normally like to mix tones like this but for some reason it works really well!
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