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Monday, 25 March 2013

indeed labs: hydraluron & pepta-bright

indeed labs: hydraluron & pepta-brightreview swatch photo

Indeed Labs are one of those no frills, no fancy packaging and no sparkles types of brand. Ones sell themselves on being designed to work. They have a minimalistic approach to packaging and branding, which might be a little underwhelming for those used to the fancy smancy approach but there is no denying their products actually do what they claim. I've been using two products religiously recently and noticed a huge improvement in my skin's overall tone and appearance.

Hydraluron has been on my radar for months and I did religiously use it a few months ago but it got lost in my skincare shuffle somewhere along the line and it got forgotten about. Hydraurlon is a serum that's packed full of Hydralyroic Acid, This appears naturally in the skin but as you age your skin starts to produce less. However adding more to the skin can it helps the it retain more moisture, thus resulting in younger, plumper and more youthful skin. I've found it the perfect serum for dehydrated skin types that need a little something extra to help skin retain moisture. Overtime my skin has become softer, plumper and more hydrated. I really enjoy using this as my oily but dehydrated skin held on to more moisture and make my skin look much better.

Pepta-bright is described as an "intense brightening treatment" which I've been testing for a few weeks to test it's claims about fading scarring, pigmentation and skins luminosity. I can confirm so far so good. It's also helped restore luminosity and radiance to my skin which is generally very sallow and dull looking. I think my skin tone is definitely a lot more even since adding this to my routine. I hardly have any redness or uneven parts on my skin and overall my face looks a lot nicer without makeup. I have noticed some of my scarring starting to fade but nothing too drastic as of yet. But I have only been using it properly for the last two and a bit weeks but honestly it's changed my skin more than I could actually explain.

As far as skincare routine goes I use these two morning and night religiously. I normally use Pepta-Bright first, then Hydraluron, then La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo and then follow up with a moisturiser. I don't currently have a favourite moisturiser so any suggestions would be greatly received! Might be skincare overkill with all these products but it's done nothing but good things so far.

While on the pricer side of skincare I honestly couldn't live without the two. I've almost squeezed out my final blobs of Hydraluron and I'm 100% going to purchase it again in the next few days. I whole heartedly recommend the two if you're looking for a radiance booster or a moisture booster. Plus, Caroline Hirons has raved about the two and thats enough to sell something to me. My exact words to Zoe are "well… if Caroline raves about it, IT MUST BE GOOD."


  1. These sound so good, I've never come across them before xx

  2. These look and sound absolutely amazing!! Wish I had the cash to splurge right now :)


  3. What are the active ingredients in the Pepta-bright? You described the product's claims, but I'm curious of what's actually present in it that fades scarring. Thank you x

  4. I've been using a similar skincare routine, and when I lift it out my bedside skincare bag, I always think am I using too much.. But they are all doing miracles to my skin!

  5. I've been loving Hydraluron for the past few months - it definitely improved my skin! I'll pick up pepta-bright next, I think!

  6. Really wanna try these but oh gosh the price tag!

    lisatakespictures xo

  7. Ahh gonna add this to my list of skin products i need to try!
    Trying to invest more
    S xx

  8. I really want to try the Hydraluron, it is at the top of my wish list! xxx

  9. I neeed to try this! I saw Caroline rave about it as well

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  10. love hydraluron!

  11. I've been eyeing this up and braving myself for the price tag. How long did it last you with regular use?

    I know I'll end up buying it, Caroline's word is law.

  12. Oh wow looks amazing

    Please check out and follow my blog! I'd really appreciate it! <3

  13. These are on my list of things to try!

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  15. Hydroluron sounds like something that my skin needs, its so dehydrated, Its just the price tag, somehting to add to my payday wish list!

    Pipp xx

  16. These sound ah-ma-zing! I really want to try hydraluron but it's soo expensive! xxx
    Amy |

  17. Recently discovered Caroline and she is amazing!! Definitely planning on getting the Hydraulon:) x

  18. These sound great, ive only ever tried the wrinkle one (despite not having any) think ill pick these up now!

    Laura xxx

  19. I recently got the Hydraluron during a trip to London (you can't find these in Belgium) and ever since I've been loving it. I have very dehydrated skin and it helps a lot!

    Style playground

  20. Do you know if the hydraluron stunts your skins natural production of Hydrlyroic Acid in any way?

    I'd love to try the pepta-bright, nothing I love more than a bit of luminosity :)

    Emily x -

  21. Really want to try them both! I recommend the ARK Age Prepare Skin Vitality moisturiser :)

  22. Vichy Normaderm is amazing for oily or uneven skin, I get it from Escentual for 9£! Super cheap xx

  23. really want to try these! x


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