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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

nude cleansing oil

nude cleansing oil review swatch photo

I think its well documented how much I like the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel. It's my favourite makeup remover thanks to it's gentle formula and its ease of use. I went to a Nude event last week so I've been giving the Perfect Cleansing oil a whirl ever since. It's an oil cleanser that melts into the skin and breaks down makeup, applied to dry skin and then emulsifies and then water is added to make a milky cleanser. I then wipe off with a clensing cloth for a refreshed clean face, Personally I tend to double cleanse with another makeup remover so my skin is comptley cleansed. I always find oil a little harder to remove from the skin that other forms of makeup remover. So it is worth going over a few times with the cloth to make sure any residue is gone. The Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil isnt as oily on the skin as other cleansing oils I've tried in the past. I feel like it doesnt sit too much on my skin making it feel congested and blocked up. While It does take all your makeup off but it might be worth using another cleanser (for example Bioderma) to go around the eyes to make sure every last scrap of make up is off. As it can get a bit messy around the eyes! It has a nice natural "Nude" smell to it, which is hard to explain unless you've tried the brand! Overall a nice makeup cleanser, but nice being the operative word. I dont love it like I love my Pure Melt Cleansing Gel but it does a fab job and Im sure I'll be using it up. At £28, its not exactly purse friendly either so I don't know. If you like to cleanse with a oil then try this, if you're indifferent then... maybe try something else!


  1. Great review made me second guess buying it :) xx

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  3. Oooh looks good, might give it a try.


  4. I have debating getting this cleanser since I haven't gotten on swimmingly well with the Emma Hardie one. After this review I think I will give the Clarins one a go first!xx

  5. I really love your honest reviews Lily, I was so tempted to try a few nude bits, I definitely will steer clear of this one and maybe choose something else

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  6. Doesn't sound too bad!
    But think i'll stick to my Clarins
    S xx

  7. I love the Clarins pure melt cleansing gel
    and i think ill be sticking to it after this review
    thanks Lily
    Laura x

  8. this sounds lovely but I love the clarins melt cleansing gel too!

    B xx

  9. Looks quite nice but maybe not nice enough for the money! xxx

    Maddy from

  10. Great review! It sounds lovely xx

  11. I really love oil cleansers! They work great on waterproof makeup

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  12. I got this in the kit with the day moisturizer and the ProGenius oil, but I can't say I'm too impressed with the product either. It's nice, definitely, but I'm still more partial to my Ren cleasning balm and the Eve Lom cleanser. Great post! xx


  13. Looks interesting! I love all the Nude products that I've tried, but they're just too damn expensive haha

  14. This is interesting to read actually as I've wanted to try something from Nude for ages but if you don't think it's amazing then I'm not sure I'll bother because it's pretty expensive!

    Louisa's Notebook

  15. This looks great!! :) ♥

  16. This looks great! A bit expensive though, I'm considering trying out the Clarins pure melt cleansing gel now! x
    Amy |

  17. personally i don't think oil cleansers are for me. as i already have pretty oily skin i just don't think adding extra oil would do a whole lot of good for my face. and as it is pretty expensive, i think i'd rather try the clarins pure melt cleansing gel instead as it's had such amazing reviews! :) X

  18. I never heard the name of this product because I will never go for a cleansing milk. I use olive oil to remove a makeup.

  19. This sounds so beautiful.. I love oil cleansers, this would have to be a gift voucher purchase I reckon xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  20. Looks like a gem! Love a good cleanser! spesh when you find it tops your fave already! :)

    Pipp xx


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