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Saturday, 7 September 2013

how to avoid a bad haircut

how to avoid a bad haircut
how to avoid a bad haircut

So if you follow my blog (which you obviously do if you're reading this. I've been harping on and on about how I wanted proper full blonde hair. I was sick of my dark roots and uneven colour and I wanted it lightened and the roots minimised. The long and the short of it is that I basically went into a different salon to where I normally go, told the woman what I wanted, she did my hair and I walked out and I was moderately happy with my hair. Only to get home and realise. NOOOOPE. This is NOT what I wanted. Basically yeah, it was BRIGHT blonde, I liked the lightness but it was way too yellow toned for my complexion and didn't suit my personal style or my eyebrows. I keep getting girls with blonde hair and dark brows saying it's fine, and its not so much the blonde and dark brows, its the tone that makes my brows look even darker than they are. Anyway, A dose of toner later and my hair is in semi presentable fashion but it's getting properly fixed on Wednesday. Im moderately happy with it now, its just too purple at the front and needs some lightness to frame my face a little more. I actually quite like the ashy blonde though!

So I thought I'd give you some thoughts on dealing with a bad hair cut or colour and reassure you that it's not the end of the world. I know someone saying "your hair is going to grow" isn't gonna help you if you're sobbing your heart out but… y'know.

Watch my video above for more tips but the basic just is below!

1. Remember your hair dresser isnt a mind reader
2. Bring in as many photos of what you DO and DONT want
3. Research the hair techniques/terminology you might need
4. Be Honest if you don't like it!
5. Go back and see what they can do about it if you arent happy.
6. Try not to worry!


  1. I could actually really benefit from this video, I rarely leave the hairdressers happily so I always take pictures with me now - love the video! Xx

    thriftyskies | beauty and trends ♡

  2. It's great that you know what suits you. I suppose the barbie look did wash you out a fair bit, but your hair looks great now. The kind of purple bits suits you and I think highlights work well on you because of your complexion.

    I've never had a mishap at the hairdressers because I'm too scared to go to one. But I really wouldn't recommend DIY to anyone.

    Sej || What Would Grace Kelly Say


  3. This is great help, maybe a make up one on how to buy the right foundation?

    Pipp xx

  4. I did adore having white blonde hair but i do think you look so much better now than when it was khaleesi style!

  5. ive always avoided the hairdressers due to bad experiences


  6. I have avoided the hairdressers for about a year now! I never end up really happy with what they've done to my hair :/

  7. You really suit the barbie blonde hair! Love your hair now aswell , the little purple strands are so cute, even if they were unintentional!
    Rachael & Amy xx

  8. Love your new hair it's a lot more you than the really light blonde although that did look nice too :) xx Emmi

  9. I often do this so many times! Most people are scared to go back to have it fixed But you paid for it so it needs to be how your want!


  10. great video!
    really helpful!
    xoxo Rose

  11. Love this So so helpful
    S xx

  12. i love this post - it's such a good idea and so helpful for those who've unfortunately run into a spot of hairdresser trouble... luckily enough i've never had major issues with my hairdresser apart from a couple of incidents where i've wanted a major change in the length of my hair and both times gone a bit too short but that was my own fault for being undecided quite how much i wanted taking off - as you say, they're not mind readers! but i'm really glad you've managed to get yours sorted and it's a really lovely colour! :) X

  13. actually very helpful, i've been avoiding going to the hairdressers as they always cut all of my hair off!!


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