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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

I need you…

review swatch photo

I decided to write very short survey asking you - readers of my blog what you'd like to see in 2014 on the blog. Just so I can get a quick idea of what people like to see on this lil blog of mine! It'll take 2 mins maximum and will obviously be taken into account when Im planning 2014's beauty offerings. It also gives you the chance to request some posts anonymously as I know some people are a little bit funny about doing it publicly (although I actually love getting requests!)
You can access the questionnaire here, Thank you in advance if you fill it in! 

most popular posts of 2013

best beaty posts of 2013
So that's it... the year is up, done and dusted. Over on ETCLLYMLRS, I's been a busy one. I've done a whopping 350 posts on this blog this year, which I think has beat all my previous years running this blog. While I've had a few breaks and time off, an average of one a day is pretty good going. I thought today that I'd show you what posts were the most popular of 2013...

It's a surprise that a post I did only a few weeks ago has drawn in over 40,000 page views, especially in such a short amount of time. I think it might actually be one of my most popular posts I've ever written across both of my blogs since I launched four years ago. It's a little bit mind blowing. I thought a big hair change would probably prompt some curiosity, but nothing like that. I'm not at all taken back by the fact the UK launch date of the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette would be popular. It's been such a hyped up product in general so knowing when it hit UK soil made you all click through. I was not surprised at all to see it in the top 5 of 2013. Another really exciting launch was in the top 6 was the Revlon Matte Crayons. I can see these being huge once they officially come out, and I presume a lot of people will want to refer to my extensive swatching of the range for future reference. Discount RealTechniques brushes didn't come as a shock to me either as I knew that getting those awesome brushes for cheap were definitely going to stir up some interest! Again, another super popular post was the launch of the of Bioderma in the UK. I still think it needs to roll out UK wide, but I filled you in on all the details on where to get the iconic bottles of micellar water and when it would be readily available in the uk.

The shocker for me is how popular the Rimmel Space dust nail polish swatches I did. I liked the polishes but wasn't really overwhelmed by them, but you guys seem to love seeing the swatches, so I guess that's a good thing. Sometimes you just can't predict what will and won't be popular in the blogosphere!

It seems like you guys can get enough of first looks or product launches! I must try and be more on the ball in 20134 bringing you the best and latest beauty news. I'll be back a little later with a link to a survey I'd love if yo guys could fill in. Its just going to be a few questions on what you'd like to see more of on here and what kinda of things you like me talking about!`

Monday, 30 December 2013

top 5 of 2013: misc

Over the last few days of 2013, I'll be covering my top 5 products of the year. I'll be looking at my top 5 picks of skincare, face, eyes, lips, hair & more! Let me know your  top 2013 products from each category in the comments!
review swatch photo

xen tan dark lotion absolute luxe, estee lauder bronze goddess, nailene full cover nails in petite square, origins no puffery*, Real techniques contour Brush

Xen Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe: This is still my self tanner of choice. The perfect not too orange tan that really warms up my olive skin tone without making me look like an oompha loompa. I also really liked the Xen Tan Morrocan Tan for serious deep dark tanning but this one edge over the finish line for me. I stopped fake tanning for winter, Therefore I cant wait to bust this out again! There is nothing I enjoy more than being all glowy and bronzed.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess: Long time readers…How much did I go on and on about this perfume in the summer? It was literally my favourite perfume in the world; therefore I quickly snapped up three bottles of stuff to tide me over till the next summer. The best way to describe it is basically summer in a bottle. Super coconutty, fresh, holiday-y and just oh so warming. Although not very seasonal, I have actually worn this most of the year. It's the dream perfume in my eyes, and I literally cannot get enough of. Roll on summer for Bronze Goddess 2014.

Nailene 200 Petite squares: Although I've stopped wearing nails recently (I have no idea why, laziness probably) My favourite falsies have to be the Nailene Petite Squares. They are really short, wearable and have a "my nails but better" type of look to them. They are short square finish,, so they are only a little bit larger than natural nails and have such a lovely shape. I like that they are so small and perfectly sized for smaller hands and nail beds (like my own) Which means I don't have to spend ages filing them down to get them to fit. Coming in a handy 200 pack means whenever one pings off I can quickly and easily replace them. Hero.

Real Techniques Contouring Brush: I had to include a Real Techniques brush in my favourites, and I decided on the Contour brush. I just felt out of all the RT ones I own that this one was the one I liked the most. The small shape is perfect for sculpting the cheeks or depositing colour on the apples. While I really rave about all the RT brushes this one has been my favourite in 2013.

Origins No Puffery:  My sleeping pattern took a turn for the worse in 2013, so I was left with the puffiest, driest eyes ever. Although soon after discovering No Puffery my eye area calmed down and felt a lot more soothed. I actually keep this in my fridge, so I grab it as Im grabbing the milk for my wake up coffee. Smart.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

top 5 of 2013: face

Over the last few days of 2013, I'll be covering my top 5 products of the year. I'll be looking at my top 5 picks of skincare, face, eyes, lips, hair & more! Let me know your top 2013 products from each category in the comments!
review swatch photo

kevyn aucoin celestial powder, laura mericer silk creme foundation, laura mericer mineral pressed powder, nars gina, kevyn aucoin sensusal skin enhancer

KEVYN AUCOIN CELESTIAL POWDER: I adore this highlighting powder, it really brings a ton of warmth and glow to the face without a hint of shimmer or sparkle. Paired with the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder it creates the perfect contoured cheek (see them in action here) and a duo which has rarely left my cheeks. Super flattering.

LAURA MERICER SILK CREME FOUNDATION: I've probably only used one foundation this year, and that is Laura Mercier Silk Creme. My holy grail foundation. The coverage is probably medium, but can be built up to full. Any marks, scarring, spots are completely covered with a soft natural but luminous finish. To apply I use a Real Techniques buffing brush and a use a pea sized amount to cover my face. Less is more with this foundation!

LAURA MERICER MINERAL PRESSED POWDER: I use this powder in three ways: one as an all over setting power, two to mattify and three as a light base on "no makeup makeup" days. Very soft, bendable and not cakey in the slightest, giving the skin a light creamy glow. I've gone through so many of these over the past year I couldn't put them in my fave 5.

NARS GINA: Nars Gina has been my cheek of choice for the majority of the year. It's the perfect matte earning peach which really set off my skin tone and added so much to my complexion. Unfortunately, this broke a few months ago (because I'd worn it down to pan) so I must go and buy a new one... add to basket... click..checkout.

KEVYN AUCOIN SENSUAL SKIN ENHANCER: This is the thickest most heavy duty concealer on the market, and it brings new meaning to the expression less is more. You really need the tiniest, tiniest amount for full face coverage. I like to use this as an on the spot concealer as it's super heavy duty and covers almost everything. Probably a little too thick for some but great for when you're heavily broken out.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

top 5 of 2013: hair

Over the last few days of 2013, I'll be covering my top 5 products of the year. I'll be looking at my top 5 picks of skincare, face, eyes, lips, hair & more! Let me know your top 2013 products from each category in the comments!

review swatch photo

oribe maximising thickening spray, L'Oreal Ever Riche perfect elixir, Redken Anti Snap, Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil, Oribe dry TEXTURisING spray

ORIBE MAXIMISING THICKENING SPRAY:Designed to give the ultimate in BIG hair. And boy am I talking big. This pre-blowdry spray has been a daily hair saviour since purchase. Packing a serious boost in the volume department, like seriously. I cant even begin to explained it's effect on my hair, but my hair has reached brand new heights I never thought it'd meet since adding this to my routine. While we did have a love hate relationship at first, mainly down to the fact I was unsure of how much to use. It's very easy to over apply, One spray too many and my hair can go from perfect volume to 80's throwback or hair to rival my scene days. I love using this to give my hair a big blown out type of look - Plus the volume lasts right through into the next wash. Dreamy.

L'OREAL EVER RICHE PERFECT ELIXIR: A fuss free spray on hair mask, designed to use in the shower. Ideal for lazy girls like me who cannot be bothered to wait that extra 15-20 minutes for a hair mask to do its job. I generously (and I mean generously!) apply the mask to the ends of my hair after washing and leave for a minute or two before rinsing off. Hydrating and smoothing without a hint of faff. This was actually recommended to me by blog readers, so it's great to hear your product recommend sometimes! The Ever Riche range from L'Oreal is my favourite shampoo and conditioning duo of the year as well, but this edged over the finish line slightly more.

REDKEN ANTI SNAp: I could go on and on about how much I adore this post washing hair treatment. It really worked wonders on my broken, split and seriously damaged ends earlier in the year. I repurchased it about a month ago, and I forgot why I ever stopped using it on the first place. It's the best treatment I've ever used for dry and distressed hair and I throughout recommend checking it out if your in the market for a leave in hair treatment. It works almost instantly and over time can make a HUGE difference to the way your hair looks.

BUMBLE AND BUMBLE INVISIBLE OIL: Packed full of hair friendly ingredients this oil is super lightweight and just the thing for finer hair types. It never leaves my hair greasy, weighed down with frizz perfectly tamed. Spritzed into damp hair then gently combed through it leaves my hair feeling super soft and ready for styling. Great for detangling, fighting flyaways and protecting the hair from the elements. I chose this as a favourite as it's the only hair oil I went and repurchased in 2013. I've tried a fair few this year but have gone straight back to this one.

ORIBE DRY TEXTURISING SPRAY:This is hands down my favourite hair product of 2013. Oribe has really been my hero brand for haircare this year, and the Dry Texturising spray has really set the whole thing love affairoff. I've not used any other hair products (try as I might to find a dupe) that gives a similar effect to this one. Think matte, beachy messiness. It adds just the right amount of get to my hair to have that undone bedhead look without looking like I've just tumbled out of bed. Expensive, but sooo good.

Friday, 27 December 2013

best of 2013: eyes

Over the last few days of 2013, I'll be covering my top 5 products of the year. I'll be looking at my top 5 picks of skincare, face, eyes, lips, hair & more! Let me know your top 2013 products from each category in the comments! 

review swatch photo

bourjois twist up the volume mascra*, too faced natural eye palette*, MAC amber lights eyeshadow, guerlain eyeliner*, charlotte tilbury dolce vita palette

BOURJOIS TWIST UP THE VOLUME MASCaRA: My mascara of choice since the summer. A really awesome lengthening and volumizing formula which has two settings, one designed for length the other for volume. I do find this a bit gimmicky, but I can see the difference between the two settings. I use this as my everyday mascara, as it gives just enough length and curl for daily wear while also adding drama and definition. It also words so well on bottom lashes as it's plastic brush eta right to the root and covers everyday hair.

TOO FACED NATURAL EYE PALETTE: This has been my most used palette of 2013. It's been a staple in my makeup bag because it contains a mix of matte and shimmer shadows (including a glitter, which I don't rate for the record). All the eyshadows are really complimentary and create a ton of looks from day to night. I love gold and shimmery neutrals, so this is right up my street. The small size makes its perfect for travelling and being on the move. It's accompanied me on many trips around the UK and on holiday. A great all rounder neutral palette, I personally prefer it to most of the Naked palettes… Apart from Naked3 which is amazing, but I haven't had it long enough to call it a favourite of 2013!

Amberlights has been a staple in my beauty kit for years and a repurchase for 2014. It's the perfect copper eyeshadow for me and really compliments my eye colour. It's a fail safe shadow for me and its always within reach in my must have MAC quad. Buttery, soft, pigmented and really blend able it's definitely a shade to try if you have before!

GUERLAIN EYELINER: I've pretty much worn this eyeliner daily since I received it. It's one of my favouite eyeliners of all time. It's super black, opaque with a slight gloss which gives really refined slick eyeliner look. I've used it in the majority of y OTD"s this year and it's finally on it's last legs after a year of service. 100% repurchasing this! The packaging reminds me of Old Hollywood, something that wouldn't look out of place on a screen starlet like Marilyn Monroe's dresser. It's beautiful and so luxe. I cant believe I was so indifferent to it in my original review (here) It's completely blown me away over time!

CHARLOTTE TILBURY DOLCE VITA PALETTE: Charlotte Tilbury is my favorite makeup artist so when she launched her makeup line earlier in the yearI knew It'd be a good'un. I picked up the Dolce Vita palette, and I think it's one of my favourite palettes I've used in a long time. This palette is a quartet of stunning warm toned browns, golds and shimmers. They are all powder based eyeshadows but are so creamy, butter soft they almost don't feel like they aren't powder. I found them to be especially pigmented even without a primer. The champagne shade from the palette has barely left my lids!

Thursday, 26 December 2013

top 5 of 2013: skincare

Over the last few days of 2013, I'll be covering my top 5 products of the year. I'll be looking at my top 5 picks of skincare, face, eyes, lips, hair & more! Let me know your  top 2013 products from each category in the comments!
review swatch photo
La Roche Posay effaclar duo, heal gel face*, Indeed Labs pepta bright,  alpha h liquid gold  & Origins Clear Improvement Mask

LA ROCHE POSAY EFFACLAR DUO: I dont elevate things to holy grail very often but this spot treatment has been my real hero of 2013. It's a complete skincare solution that leaves my skin looking clear, smoother and really aids the majority of my skincare woes. I suffer from hormonal and dairy breakouts which tend to get sore and cystic. Effaclar Duo has helped existing breakouts as well as keeping new ones to a minimum. Over time my pores reduced in size and my black heads much less noticeable. Big props to Ruth from A Models Recommends for introducing me to this product as its really been a life saver.

HEAL GEL FACE: I've actually only been using this for about a month or so but it's quickly risen up the ranks of my favourire products in 2013. Since adding to my routine my skin looks plumper, healthier and more hydrated. Packed full of skin friendly ingredients, combined they make a dream team for dry and dehydrated skin. It's super light and nourishing and works wonders as a primer for the face too.

INDEED LABS PEPTA BRIGHt: This is a brightening treament which has transformed my skin from lacklustre to something Im much happier with. It looks less sallow, more radiant with a sort of inner glow. It's really evened out my overall skin tone and helped fade some of my most stubborn scarring.

 ALPHA H LIQUID GOLD: Exfoliators had a chemical revamp for 2013. Long gone are the days of rough scratchy exfoliators (although I do like those, just not for daily use), and long live the chemical exfoliators. Alpha H Liquid Gold was my favourite of the bunch I tried in 2013. It's quite abrasive, so I don't use it too often, probably every other day. But it gives my skin such a fresh beautiful glow the day after I've used it that it's actually unite hard to describe it's effects without trying it first!

ORIGINS CLEAR IMPROVEMENT MASK: This mask is perfect for deep cleaning your skin and drawing out all the nasties that clog up the pores. Containing skin friendly ingredients like charcoal and white clay, it works like a magnet sucking out all the skins impurities. Every time my skin breaks out I like to do a good deep cleanse and then pop this on. It's made a noticeable difference to my blackheads and cheeks area's which often get very congested. It also balances out the oilier areas of my skin, so it's great for combo skin types! I've gone through at least 3 of these this year alone.

best of the beauty sales 2013

best of the beauty sales 2013
This Works dream on (was £12 Now £6)
Xen Tan Dark Delight Gift Set (was £35 now £22) 
Borghese FANGO MUD DELICATO (was £25 now £12)

...And the sales have begun. Im one of those suckers who are drawn into buying full price, then breathe a big ol' huff when I realise something I paid full price for a mere 2 weeks ago is now half price in the sales. None the less here is an edit of some of the things I'd be buying in the Christmas sales if I had some money to spare… maybe ill try and find some pennies! Who am I kidding, credit card at the ready!

From Space NK, I've picked the This Works Dream On Bath Oil. The whole This Works Range does what it says on the tin and this luxe calming bath oil is perfect for those who have trouble relaxing before bed. A few of the This Works Sleep range is in the beauty sales, so I recommend picking those up. I also noticed a bunch of the 100ml Diptyque fragrances were reduced to half price, which Im not sure is a common occourance. My pick is Diptyque Philosyko's, a lovely foggy warming scent. A perfect all year rounder.Another pick would be the I chose the Laura Mercier Body And Bath Duet in Almond Coconut. This scent is hands down my favourite Laura Mercier scent, and the body cream is literally the best smelling thing I've ever had the pleasure of sniffing!

Onto Feel Unique and I've picked the KMS Freeshape Shampoo and Conditioning Tween Duo, I've not tried this, but I really like the KMS Freeshape spray so I'd be interested in giving these two a whirl. £12 for two 750ml's isn't all that bad for premium haircare. I've been interested in the Bourghese Fango range for a while now, and I've seen this in the Cult Beauty Sale. This mask sounds like it's a calming and hydrating mask designed for sensitive skin. From some reviews, I've read about the brand which have been very positive and the fact it's on Cult Beauty is enough to sell it to me. While my pencil fear has pretty much stopped me from being able to use eye pencils, I saw this pack of 6 travel size Urban Decay eyeliners on Beauty Bay. When I've tried these before it got too bad, I really loved them: super creamy and opaque, with staying power to boot. While there isn't a huge saving over at Asos on the Too Faced All I want for Christmas kit, but it's still a good deal. The kit contains five Too faced best sellers including the super hyped popular Too Faced Shadow Insurance.
Sales to Check Out: Feel Unique, Space NK, Boots, Beauty Bay, Cult Beauty

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

christmas day FOTD

christmas day FOTD review swatch photo

laura mercier silk creme foundation in cream ivory, laura mercier mineral pressed powder in real sand, The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in 03*, the body shop shimmer waves in coral*, mac amber lights, guerlain eyeliner*, Bourjois twist up the volume mascara*, topshop gloss ink in cruel*

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I decided to keep my Christmas makeup look true to my usual makeup with a bit of a boost in the form of festive lip colour. I don't like to stray too much from what I usually wear because I like to know I'll look nice in family photos rather than worrying what Im going to look like if my makeup's different. How silly is that? But hey that's the truth!

In started with my usual base combo, Do I really need to go over it? But if you didn't know, a light buffing of LAURA MERCIER SILK CREME FOUNDATION IN CREAM IVORY with LAURA MERCIER MINERAL PRESSED POWDER IN REAL SAND dusted over for a flawless base. Rather than be too bronzed (I forgot to fake tan, but desperately needed a bit of colour) I opted for a soft contour of THE BODY SHOP HONEY BRONZER IN 03. Then moving on to a dusting of THE BODY SHOP SHIMMER WAVES IN CORAL, my new favourite blush. Remind me to talk about this in more depth in the next few weeks, but It's a mix between a blusher and a highlight. I love how warming and subtle it is with a little bit of colour. I kept my eyes my usual style and went with MAC AMBERLIGHTS. This was one of the first MAC eyeshadows I'd repurchased and a must have for my makeup bag. I've worn this so many times as it is the prettiest copper shade to bring to the green in my eyes. Unlucky for me but my much loved GUERLAIN EYELINER is on it's last legs so I HAVE to repurchase it in the New Year. I'll happily admit that it is my favourite eyeliner of the year, possibly all time. An absolute met have if you're a cat flick lover! Lashings of my favourite mascara, BOURJOIS TWIST UP THE VOLUME MASCARA to give my lashes a lovely lengthened look with tons of definition.

And final I wanted to go big on the lips so went with a new lip colour I've been trying, TOPSHOP GLOSS INK IN CRUEL, a deep bloody purple. I accidentally kissed my Grannys cheek when wearing it and she has a kiss mark for ages, I didn't have the heart to tell her! However, it lasted with one application from 10-3 without reapplication. Defintely has excellent staying power when eating or drinking!

What did you use for your festive makeup look?

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

second chance: maybelline bro drama

maybelline brow drama light brown dark brown review swatch photo

maybelline brow drama in dark brown £4:99

I don't often post negative reviews but when I do its when things are really bad. I don't tend to go into beauty products with the highest of hopes (as generally itset's you up for disappointment too much!) but when things really don't live up to their big big claims, then i'll rethink things. I recently reviewed the Maybelline Brow Drama and gave it a sort of so-so review. Loads of people in the comments said they really liked it so I was surprised that I didn't like it when so many people seemed to love it.

While I did admit within the review I think the shade I picked was a little light for my brows. I decided to go to Boots and purchase another just for research purposes. Call me mad, but I guess it's all in the name of blogging! To be honest, I still stand by my initial review, that I don't think it's worth it. But it might not be as awful as I first made out it was, but it defiantly won't give you Cara brows or add "drama" like the name suggests. I think my main issue is with the name, it just doesn't give you "drama".  It's misleading as it's a glorified tinted brow gel. If it was just marketed as a simple brow gel for taming brows then I'd be a lot happier with it.On my brows it doesn't add that much colour if you have dark brows to begin with and I still find they leave my brows slightly crispy looking with a light brown tinge.
Have you tried this product?

Monday, 23 December 2013

My Mascara Wardrobe

best mascara review swatch photo
bourjois twist up the volume mascara* £10.99
bare minerals lash domination* £16.00
L'Oreal Telescopic False Lash Mascara Waterproof £10.99

Applying a slick of mascara in the morning is something even the laziest of girls will apply before leaving the house. A desert island product, A hardcore beauty staple and a product I really couldn’t live without. Currently I have a little mascara wardrobe rotation on the go, stocked full of three formulas. All of which serve a different purpose within my makeup routine.

Everyday: For everyday wear I like something that adds length or volume and try to avoid ones that do both. I think picking either or means that the look can still be natural but also enhance. I tend to prefer lighter mascaras for daily use as they don’t dry the lashes out or make them feel clumpy and dry. My Pick: Bourjois Twist Up The Volume Mascara.
Special Occasion: This is where I go all out with my lashes, Anything labelled volumizing and lengthening fits perfectly under this mascara umbrella. As I want something that adds drama and really perks up the eyes, I love that wide-eyed doll look. The false lash effect without actually wearing lashes. I look out for things like "false lash effect" or "10x lengthening/volumizing", anything that really hypes up a product. They also have to be black...the blacker the better. My Pick: Bare Minerals Lash Domination

Waterproof: It’s always good to have a failsafe waterproof mascara in your beauty arsenal. In my time, I’ve gone through my fair share of waterproof mascaras, Some that I love some that I can’t believe are labelled “waterproof”. Waterproof mascaras are typically a heavier of a formula, which can dry out lashes and clump, They are also a bitch to remove. But perfect for occasions like the beach, hay fever season or gigs I like to use something which isn’t going to give me panda eyes by the end of the night. My Pick: L'Oreal Telescopic False Lash Mascara Waterproof Black.
Whats in your Mascara Wardrobe?

Sunday, 22 December 2013

topshop gloss ink in cruel

topshop gloss ink in cruel review swatch photo
topshop gloss ink in cruel review swatch photo
topshop gloss ink in cruel review swatch photo

Topshop Gloss Ink's are high shine glosses combined with a stain. Think YSL Glossy stains with a much more reasonable price tag. I have the Gloss Ink in the shade Cruel which is a deep dark glossy berry red. As I'm one to shy away from glosses, I thought that I wouldn't like this so much. Yet this Topshop Glossy Ink has grown on me, and in all I really love the look it gives. A really sexy juicy pout which is perfect for winter nights on the town. My only niggle is that its SO easy to over apply these and make them look a bit too overdone (as per first photo). I had to blot my lips and reapply before getting even application, it looked like I'd applied way too much gloss. I also felt they were a teeny bit prone to bleeding, but my lips are terrible for this (hence why I generally wear matte lipsticks!), but a clear lipliner should keep this at bay.

The Skinny- Great budget dupe for the YSL Glossy stains! Other shades from the range include Sloe Gin, Sugar Rush, Smitten & Relentless
Have you tried the Topshop Gloss Inks?

bright eyes

under eye circle bag treatments

origins no puffery: £24*
liz earle eyebright soothing eye lotion : £10.75*
skyn iceland hydro cool firming pads: £25*

The eye area is the most sensitive part of the face. The under eye area is prone to redness, puffiness, dark circle and bags. Sometimes it's hard applying or removing makeup when the area is so sore, I find this is especially hard during the party season. I’m known to going to bed with my makeup on and waking up with very dry, irritated eyes. Even things like the weather, lack of sleep and air con can make my eyes look ropey. Here are a few products to help avoid a puffy, dry under eye area...

After a long day of staring at a computer screen, there is nothing more soothing on the eyes as ice cold under eye roll on. Keep it in the fridge for extra coolness on extra puffy mornings. The yeast extract in ORIGINS NO PUFFERY also instantly puts puffy under eyes in their place and lightens dark circles. Under eye masks are a new thing to me but they have quickly risen up the ranks of my favourite products. I love the SKYN ICELAND HYDRO COOL FIRMING PADS especially. Pop them on as soon as you wake up and after you’re done making a cuppa and having breakfast you’re left with noticeably de-puffed eyes. Getting to work in just 10 minutes you reap the benefits of a cooling eye boost. Great for hangover skin as well as they really hydrate and soothe tired eyes. Lastly, a non oily cooling herbal lotion. LIZ EARLE EYEBRIGHT SOOTHING EYE LOTION tones, cool and refresh tired, puffy eyes. Packed full of dreamy natural ingredients like witch hazel, aloe vera and cornflower. I place two saturated cotton pads onto my eyes and lie back and let them do their magic. You're left with instantly refreshed eyes with a much brighter wide awake look.

What are your de-puffing products of choice?

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Bumble & Bumble Spraychalks

BUMBLE & BUMBLE SPRAY CHALKS review swatch photo

bumble & bumble spray chalks: £15*

Last week I popped along to a Bumble & Bumble event, to talk their new products and have a better look at their SprayChalks. I'd had them applied on me in store a few weeks prior so I was egarly awaiting their event to get a better look. Bumble & Bumble Spraychalks come in four pastel hues and are perfect for adding a bit of quirkiness to your hair. They are dry spray on hair colours, and remind me a bit of those spray on hair colours you can pick up from places like Clarie's Accessories as a kid, but just a little more refined. The pastel colour makes them look a little edgier and less in your face than their lower priced counterparts. Application is simple,  spray in and wash out. I felt they shed quite a lot and I ended up with a lot of residue left on my coat and top but no staining of the hair. While I sort of liked the effect they gave, it looked dry and... chalky. I know it's a hair chalk but it completely dried out my hair, in comparison to the L'Oreal Hair chalks which are the bomb. In all I feel they are massively overpriced for such a small can of hair product that is distinctly average. I can't see them lasting more than a few applications as they are so mini. I don't think they work as well as they could do, and after seeing these sprays in dark hair it just looks like a cake mess. Maybe if they were at a lower price point then I'd be more willing to recommend them, theres nothing wrong with them really. It's a fundamentally average product, looks cool but just way too overpriced.
What do you think of these?

Friday, 20 December 2013

mastering matte makeup

review swatch photo

estee lauder double wear foundation, kevyn aucoin sculpting powder, laura MERCIER mineral powder, Kate Moss matte lipstick, Barry M matte nail polsh, Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray

I’m a matte kinda girl. I like the matte look that is low shine but doesn't look dull or chalky. The perfect time to embrace matte makeup is during the winter months, it was all over the catwalks this season. So ditch the dewy skin and the glossy lips. Heres my picks for mastering matte makeup.

Matte Foundation: I think a big turn off for people when using matte foundation is using too much. Hence why it often looks cakey, dry or mask like. My matte foundation of choice is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, applied lightly with a buffing brush. A little really goes a long way and it gives a stunning flawless matte base without losing any of the glow from within.

Matte Bronzer: The most natural way to contour your face is to use a matte powder a few shades darker than your skin. Most importantly choose a tone that’s going to look natural on your skin. You don't want something too orange or muddy as it won't look natural.

Matte Powder: When it comes to powder again, less is totally more. You want to use a small brush to precisely add powder to the areas your skin needs it. Avoid the cheeks and dust onto the T-Zone. By using a small brush, you’re applying less product and also just adding powder to the areas that get oily.

Matte Lipstick: When it comes to matte lips you want something creamy without being drying. Generally Matte lipsticks don’t fall into that category. Satin like finishes like the Kate Moss Rimmel lipsticks are perfect for this because they are matte but also have a good amount of slip to stop them from looking dry.

Matte Nails: Matte nails are as simple as choosing your favourite nail polish and adding a matte top coat over it. My pick of matte topcoat would be. The Barry M Winter nail collection of Matte polishes is also so on point Essie Matte About You. My personal favourite is Barry M Matte in Espresso, a classic matte black. So chic.
Have you embraced the Matte Makeup trend?

Thursday, 19 December 2013

simple 60's eyes

review swatch photo

estee lauder double wear, kevyn aucoin sensual skin enhancer, kevyn aucoin sculpting powder in medium, keveyn aucoin celestial powder, urban decay naked 3 palette, guerlain eyeliner, Bourjois Twist Up The volume mascara, NYx nude peach fuzz

I've always liked the flawless matte skin and winged eyeliner look, it oozes the Twiggy and the whole 60's look. Which is personally my favourite era for beauty. This has become my go-to look over the last year and while the products change constantly I always go back to this simple 1960's inspired look. Big focus on the eyes, lashings of mascara and finishing it all off with a pretty peachy pink lip. Beautiful & simple and takes me a total of 5 minutes.
What do you think of this look?

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Beauty Oils

how to use Beauty Oils

Clarins Lotus Oil: £24.40*
Caudalie Divine Oil: £24.30*
Ojon Rare Blend Oil: £30*
OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go: £8.50*

If you haven’t tried some sort of beauty oil, then I suggest you hot foot down to your nearest beauty store and indulge. You're really missing out! Beauty Oils are intensely hydrating and create a natural barrier on the skin, perfect for winter battered skin. From head to toe beauty oils are the answer to the majority of winter skin issues.

Facial Oil: Either in the form of a cleansing oil or facial moisturisers. A few drops applied to clean skin, massaged in can work wonders for the most troublesome of complexions. You can also use them as part of a facial massage to get the blood pumping around your face. Cleansing Oils are ridiculously good removing makeup with ease. They break down the makeup instantly and don't dry out the skin like wipe. My Pick: Clarins Lotus Oil

Body Oil: A few drops of body oil applied onto damp skin locks in moisture and leaves you feeling silky smooth. Great for particularly parched areas like the knees or the elbows, and wonderful at giving a TLC to any areas that are looking a bit ropey. They also can be spritzed onto the legs before a night out to give the illusion of glossy, flawless legs. You can also get bath oils, which are delightful as part of a pamper routine. My Pick: Caudalie Divine Oil

Hair Oil: These are where my intrigue for oils started. Hair oils can be used a pre shampoo treatment, left on for 30 minutes and rinsed out. You can use hair oils to tame split ends and flyaways. Or apply prior to blow drying to help make the hair shinier and softer. My Pick: Ojon Rare Blend Oil

Nail Oil: Apply a cuticle oil to the nails before a manicure to help removal of the cuticle. Rub the oil into the nail bed and use a orange stick to gently push back the cuticle. Be careful to remove all the oil residue prior to painting. As oils can stop the polish from adhering to the nail properly. My Pick: OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go 
Have you tried a Beauty Oil?

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

my new hair

llymlrs 2013 hair

hair @ Four London 62 Conduit Street (TEL: 020 7297 9600)

So today I went to go get my hair done. Remember when I had that unfortunate incident with my hair a few months ago? Barbie Blonde. Yeah, I was a bit scared to be honest. I was sick of my old hair for a variety of reasons. Mainly because my base was so warm, whatever I did to it it'd fade back to yellow or to even worse... orange super quickly. No amount of toner or purple shampoo would keep it looking ashy at home. I also noticed I had a huge chunk of hair missing from the back of my head from where the bleach had burnt it off. Everything was just looking a litle ropey and trying to keep up with my hair at home wasnt cutting it anyomore. So I swiftly booked myself in to Four London to get it sorted properly.

How we achieved it:

- My hair was colour bathed with a tint to a light ash brown, similar to my natural hair colour (dark mousey brown) but a little bit lighter. I wanted it to blend nicely, so I didn't have to deal with my epic root growth as my hair grows quickly. My colourist Jenny used a technique similar to ombre to make the whole head really ashy and soft and still kept some of my root original colour.

- Then we have the cut, This is probably the biggest change. I decided last week that I wanted a lot of it cut off. Contrary to popular belief my hair isn't actually in bad condition. I just never bother styling (or running a brush through it), and I like the bed head look so I use products to make it look like that. It's takes a lot of effort to make it look that ratty. While I have had my hair trimmed recently I decided I just wanted to get all the dead ends chopped off, they were doing nothing for my hair look and start again. I haven't had short hair since I was about 16 so taking the plunge and going short again was a huge step. I went an inch shorter than I planned (collarbone length), but I'm happy with the result. I decided to get a blunt cut because I think its a little edgier than choppy ends, I just think it suits me a little more. I also had some shorter layers popped in around the front to frame the face as I like to flip my hair back at the front.

- Next was The tricky part. I had mixtures of highlights, lowlights, balayage, tips and tint to get my hair looking multi tonal and soft. I made super clear wanted my ends to be very blonde but still soft and blended. I kept reiterating that I didn't want to go back to Ombré but did want it to look two distinct tones. We settled on a creamy blonde for the ends because it worked best with the ash base we'd tinted to. I then had some highlights round the front to frame my face. I don't think I've ever had as many foils put in my hair as I have today!

Overall I'm super happy with my hair. I feel like a new woman as awfully cliche as that sounds. I paid for my hair myself, I'd wholeheartedly recommend Four London as a salon. I had my hair done by Jenny and Amy who were both amazing, they listened to what I said and were happy to change things along the way if I wasn't happy with it. It's was one of my best salon experiences ever, and I'll definitely be back in the future for my hair. It was by no means cheap, I scoffed a little bit at the price, but at the same time I'm so happy with the final result, it looks better than I even imagined.

This do is going to take a bit of getting used to, and it's going to be totally different to style. Im thinking upping the texture spray and the root boost powder is the way forward! While I feel like I've given into the blogger hairstyle of the year. So many bloggers seem to have ditched long locks in 2013 in favour of a full thick cropped 'do. Remember when everyone had Ombre hair? Okay I'm partly responsible for that one.

What do you think?



montagne jeunesse clay spa masks*

Sheet Mask's can be quite scary, Im not going to lie. I think when Im wearing them I look like something out of a horror movie. None the less, They are really easy to use and SO easy to clean up after use. I've been giving these Montagne Jeunesse (pronounced Mon-Taun Ju-ness, I went and asked) masks a whirl recently and I thought I'd share some thoughts. All the Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa range are made out of natural bamboo fabric and then infused with various natural clays. They are packed with all natural and poweful ingredients which are all kind to skin. The Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa Masks come in three different formula's Glacial Clay Spa, Red Earth Clay and Dead Sea Mud Mask.

All the masks felt calming and soothing on application so I can imagine them being very nice during an angry breakout. My favourite is the Glacial Clay Spa mask because I found it really cooling on the skin and really tightened my whole face up. Not in a I can't move my face type way but it a way to make my pores look more refined and brighten the skin. My only niggle is they are a bit big for my face, but you can easily just fold them a bit to mild more to your face shape. It doesn't hinder the use of the product at all.

Montagne Jeunesse are a really nostalgic brand for me. They remind me of when I was younger and I used to have sleepovers with my friends, They were our favourite little pocket  money treats. We used to adore the peel of masks or the ones that were chocolate scented. So using these as an adult and an educated beauty junkie it's nice to see they have some strong prodyucts coming through. At only £1.49 it's the perfect budget friendly pamper treat. I used them in my Pre Party Get Ready with me Video if you want an idea of what they look like in action! 

Have you tried Montagne Jeunesse Masks?

Monday, 16 December 2013

X Factor Hair Tutorial Round Up

This post is sponsored by TRESemme Pro Shine
tresemme pro shinereview swatch photo
tresemme pro shinereview swatch photo
tresemme pro shine review swatch photo

So yesterday marked the end of the X Factor and the super talented Sam Bailey won. Althought I was Team Luke I am glad that she won, she is insanely talented and really deserves the boost that winning the X Factor can give. It also marks my last week of doing the TreSemme Proshine X Factor hair tutorials and Im a little bit sad it's all over. It's inspired me to do more hair tutorials over on the blog and be more adventurous with my hair. Although Im getting it chopped tomorrow so styling might be limited. But keep your eyes peeled for some more hair stuff in the future!

For my final post I decided to recreate my favourite look from series and that's the Bridget Bardot look that Zoe did here. Tamera's hair was my favourite in the series with her Disco Hair almost being my favourite but it's not a look I could pull off all the time. To create this look all I did was use a the TRESemme Pro Shine Liquid Texture Mist and blow dried my hair to create a matte dishevelled look. I lightly backcombed my roots for a volumized boost then pulled my hair up into a ponytail. Usuing a medium sized hair doughnut I wrapped the hair around the doughnut and secured with bobby pins. A few spritz's of TRESemme Pro Shine Lasting Hold Hairspray and my hair was done. This is a really cool that look that takes literally 5 minutes to do. it can be as refined or as messy (in my case) as you like but give really cool retro vibes. It's the perfect undo!

The TRESemme are the Digital Hair Partner for X Factor and TRESemme Pro Shine Range is exclusive to Tesco

aerin holiday 2013

aerin MULTI COLOR DUO FOR LIP AND CHEEK red velvet lipstick review swatch photo
aerin MULTI COLOR DUO FOR LIP AND CHEEK red velvet lipstick review swatch photo
aerin MULTI COLOR DUO FOR LIP AND CHEEK review swatch photo
aerin MULTI COLOR DUO FOR LIP AND CHEEK review swatch photo
aerin red velvet lipstick review swatch photo


Aerin Lauder is the granddaughter of Estee Lauder and creator of lifestyle brand - Aerin. The lifestylebrand covers all aspects of beauty, accessories interior and fashion. I've been giving a few of the beauty products a go and here are my thoughts on a few of the items from the Midnight Color Collection.

First I have the Aerin Muli Colour Duo for Lip and Cheek Duo. Consisting of two shades : Warm Gold and Rich Nude it's perfect for sculpting and adding colour to the face, giving a beautiful juicy, peachy look to the face which is super dewy. The texture is unlike any other cream blush I've used, more gel like and incredibly moisturising. Despite it having a lot of slip, it stayed in place all day and didn't go patchy. This has quickly rises up the ranks of my favourite cheek product, and I'm not normally one for creamy cheek products!

Then I have the Aerin Lipstick in Red Velvet, and this is an absolutely dreamy red berry shade. Aerin is more of a neutrals only brand, so Red Velvet was a bit of a shocker in the collection. Densely pigmented, creamy and hydrating there is nothing I can find wrong with this lipstick! It sticks around too- It stained my lips after wearing it which looked quite weird as I did overdraw my lips slightly when I applied it. I need to get out of this habit before I end up looking like Miranda Sings. A little bit eyewateringly pricey for a lipstick but its a very lovely shade and the quality is undoubtably on point.

The lipstick is stunning but admittedly skippable unless you wanted something super luxe. The Aerin Muli Colour Duo for Lip and Cheek Duo is the one though.  Really special and a key item from their Holiday 2013 offerings.
What do you think of these items?
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