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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

I need you…

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I decided to write very short survey asking you - readers of my blog what you'd like to see in 2014 on the blog. Just so I can get a quick idea of what people like to see on this lil blog of mine! It'll take 2 mins maximum and will obviously be taken into account when Im planning 2014's beauty offerings. It also gives you the chance to request some posts anonymously as I know some people are a little bit funny about doing it publicly (although I actually love getting requests!)
You can access the questionnaire here, Thank you in advance if you fill it in! 


  1. just continue doing what you do haha (: xx

  2. Done :) I love your blog how it is!

  3. love your fashion posts! xx

  4. I would love to see some How to style some pieces and you could ask the readers for pieces that they struggle on how to wear... Like light wash jeans, a white blazer, a red blazer,... Just things that people find hard to pair, I know I have a ton of requests!!! :)

  5. Please do more Get-Ready-With-Me videos... Love those!

  6. I know its not really.. the type of thing you do on this blog but maybe some of your favourite bits/parts of your room? Or a pamper video (or post).
    Perhaps some more lifestyle posts?
    Becky xoxo

  7. You've improved a lot this year.. What a 2013!!!
    *so happy*

  8. Just completed it! I struggled with the other kinds of posts I would like to see question as I already love the content you put up here! xx


  9. I actually really like your posts now lol. Not much of a help there but you're really good at blogging daily and i think that's amazing. I personally love your product reviews (even most of them aren't available in my country lol), outfit posts and videos (videos of ANYTHING, i like them all). Maybe more fashion related videos... like how to wear certain things, types of shoes, matching stuff, etc. Happy new year! :)

  10. you have a great blog, just keep doing it the way you do :) xx

  11. That's such a good idea doing a survey! Although remember, it is your blog so don't feel like you have to write about what we tell you too- write about what makes you happy! xx


  12. Great idea, so good to hear bloggers listening to their readers! Will definitely be filling it in :)

    B xx

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