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Saturday, 22 June 2013

ren morrocan rose otto body wash

ren morrocan rose otto body wash review swatch photo
ren morrocan rose otto body wash: £17*

Depsite being a huge REN fan I've actually never tired their body range. I'm a recent covert to rose scented products so when I was offered this I jumped at the change. I really enjoyed the scent of rose, it's slightly oriental which I quite liked. It is a uplifting, relaxing fragrance ideal for winding down in the evenings. The scent is sophisticated and mature but not too strong and despite being rose doesnt have that ''old" smell you can sometimes get with Rose products. Leaves skin feeling soft, clean and fresh. REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash is a massive cult product and I can see why it wins so many beauty awards. It's luxurious and extravagant and not something I could see myself buying in the future but it would make a lovely gift. As with all REN products this doesn't contain and nasties so is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Friday, 21 June 2013

how much is your face worth? 2

how much is your face worth
Clarins Instant Smooth Primer (£26), Laura Mercier Radiance Primer* (£18.50), Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation (£33), Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.99), By Terry Touche Velouttee (£35), Bourjois Maxi Delight Bronzer (£8.99)*, Laura Mercier Mineral Powder (£32), Chanel Emerveille Illusion D'Ombre (£24), MyFace Eyeliner (£6.99), Chanel Volumes Des Chanel (£24), Hourglass Riviera (£23), Hourglass Arch (£26) = £262.47
I did one of these a while ago and thought I'd do another as it's been a good year since I did the last one. I change my makeup quite often at the moment and I've noticed that I've been using a lot more high end things than I used to. If you havent seen this tag before the basic gist of the tag (if you couldn't guess) is to list all the products you use on your face and then add them up to get the price of all the products you use. I think if I totted up all the prices of the skincare, treatments and all the other things I use on my face on a daily basis, one can only imagine how high that would be! Considering I actually bought most of the items I've worn I feel super guilty looking at all that money I spent on makeup... Maybe I need to do a budget version of one of these! How much is your face worth?

Thursday, 20 June 2013

balmi cube

balmi review swatch photo
balmi review swatch photo

Balmi has come out with a new cube shaped lip balm. These little bad boy's are packed full of natural goodness contains antioxidant-rich Vitamin E, soothing Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil and are also SPF15. I've been very loyal to my "old shape" rounded Balmi and I use it on a regular basis. The coconut one smells and tastes like an absolute dream, not too over powering and not too synthetic. As a big coconut fan it's right up my street. Balmi leave lips are left super soft, moisturised and fresh. The unique shape means you don't have to get all unhygienic and use your fingers which is awesome. Dippy products make me cringe a little (spreading bacteria!) so being able to apply straight from the pot makes this quick and hygienic. These can be picked up from Boots or online and come in a variety of flavours. My personal favourite is this one and the Raspberry.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

No7 Extravagant Volume Waterproof Mascara

No7 Extravagant Volume Waterproof Mascara review swatch photo
No7 Extravagant Volume Waterproof Mascara review swatch photo
No7 Extravagant Volume Waterproof Mascara: £12*

I got this No7 Extravagant Volume Waterproof Mascara from a Boots Summer press event and didnt really think too much of it at first. I used it a few times but decided to give it a people whirl in preparation for my holiday. I need a decent waterproof mascara to wear in the sun and while lounging around the pool. Yes Im one of those people that wears makeup on holiday!

The mascara itself is in a small stubby little container and has a thick plastic wand. I found the brush easy to use and it coated my lashes with minimal effort. No7 Extravagant Volume Waterproof Mascara that it lasts all day with no running or smudging and I don't find it migrates or flakes off during the day. While I've not tested it's waterproof-ness extensively (i.e in a swimming pool) it has survived my last few weeks of hayfever hell without going all over my face. The formula is great for volume building and gives that false lash effect but can get a little clumpy if you over apply. Depends how you feel about spider lashes, Admittedly I'm a fan so that isn't too much of an issue with me. It reminds me a little of the Clinique High Impact Extreme Mascara in formula and wand.

I do really like this and don't think it's too badly priced for a highstreet/drugstore mascara. Like I said it's very similar to the Clinique one and gives similar same results for a few pounds less. We all know Im a bit of a n00b when it comes to applying mascara but it was suprisngly easy to use this one! I'll have to report back on it's effectiveness in a swimming pool once I get back from my Holiday!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Laura Mercier Lip Crayon in Mayan Sun

Laura Mercier Lip Crayon in Mayan Sun review swatch photo

Laura Mercier Lip Crayon in Mayan Sun is as the name suggests a lip pencil. Much like the Clinique Chubby sticks and the other dupes on the market for the infamous tubby lip tubes. TThe formula is very hydrating and glossy, while being smooth pencil which gives good opaque coverage on the lips. Mayan Sun is a pretty orangey shade with some nude undertones, Perfect peachy pink with a little more orange than your average coral lipstick. The formula is very buildable so you can change it depending on how opaque you want it to look. The texture is lovely, super soft and glides onto the lips with ease. It wears comfortably and is super easy to use. This is limited edition with the Laura Mercier Folklore collection so get your mitts on it before it's gone for good!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

may beauty favourites

review swatch photo

Kleenex Facial Cloths, Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, Nars Gina, Laura Mercier Radiance Primer, Bourjois Maxi Delight Bronzer, Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Emervielle, Hourglass Rivera, Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers

Gosh, I havent posted on here for far too long! Ooops! Currently in the process of sorting that out scheduling posts for when Im away next week but here are my favourite beauty products for the month of May. A few new bits and some products I cant imagine living without. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

NOTD: essie fiji & opi rainbow connection

NOTD: essie fiji & opi rainbow connection review swatch photo
NOTD: essie fiji & opi rainbow connection review swatch photo
NOTD: essie fiji & opi rainbow connection review swatch photo
NOTD: essie fiji & opi rainbow connection review swatch photo

I havent worn glitter nails in a long time now, but the other day I reached for a ol' favourite and whipped up a new glitter combo. Essie Fiji has been gracing my nails a lot recently, basically a pink version of my favourite nail polish - Models Own Utopia. It's an opaque creamy pink which looks lovely on my skintone. It has one of the Essie Diffusion line brushes and applies like a dream. OPI Rainbow Connection is a clear polish packed full of rainbow coloured glitters. This was from the OPI Muppets collection and I think it's still available, although there are dupes of it left right and centre these days! Simple but effective. Love it!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Glam Glow

Glam Glow review swatch photo
Glam Glow review swatch photo
Glam Glow: £50

Glam Glow has been on my radar for a while and I have used a few samples of it in the past to get a feel for the product. Last week I finally committed to a full size version. This was something I thought long and hard about because it retails for whopping £50. I've always stood by the fact I've thought Glam Glow is amazing. Although at first I admit I was skeptical  of the mud mask because of the super high price tag and the big hype surrounding it. None the less the tea infused mask worked like a dream for me. 

It's a harsh exfoliating tingling mud mask which leaves the skin feeling so fresh, bright and clear after use I always cant stop touching my skin. It sets absolutely rock solid on the face and it does feel slightly uncomfortable. However after 15 minutes and a nice wet flannel I removed the mask to reveal super bright, clear exfoliated skin. I was actually shocked how different my face looked after one use, the texture was so different! Once removed it leaves my skin looking smooth, soft and bump-less while also being brighter and lighter. I only apply it on my t-zone as it saves on product and targets the areas I get congested the most and the high price tag makes me not want to waste it.

While I dont think this would be suitable for more sensitive skintypes as it is very harsh on the skin I personally adore it for special occasions or times when my skin is really in trouble. It is expensive but it's a very instant satisfaction type of mask. In terms of results it's similar to very high priced facials I've had in the past, so maybe it's worth it! You get about 4-5 uses out of a pot, which isnt all that much really, but used once a month or sparingly you can get a fair few uses out of it. Not one for everyone I dont think but if youre feeling flush and want similar results to a facial then I'd reccomend giving this a whirl. You can get smaller tubes of this and a half size if you wanted to try it before committing to full siz

Monday, 3 June 2013

Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Riviera

Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Riviera review swatch photo
 Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Riviera review swatch photo
Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Riviera: £23

This peachy pink loving girl has finally converted to a classic9-ish) red. The last few weeks I've been rocking a red lip for some unknown reason. I've gone through a few products but my favourite has to be this little genius in a tube. The Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Riviera came into my life when browsing the halls of Space NK. Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Riviera is a bold suped up lip lacquer which offers opaque coverage in one layer. Smooth, easy to use and you can apply easily straight from the tube. There are few words to describe it apart from beautiful and perfect. A great orange toned red which really compliments my skintone and is the perfect statement lip. On my lips these lasts for ages and are perfect for a night out. At £23 they are hardly cheap, but you really wont be disappointed.
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