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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Alien Eau Extraordinaire Thierry Mugler

Alien Eau Extraordinaire Thierry Muglerreview swatch photo

Thierry Mugler Alien is another iconic perfume that I've never got around to trying out. I don't know why because pretty much everyone I know has something to say about the cult fragrance. Recently I got sent Alien Eau Extraordinaire, a new chapter in the Alien story with a new message. Designed to be uplifting, joyful and happy - charged with positive energy. 

The new fragrance is a blend of neroli and bergamot tea notes enriched with Tiare flower and the deep notes of white amber. All of these notes are things that I personally love in a fragrance. It feels elegant and exotic, all while being deep warm and sensual thanks to the white amber notes.

I have to say I really liked this scent. It smells very spiritual and uplifting with a sort of boost to my mood once spritzed. It has an energising and peppy quality to it which is surprising considering the notes as I'd take them to be more sensual and deep. While I've not tried the original Alien,  I cant compare but I'll take the industries word for it. I must make a mental note to give it a whirl sometime!

Do you like the sound of this?

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

are blogging networks worth it?

Now I’ll start this off by saying I’m not overly familiar with Blog Networks outside of the two I've been a part of (Handpicked Media and Glam Media). They aren't a new thing in blogging, They seem to have popped up everywhere within the beauty and fashion community in 2014. Becoming the new go-to between brands and blogs. As a new blogger, I totally see how daunting it is working with this people who seem to speak in an alien language can be. PR is a whole new world to most people, and admittedly it’s one of my least favourite aspects of blogging. Blogging networks are intended to be the middle man between brands and bloggers. Promising things like sponsored posts, samples and event invites - Sounds great huh!. But all the while I do ponder the benefits of being in a blogger network and if it really comes to anything at the end of the day. 

I had a little spat (well I say spat, it was really nothing) on Twitter about a new blogging network. Not over what they do - I do think its a great idea in principle - but I’d noticed they’d actually bought about 23,000 of their twitter followers. I mentioned it to warn other bloggers and brands alike because it's misleading. The social media practice and apparent flippant nature towards buying followers of this particular one that's rubbed me the wrong way. How could you trust someone who is misleading to potential brands & bloggers by making them seem like they have a bigger following than they do. It’s misleading and unprofessional, and I'm not even going to go into their rude replies to me.

I see why these networks are so appealing to new bloggers. Being promised what is now a lot of people’s end game in blogging - free things, events and money. But I cant help but feel that the reality of Blog Networks are not like that. I get why bloggers join, its free, and you think “oh well, no harm in trying” as you may or may not get something out of it. But even so, you’re signing up your details to something without thinking about the consequences. You have to remember they are going to be using your blog credentials to get brands interested in their network in the first place! So if they are going around ruffling the feathers of influencers and being sneaky, how can you trust them to help you?

I do understand the pro’s of Blog Networks, they sound like they could be great for new bloggers looking for guidance and brands to work with. I’ll take a wild stab and say the majority of blogging networks are legit and do try their best to get brands involved. It's just really worth thinking about if it will actually benefit you as a blogger at all. I do feel that working with PR's directly is much better as you're building a relationship with a person, but trying to connect with those people in the first place is pretty hard! It's very obvious, but brands and PR’s don’t have infinite budget for samples; there will never be enough samples to give every single blogger something. So how exactly is it measured who gets what within a network? I'd be very interested to know how fair networks when it comes to dishing out things because naturally they'll want to get the best coverage for their items so choose the bloggers with the larger followings. From my own experiences as part of Handpicked Media and currently part of Glam Media, they both promise the world but in reality it is not all that great.

Anyway, I've gone off on a tangent , but I really want to stress the importance of being careful what you sign up of and give your details to. While it might seem innocent and that it doesn’t matter, data is valuable on the internet. You never know what will be done with your data once you sign up for something. Just be smart and cautious.

As I have no real experience with blogger networks, I’d love to know some personal stories about the ones out there if you have any. Have you got any benefits from joining any of them in the form of review items, sponsored posts and events? Do you feel like they are helpful or valuable to your blog? Please let me know in the comments!

La Roche Posay Lovin'

La Roche Posay Cicaplast B5 Balm* & La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + review swatch photo

La Roche Posay Cicaplast B5 Balm & La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo +*

Flashback a few weeks ago and my skin hated me. Spotty, scabby and quite frankly a mess. I've been using a combo of two La Roche Posay products to bring my skin back from looking like I'd contracted the plague to hydrated, plump and (relatively) spot free. La Roche Posay is a skincare range that I literally cant fault, Everything I’ve tried from the brand just works. From their cleansers to their spot treatments, it just plain and simple works. However my personal dream team come in the form of two LRP classics and today I'll be chatting you through them.

I cant live without is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, which has now been reformulated and rebranded as La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo Plus +. I talked about recently and said I’d get back to you lot on my thoughts and I have zero problems with it at all. It’s like a souped up Effaclar Duo (Which I hear has been discontinued!) I’ve noticed noticeable scarring reduction and red marks going within a few days. This stuff is seriously good for problem skin and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Then I added the La Roche Posay Cicaplast B5 balm into my routine. I remember reading some where that it was good for healing  the skin. As I had these awful scabby post spot patches everywhere I needed hydration and healing power in one product. It's athick cream which I use as a overnight treatment all over my face. A bit like a face mask, I'd cover my whole face and go to sleep. Every morning my skin would look better and better and much fresher. My scabs soon healed and I was left with plump smooth skin. It's a great all round product which can be used on elbows, hands and lips. I do think it's a little TOO thick for my combo skin so I have started using it sparingly, but when I was in Paris I picked up La Roche Posay Cicaplast which is a more serum like texture and much lighter on the skin.

Have you tried anything from La Roche Posay?

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

fix it : makeup mistakes

how to fix makeup mistakes

Lets face it, none of us are perfect. I’m always making mistakes when doing my makeup. From clumpy eyelashes, getting mascara on my nose, smudging my lipstick and to weeping over my concealer crease lines. I've decided to do a few "makeup mistake" fixes. Split into two categories : quick fixes and stop it. One is how to fix the mishaps on the spot and then the other is to prevent them in the first place. I'm splitting this into two posts so in a week or two I'll pop up some more. For now here are 4 makeup fast fixes!

Smudged Lipstick

Quick Fix: Take a damp cotton bud and lightly trace around the lip line. Alternatively take a flat concealer brush with concealer or foundation on and run it around the outside of lips. This will quickly correct any bleeding or smudges around the mouth and clean up the area at the same time.

Stop it: If you’re finding your lipstick is bleeding into fine lines around your lips, I recommend using a lip liner or a lip primer. By using a lip liner around the lips, this will create a barrier around the lips so the lipstick won't feather. It’s also worth noting that matte lipsticks are less likely to bleed than other formulas so if you’re really having issues then go matte!

Too much Blush

Quick Fix: Take a clean powder brush to buff off the excess in small circular motions. Try not to blend the colour with the same blush brush over the cheek area in an attempt to sheer it out as it can apply even more colour. By using a clean brush, you can use small circular motions and work slowly to blend it out.

Stop it: Choose a good quality blush brush that doesn’t pick up too much colour in the first place. Always start off by applying a small amount of blush and blend it out. It’s much easier to apply product that remove it once it’s on the face. So always think "less is more!" when it comes to applying makeup. Another top tip is to tap off the excess off before applying it to the face, or even dab it onto the back of your hand. This will soften and sheer out the colour before popping it on your face.

Concealer Creasing

Quick Fix: Tap out any creases in the concealer with a clean ring finger, then apply a light dusting of powder to set to concealer under the eyes. I like to use a small fluffy powder brush (eye blending brushes are awesome here) to add a little powder, try not too add too much as it can look cakey! A small brush will minimize this!

Stop it: Try prepping the eye area with a good eye cream or moisturiser before applying concealer. This is a key step so try not to apply too much. A light wash is more than enough, wait for it to sink in then add concealer. Make sure you pick a concealer suitable for your skin type as well, drier skins will benefit more from creamy concealers, but then thicker textures can look cakey. It’s worth shopping around for the right one for your needs.

Clumpy Mascara

Quick Fix: Take a clean mascara wand or mascara brush and comb through the lashes to brush out and remove clumps of mascara. Wiggle back and forth from the base of the lashes to try and separate out the lashes.

Stop it: It is really hard to remove mascara once you reach the point of no return, so it’s important to make sure your mascara brush doesn't have too much product on to begin with. Start at the base of the lashes and move back and forth up the lashes. Try not to over apply mascara, I know how tempting it is to add and add more layers. Additional layers can cause clumps and the lashes to stick together. If your mascara is still really clumping then maybe it's time to get a new mascara. As they get older they dry out and become harder to apply, so changing your mascara every few months will help prevent this.

Do you have any makeup fix tips?

Monday, 24 February 2014

illamasqua glamore collection

illamasqua glamore collection lips nail polish review swatch photo
illamasqua glamore collection lips nail polish review swatch photo
illamasqua glamore collection lips nail polish review swatch photo
illamasqua glamore collection lips nail polish review swatch photo
illamasqua glamore collection lips nail polish review swatch photo
illamasqua glamore collection lips nail polish review swatch photo
illamasqua trilliant nail polish review swatch photo
illamasqua trilliant nail polish
illamasqua fire rose nail polish  review swatch photo
illamasqua fire rose nail polish
Illamasqua Marquise Nail Polish review swatch photo
Illamasqua Marquise Nail Polish
Illamasqua Soaked  Lipstick review swatch photo
Illamasqua Soaked Lipstick
Illamasqua Glissade Lipstick review swatch photo
Illamasqua Glissade Lipstick
Illamasqua Luster Lipstick review swatch photo
illamasqua luster lipstick
illamasqua glamore collection lips nail polish review swatch photo

illamasqua glamore lipstick : £*
illamasqua shooting star nail polish : £*

I had at the absolute honour of meeting Illamasqua founder Alex Box a few days ago to talk the new Illamasqua Glamore Collection. Inspired by 1920’s showgirls the Glamore range might be Illamasqua’s most tame launch to date. Listening to customer feedback, they have decided to launch six new more “mainstream” products.

First we have three glitter nail polishes. Alex described the nail polishes as “adult glitter” - Not your average nail glitter but something that was really multifaceted with tons of layers. I can totally see where she’s coming from as the three polishes in the collection are packed full of different shapes and sizes of glitter to give a full coverage opaque look. Not so much glitter topcoats but definitely in the statement nail category.

The key product in this launch are the Glamore lipsticks. These are going to be a new formula added to the Illamasqua lipstick range, they aren’t matte but have a slight sheen to them. They are creamy and highly pigmented with much easier application compared to the original lipstick formula from Illamasqua. I found the original formula was too matte, and it in turn quite hard to apply.

Illamasqua Luster is a super vibrant cool toned pink. In your face and super bright this will work so well with the neon trend I talked about here. It's richly pigmented and applies so smoothly, it has a decent shine and sits comfortably on the lips. Illamasqua Glissade is a bright berry shade. It's quite sophisticated but also has a really nice edge to it. Again this is smooth and pigmented and feels lovely on the lips. And finally my favourite of the bunch Illamasqua Soaked. A beautiful orange toned coral red, so bright and in your face and just works perfectly into my classic look. Once again no complaints formula wise. It's hydrating the lips, but not drying either.

I have to admit I thought it was a very tame launch for Illamasqua but still with Illamasqua's trademark edge. Alex did mention how it’s going to open up a whole new audience to Illamasqua. Which is true as they are known for their slightly more crazy launches. Alex even talked about an Illamasqua nudes collection launching later in the year. Is this a turning point in Illamasqua and going more mainstream? I doubt it - but it’s definitely a brand that's quite daunting to your average customer. I think it’s great they’ve listened to the “make more wearable” items feedback. Not a lot of brands listen to the customer and they have. Kudos to Illamasqua.

What do you think of this collection? Launches online from the 27th Feb

Sunday, 23 February 2014

elegant touch express nails

elegant touch express nails review swatch photo
elegant touch express nails review swatch photo
elegant touch express nails review swatch photo

elegant touch express nails empty hearts :£7.99

When I was browsing Boots a few days ago, I realised that the Elegant Touch Express nails had gone on sale. That one slipped right past me! I talked about them briefly in a sneak peek post a few months ago so you can check here for all the essential deets so I’ll just get straight into a review. Because that's all you really want to know right, if they are good or not!

To apply the Elegant Touch Express Nails all you do is size up each nail, peel back the glue tab and press down for a few seconds. It’s SO easy and takes about 5 minutes to do all your nails. Now I’ll be honest - The they didn't work that well for me. They did last one and a bit days which is longer than any other pre-glued nails I’ve tried in the past. Normally they ping off within the hour! Despite this they feel nice to wear though, lightweight, bendy and don't have a really stiff rigid feel to them.

Despite their longevity issues, I really like they and I can definitely see myself using these in nail emergencies, and whenever I need an on to the go mani fix. I kinda wish they weren’t pre glued, but at the same time I can see why they are designed like this. They are so quick and mess free to apply - Perfect for a mini cab mani like Jameela Jamal explained to me. I reckon if I just picked the pre glued tab off and used my own, it’d work much better for me. The pattern range from the Elegant Touch Express Nails Collection is something else. There are tons of different patterns and styles to suit every taste and compliment any outfit. They retail for £7.99 and are available in Boots.

Do you think you'll be trying these?

Saturday, 22 February 2014

alpha h hero products

review swatch photo

Alpha H Balancing Cleanser*
Alpha H ABSOLUTE Eye Complex*
Alpha H Liquid Gold*

I’ve been an Alpha H Liquid Gold fan for a while, and I was recently sent some other products from the Alpha H range to give a whirl. The three products are well known in the Alpha H range and cult classics within the beauty industry. I know Liquid Gold is very much talked about in the blogging world but I havent heard an awful lot about the rest of the range.

The Alpha H Balancing Cleanser is really lovely to use, it takes off all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I've been using it as a first cleanse in the morning as it's great at refreshing the skin in the morning and leaving it nice and clean. It’s a creamy formula which leaves my skin feeling cleansed without stripping the skin of moisture. I really like this as it's perfect for my combo skin, especially as its learning towards the dry side at the moment. The Aloe Vera in this makes me skin feel soothed. Then I used the Alpha H Absolute Eye Complex. Im not sold on eye cream really, but I have to admit I really liked this. I’ve been developing darker and darker circles recently, and I really think I’ve noticed a difference since adding this to my routine. It feels very nourishing and sinks in quickly. I've noticed my concealer creases less, and it doesn't look as cakey on the under eye area.

Then we have the my personal hero product of the Alpha H range... Liquid Gold - a Glycolic Acid exfoliating toner which is an absolute dream to use. It’s hard to explain the effect without actually trailing it because it’s hard to describe. Used as an overnight treatment It just leaves my skin feeling incredibly glowy and fresh. It gives visible results and within a week I noticed my skin looking clearer and less scarred. It’s an absolutely must have product from the Alpha H range. I've done a full review on the product here if you want more details on it, but to be honest it's just fantastic and I highly recommend it!

The Alpha H range is available from QVC for a much cheaper prince compared to other online stores. The three products talked about here have a retail value of £91 but are on QVC on the 24th if you wanted to bag a bargain!
What do you think of these?

How to Look Awake

How to Look awake review swatch photo

revlon skinlights, rimmel scandaleyes pencil*, boots eyebrightening mist*, estee lauder double wear concealer,* origins no puffery*

Okay so lets face it probably ABOUT 80% of us don't get enough sleep. Resulting in tired puffy eyes, lacklustre looking skin and generally looking a bit rough around the edges. I for one am terrible when it comes to going to bed... there are just so many things to watch on Netflix! Therefore I spend most mornings trying to cheat the fresh faced and awake look. Heres my guide to faking getting those 8 hours when in reality you binge watched three series of Gossip Girl in a week.

In Eye Treatments

Possibly the scariest beauty related thing apart from curling your eyelashes. If your anything like me and hate anything being near your eyes then it's a pretty traumatic experience.  But special eye brightening drops help to counteract any redness and give that bright eyed look. I was sceptical (read: terrified) but over time I just got used to adding a few drops. I then eventually found the Boots Eye Brightening Mist which has been a life saver. A few spritz's and your eyes feel soothed and brighter, without the traumatic eye drop experience!

Under Eye treatments:

Pop on a cooling under eye mask or roll on to sooth and calm the under eye area. I did a whole post on cheating bright eyes here, but I love using Origins No Puffery. I keep mine in the fridge - so as I stumble into it to get the milk for my triple espresso latte I can grab it at the same time. A DIY trick would be to use cold tea bags. Chamomile tea - for example is great as its got a host of anti-inflammatory properties.


I should really call this category ALL THE RADIANCE BOOSTERS. Chances are if you haven’t got enough sleep them you’re going to have to faux some inner glow. Think radiance primers, under eye reflective concealers and illuminating powders. Another makeup tip would be to line the eyes with a nude eyeliner. It’s less harsh than white, but also will counteract any redness and give you that wide awake look. Going without saying

How do you cheat looking awake in the morning?

Friday, 21 February 2014

camera ready makeup

camera ready makeup

Although Party Season is over and done and dusted for another year, but the likely hood of being snapped on a night out is a pretty likely occurrence. My friends seem to love snapping a photo on a night out, and I’ve seen countless snaps of myself on friends pages that I’d rather not see. Even an Instagram filter or two couldn’t save these snaps. Thank god for that untag button! Here are a few of my top tips for camera ready makeup.


Whenever I go on a night out I always use a SPF free foundation. Camera flashes pick up on the white from a chemical in most SPF formulas which shows through in photos. If you don’t want to look like Casper the Friendly Ghost, then I’d 100% recommend avoiding SPF on a night out. Check your favourite foundation for it, but in my experience most of them contain it. Some notable examples of SPF free foundations include the Illamasqua Skinbase.

Careful with concealer:

Also remember to make sure your concealer matches your foundation and not to go heavy on under eye reflectors. We’ve all see those photos of celebs with their under eyes reflecting the light too much and looking like a reverse panda. Not a good look, so be careful. The base is the thing to focus on when thinking of camera ready makeup.

Gloss Off:

While Kim K has got the super glossy glam pout down to a tee. Super glossy lips can look garish and over the top when flash goes off. Nobody wants to look like their lips are covered in goop, so opt for softer matte formulas. This photographs much better and looks a lot less flattering. My picks are the Topshop Lip Sticks and Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks.

easy on the Brows:

So many times I see photos of me out where my brows look like they’ve been drawn on with Sharpie. I have (relatively) well groomed brows but need a little bit of help along with shaping them to how I like them. Avoid eyebrow pencils and opt for a soft powder instead of a harsh pencil. Work lightly and precisely filling in the areas that need to be filled in.

stay in the T-zone:

Keep an eye on your T-zone, there's nothing worse than looking like a shiny mess tagged in someone you barely knows Facebook photos. Either use oil blotting papers, or a small brush and your favourite powder and apply to the areas that need to be blotted. You can avoid the areas like the tops of the cheeks and the bridge of your nose for a natural dewy look.

Do you have any camera friendly makeup tips?

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe : Full Report

This post is sponsored by Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe

Day One (casual) , Day Two (creative), Day Three (Classic), Day Four (glamour)

So that's it! Another season of me doing Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe done and dusted! Now I have to get back to doing my own hair! This year was an absolute blast just like last season and I was so happy to be asked back to do the project. I think since getting my hair cut short again I haven't really experimented much with my hair much since getting it all chopped off at the end of the year. Even so my hair has grown a considerable amount since getting it cut off and I'm due another trim soon! My favourite look from my Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Autumn Winter 14 would have to be the Casual one, I know it's super simple but the little bit of texture to the ballerina bun gives the look a little something else that you don't normally get with a topknot. It's like a messy fallen ballerina look and so cute. 

Below are my show reports of the AW hair looks created by Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Global Hair Ambassador Mark Hampton. It was so great to go backstage and get to see what it's like backstage at shows. I've been doing them for a few seasons now and it's always my favourite part of the process. It's really shocking how many people are involved getting models prepped and ready for the runaway. I counted four people doing a ponytail on one girl at Matthew Williamson!

Matthew Williamson

matthew williamson backstage show report hair makeup

The look for Matthew Williamson was a departure from the style Mark normally creates for the models at the MW show. While still uber sleek, glamorous and slick, this year they opted for a high shine low ponytail. It was sophisticated, chic and really glamorous.To get the look the hair was prepped with Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Prep Protecting Mist and blow dried in. The hair was parted in the centre and smoothed into a low ponytail. A long length of elastic was used to create a elongated hair tie and give the hair a bit of shape. Then the ends were straightened out even more to keep everything super clean. Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Classic Shine Serum was then used to give the hair a high gloss glass finish and create a difference of texture between the ponytail and the rest of the hair.

Vivienne Westwood

vivenne westwood backstage show report hair makeup

As with all Vivienne Westwood shows, the hair look is vintage with a twist. The look was heavily inspired by British Heritage with an unruly edge. Mark described the look for the show as “Marilyn Monroe come Indiana Jones” Which is different but you can totally see what he means. The hero product for this look was the Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Glamour 3d Volumiser. The hair was prepped and then curled with a 1inch tong and pinned to set. The hair was brushed out in random sections and pinned and twisted to create a retro glamorous look.

Ashley Williams @ Fashion East

 ashley williams backstage show report hair makeup

Backstage at Fashion East was the busiest show I’ve ever done. I literally didn’t get a look in edge ways as it was so overwhelmingly packed! At one point I had to stand on a chair to get out the way of a bunch of models trying to get back into the dressing room for the show. It was mental. The look for Ashley Williams show was flat ironed within an inch of your life hair. Very glossy, tamed hair without a kink in sight. The Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Casual Radiating Tropical Elixir was used to tame fly aways, keep the hair looking sleek and glossy.

Louise Alsop @ Fashion East

louise alsopp backstage show report hair makeup

The look for this show was unlike anything I’d ever seen before in my years of doing LFW. I kept hearing Mark say “this is too neat” pulling out plaits and roughing the hair up over and over again! The looks were grungy and lived in and the hair reflected that in a high fashion way. Everything was super slick, textured with and almost wet like look to it. Not the most wearable of all the hair I’d seen, but certain ally very creative and worked perfectly with the outfits. It had really skateboarder, raw vibes to it which I thought was fun, although lets face it matted greasy plaits aren’t every ones thing! 

Helen Lawrence

helen lawrence backstage show report hair makeup

The hair for Helen Lawrence was also really smooth and slick with the majority of the models rocking a side parting with hair tucked back behind one ear. I thought the look was really stunning, simple and wearable. It worked so well with the creatively cut out knitwear.


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

toni&guy hair meet wardrobe : glamour

This post is sponsored by Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe
toni&guy hair meet wardrobe : glamour

So today was the last day of LFW and the last day of my Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe she-bang. And boy did we go it with a bang. I wanted a super glamorous blown out look with a bit of a nod to the 60’s to match my outfit.

Now I could try and explain how they actually did this style on my hair, but I have no idea. It was basically made with a small round brush and the sections heated, curled and pinned into place. Then cooled down and brushed out. The technique for blowing out your hair is completely beyond me, so I really have no idea how to do it correctly!

The hero product from Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe for this look is the Glamour 3D Volumiser. It’s the most recent addition to the Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe range, as a result I was keen to learn more. Which I first saw in action backstage at the Vivienne Westwood show and was very keen to see how it’d work on my own hair. It really boosts the hair at the root, plumping it up to give a full voluminous look.
What do you think of this look?

Monday, 17 February 2014

toni&guy hair meet wardrobe : classic

This post is sponsored by Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe
review swatch photo

Inspired by the super sleek glossy hair at the Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe sponsored show - Matthew Williamson - For today's look we decided to go with a really straight sleek 'do. Mark Hampton created a look that was a real departure from the usual Matthew Williamson hair style (think super sleek blow dry). Instead opting for a ponytail to add a little twist, all the while being super wearable. I'll go over the hair look in full in a few days though as a round up post of my backstage experience on the Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe shows. As my hair is pretty short, we tried a ponytail but it’d just look like a little tuft! So we went for a super sleek straightened out bob with plenty of Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Classic Shine Serum for a high gloss finish!

Now, I can count the times I’ve worn my hair super sleek on my hand since becoming and adult. After spending most of my life straightening the shizz out of my already poker straight hair, it’s become a rare sighting for me to have such smooth hair. I am the Queen of lived in texture. I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of the sleek look on me. Bedhead is my thing, but sometimes it looks really lovely and timeless. Somehow it conjures up a real 70’s look on me. Which went really well with my outfit today. Although I dressed super casual, the paisley was a nod to the decade and the pink coat added a really retro twist to a classic item.
What do you think of this look?

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe : Creative

This post is SPONSORED by Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe
Toni And Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe : Creative
Toni And Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe : Creative
Toni And Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe : Creative

Day two of my Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe experience and we decided to go with a Creative Side Braid. Mark Hampton created four different looks for this season all based around the four Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe trends. I decided to go with Creative as it's a side braid and I seem to always go for a side braid / faux undercut whenever I want something a little edgier than my usual look. I'd never ever shave my sides but I do like that I can fake it with some creative braiding! I just need to learn how to actually do it!

To get this look the hair was parted on an extreme side part and then sectioned off. The braiding technique was called a twist rope braiding. It’s quite advanced, and I can't really explain exactly how it was done because I know for a face that I would never be able to do it on myself! Look it up if you want to give it a go. The braided section was prepped with a bit of Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Creative Texturising Glue. This which just smoothed the hair a bit and made it a little easier to grip and defines the braid. The hair was braided back and secured at the nape of the neck. I then opted to get my hair really waved and curled out to give it a little bit of an 80’s feel. It was all finished off with a good spray of Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Creative Extreme Hold Hairspray. Which is seriously good. My hair stayed curled all day which is very rare considering curls normally drop super quickly on me!
What do you think of this look?
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