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Friday, 28 March 2014

Drugstore Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil Dupe

Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil dupe review swatch photo

Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil sleek eyebrow stylist review swatch photo
sleek eyebrow stylist review swatch photo
sleek makeup eyebrow stylist review swatch photo

sleek eyebrow stylist*

I’ve talked about the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil before, in fact I’ve gone through three of the eyebrow pencils already (even though I talked about how much I hated eyebrow pencil a few days ago) and I absolutely adore them. The unique angled pencil defines and shapes the brows with east and the waxy/pencil hybrid works wonders for taming my brows.

I was browsing my emails when I saw a press release on these Sleek Eyebrow Stylist caught my eye and I instantly thought about the similarities between that and the Hourglass Arch Brow pencil. After giving it a whirl and testing out the two... I think it’s safe to say the two are very similar. Both have dual ended applicators - one with the pencil and the other is a styling and blending brush to define the brow. The Sleek Eyebrow Stylist has a angled tip which creates strokes of different weights from thick to thin, which perfect for filling in and defining at the same time. The only difference I can see is that formula isn’t quite the same, I felt the Sleek Eyebrow Stylist was a little creamier and smooth. Which isn’t a bad thing as I often found the Hourglass Arch to be a little stiff and drying.

While Hourglass has the edge in terms of quality, look and application. I’d definitely class this as an affordable alternative. It’s £5.99 and compared to the £26, and both come in three shades.


Hourglass arch brow sculpting penvil review swatch
Hourglass arch brow sculpting penvil  £26


  1. I really want to get an eyebrow pencil! But im scared of the 80's look :(! xx

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  2. I'm sooo curious to try this, it seems amazing and perfect to get that groomed and sculpted look that I like :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  3. Ooh this is such a good dupe! Definitely give this a go when I need something new :) xx

  4. I think it looks great and I'll definitely be trying it out!

  5. I'm sorry but I just love the fabric behind the brushes haha, that's what caught my eye.
    Have an amazing day :)

  6. This sounds like a fantastic new launch. I think I will definitely pick one of these up from my local Boots that's recently started stocking Sleek.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  7. Sleek are always good, I don't get on with eyebrow pencils but I might have to give this one a go!

  8. this sounds fab, been wanting to try something like this for ages xx

  9. what a bargain, and creamy makes it easier to blend so it's a good step up towards better brow-filling products :)
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -
    Vote for my blog here !

  10. Above all, I love the sleek packaging! I use the brow pencil by Benefit but the texture of it is sooo soft and waxy. In a way that's good, but it's a little too soft I feel.

  11. This sounds an amazing dupe! I really want to try it!
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  12. I've been dying for someone to compare the two of these! Thanks Lily!

  13. Sleek has yet to fail me! Will be trying this out too

    Liz, 1415 | Style by 1415 x

  14. I was looking for something like this:) I must try it

  15. Ohhh defiantly have to try the Sleek one! They sound so good!

  16. love sleek products will have to pick this up x

  17. Lately I've been relying on my Anastasia Brow Wiz but eventually I'd love to try Hourglass's offering--it is pretty pricey though! Thanks for sharing this dupe Lily!
    Lovely Notions

  18. They look really good. That packaging is amazing!

  19. I ought to try this, it looks so good! x

  20. They look soooo similar! Gotta love Sleek for whipping out another high quality product ^_^
    my favourite drugstore brand for sure!
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe

  21. I need a good eyebrow product, this sounds perfect x

    Rebekah @ Delicate Heart

  22. love!

  23. I saw these on the Sleek website, excited to give them a go!

  24. I've been really fancying the hourglass pencil but my bank balance just wont stretch, but this is a much more affordable option :)

    lillies and lipbalm

  25. I spotted this in Superdrug the other day but they had all be opened and tried (pet hate in Superdrug, always so messy!)
    Might have to order online x

  26. I really want to try this out. Been looking for a new eyebrow product, now that my HD brow kit has given up on me x


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