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Thursday, 17 April 2014

3 steps to BIG hair

how to get big volumised hair

Nobody wants limp and lifeless hair. The dream of getting a full head of bouncy curls that you see on celebs and TV is THEthe dream. I have pretty fine hair but a ton of it, so it flits between being puffy or limp and lifeless, Never bouncy and volumised. I realise more and more that it’s not just about the right products. A lot of it’s down to techniques and mixing and matching to find out what works best for you. Here are three of my limp hair fixes:

A Good Base

The most basic way to add volume to your hair is to use a volumising shampoo and conditioner. It makes sense to start with the wash as it's the foundation for the rest of your product. I really like the Bumble and Bumble Surf Shampoo and Conditioner as a base. It adds a bit of grit and texture to the hair which in turn helps give more volume. Try not to over condition the hair when using volumisising shampoo’s as it’s not as effective when it’s weighed down. Keep it focused on the ends of the hair rather than the roots.

Upside Down Blast

This volumising trick is great for those who blow dry their hair as it gives overall fullness with minimal effort. After towel drying the hair, add a little mousse to help with creating body. I really like the Oribe Surf Comber Mousse applied to a comb and brushed upside down towards the ends of the hair. Then roughly blow dry the hair as you would normally but upside down, sectioning bits and blasting right at the root lifting the hair up. Once the hair is dry blast with cold air until it’s completely cool, so it sets.

Dry Shampoo

An absolute staple in any hair routine. Not only does it stop your hair from looking greasy and keep it looking cleanish for a few extra days, but it can help add a bit of body and boost. Dry shampoo has talc and starch particles in it which gives the hair some friction and something to bounce off which creates volume. When it comes to dry shampoo, I always think Batiste Monochrome Dry Shampoo is the cheapest and the best. There's no point spending lots of money on dry shampoo as most of the time it does the same thing!


  1. Love this! :) also looking very 70's chic in that picture Lily!

    Sam xx

  2. My hair is naturally pretty curly and I always dry it upside down with a diffuser to get that added volume at the root. It really helps! :)
    Bea x
    Bea's Beauty Blog

  3. Great tips! Will have to try them out :)

  4. Your hair looks lovely! Lovethe sound of the bumble and bumble shampoo and conditioner! x


  5. Really want to try Bumble & Bumble products, they look and sound fab! x

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  6. Dry shampoo can be such a miracle worker

  7. I only use dry shampoo for volume not for its original purpose!

  8. I have been loving the volumising mousse from Toni & Guy lately, it adds so much volume and a nice shine that lasts for days. And this is a huge deal for my hair that is usually flat before walking out the door.

    1. ive been using this recently too! I really like it, i need to review it soon actually!

  9. My hair is naturally very flat so I always dry my hair upside down and do a bit of backcombing to get volume!
    P.S I'm running a giveaway at the moment if you want to enter:) x
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe Giveaway

  10. good points, will try :)

  11. I find the new loreal thickening shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair with that sorta course texture. Might be a cheaper alternative for some folk x

  12. Really need to get my hands on a volumising shampoo/conditioner my hair is so flat and lifeless getting any volume to stay is literally a task in itself! x

  13. I am desperate to try the Bumble and Bumble Surf Shampoo! Roll on payday!! x

  14. Love a good dose of dry shampoo! Always give my hair a lift.
    Definitely need to start using volumising shampoo, my long hair gets pretty flat.

  15. I have included my favourite hair products on my blog. Check them out x

  16. Really great tips! I love the length and style of your hair. I've been thinking of doing something similar but I have very long hair and can't make the decision yet. Your hair makes me want to take the plunge and go for a new cut! I am sure these tips will come in handy if I decide to do it.

  17. love!


  18. My hair is sos thick, i need to know hoe to tame it down and give less volume haha! Great post though :) xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  19. i have the same hair as you so i completely get your probs. I co-wash to make it soft and make sure to tie it up on my head to add extra volume to my waves - love some body and curl !
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

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  21. Will try this definitely, thanks for the great post :)
    x, Dana

  22. i love your hair so much.
    i always try to "make my hair big" - but i guess cause its so long its too heavy to stay big.

  23. another miracle product, especially for anyone with thin or fine hair, is a volumizing powder. I prefer got2b powder'ful volumizing powder since it's cheap and gets the job done. It only takes the tiniest bit at the roots to give that big, messy hair look.


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