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Friday, 18 April 2014

my spring foundation routine

spring foundation routine

clarins instant smooth SELF TAN*
Real Techniques Retractable Bronzing Brush
MAC Face & Body
Estee Lauder Double Wear Bb Glow Concealer

As Spring has well and truly sprung it’s time for me to switch up my base. Over the autumn and winter I was loyal to my favourite - Laura Mercier Silk Creme. Nevertheless, since the beginning go the year I’ve not been feeling it. It’s a little heavy and matte and not making the best of my currently spot free skin. Touch Wood. I’ve recently switched up my base so it’s time to share it with you guys!

For a primer, I’ve been using the Clarins Insntant Smooth Self Tan - a smoothing primer with a tanning tint. It provides a super smooth base all while adding a touch of colour to the skin. I like that it’s foolproof and I don’t need to be too careful applying it unlike other facial tanners. It’s so hard to go wrong! I personally think duo fibres need to make a come back in 2014. One day I reached for my Real Techniques Retractable Bronzing Brush to apply my base and I haven’t looked back. It’s so easy, quick to use and really gives that flawless airbrush finish. Used in conjunction with MAC Face & Body it yields a light coverage but the perfect spring time face base. MAC Face and Body is like “my skin but better," providing light buildable coverage with a natural dewy finish. I then adjust my concealer depending on whatever skin ailment I have at the moment. I’ve been loving the Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush on Glow - a concealer and highlighter hybrid. Excellent for pepping up the under eye area and concealing any bags!

My spring foundation routine focuses on minimal coverage, but flawless with a touch of bronze. I've ditched my usual super matte look and have been reaching for highlighters, bronzing bases and illuminating primers to make my skin look fresher. I highly recommend switching up your foundation routine as the seasons change - It's so worth it!


CLARINS INSTANT SMOOTH Self Tan review swatch
MAC FACE & BODY review swatch
estee lauder Double wear brush on glow bb highlighter review swatch


  1. love the brush!


  2. I just ordered that Estee Lauder concealer and am super excited to try it! Love how light and glowing this look is :)


  3. Will definitely have to try the bronzing brush for foundation!

    B xx

  4. Such pretty products! I really need to switch up my base routine for spring, great choices! x


  5. Need to try all these products)))

  6. Love this, have definitely switched up my routine now we're starting to get a bit more sun.

    Kristy |

  7. Hi lily has something happened to your blog? Tried logging on and comes up with adverts instead....
    Don't know if just me or everyone? The clothing blog. Xx

  8. Hi lily has something happened to your blog? Tried logging on and comes up with adverts instead....
    Don't know if just me or everyone? The clothing blog. Xx

  9. I love MAC F&B but it gave me bumps on my face. :(


  10. I've been meaning to change up my face routine so this is super helpful! :)

    Holly Sparkle | Fashion and Lifestyle

  11. I'd really love to see these products in action, could you do a foundation routine? :) x

  12. Love the instant smooth self tanning! I used it all last Spring/Summer, in fact I will need to dig it out again soon! I'm super pale too so if I can make it work anyone can - I agree it is hard to go wrong with X

    Zandra // AZTEC DOLL Fashion & Beauty Blog

  13. Love the sound of the that Clarins tanner, I need something natural just to add a hint of colour but I'm always worried that fake tans will break me out <3

  14. I've been loving my L'Oreal Teint foundation this spring
    Daniella x

  15. I need to switch up my routine too but I am waiting/praying my skin will get better too haha x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  16. Yeah. Your LLYMLRS fashion blog is not coming up for me either. It says the domain name has expired.

  17. Really want to try out face and body, but a lot of other mac foundations have broke me out in the past. Please do a video on this look?


  18. I really want to try face and body, I am in love wih Estee Lauder double wear atm x

  19. I want to try the Mac Face and Body Foundation; it sounds amazing! I saw it recently at a CCO, but they didn't have my shade.

  20. I like the sound of the Estee Lauder concealer and think I will order it! I'm in the process of switching my foundation routine for summer :)

  21. I didn't know they did a mini Face & Body! I love this stuff - you can literally get whatever coverage you want.

    North of London - Beauty Blog

  22. I really need to try out the Estee Lauder concealer! Would you say it's a medium coverage?

    Morgan //


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  24. Mac face and body is great for the summer, unfortunately doesn't work so well with my oily skin though! :(

    Chloe xx

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