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Thursday, 8 May 2014

the triangle of light

how to conceal under eye bags

how to hide under eye circles
under eye circles

The Triangle of Light Technique is something that I’ve been road testing for a week now and I think I’m totally converted to the geometric side. Ideal for banishing tired eyes and covering up dark circles all tile giving a natural wide awake glow.

First I prep my eye area with some eye cream -My under eyes have been incredibly dry recently so I’ve been reaching for my Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream as a moisturising base. Then I draw an upside down triangle under my eyes using the iconic YSL Touche Eclat. I’m still on the fence if I’m 100% sold on it, but similar products include the By Terry Touche Veloutte or the new Estee Lauder BB Glow Concealer. Basically for this step you need to use some sort of brightening/lighting concealed. I then blend in with a ring finger or a sponge like the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. Now I’ll decide if I need to repeat the step with an additional concealer depending on the amount of coverage I need or just move straight on to adding my foundation.

… And Voila! Bags be gone! This is a great little highlighting and concealing trick which works wonders on us that like to stay up all night on Netflix!


  1. Love this, I am definitely trying the upside triangle. Would you recommend the Real Techniques sponge? x

    1. I would! It's fantastic, especially once you've dampened it and wrung it out thoroughly :) Appaz Nikkie Tutorials loves it too so it's gotta be good ;)

  2. I don't really conceal my under eyes but my mum does so I will defo let her know about this!
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  3. I've been meaning to try the L'oreal version of the YSL Touche Eclat and do this triangle thing! It looks like it works really well! x

  4. I use the By Terry Touche Veloutte I love it and find it really helps wake my face up! xx

  5. this sounds great, I must give it a go! x

  6. I feel like under-eye highlighting makes such a difference x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  7. I use mac prep and prime in light boost to do the same! Can make such a huge difference!

  8. This sounds really good, I may try this out!
    Ellie x

  9. Very good. I have been wanting to try the YSL Eclat for a while now x

  10. Love under eye highlighting! Makes me look dead x

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  11. Your eyeliner flick is perfect. I just though you should know.xx

    Katy | Little Miss Katy

  12. Ugh, my stupid under eyes have been so dry lately too, and nothing seems to stop it!! What is with that...

    [ Lissy Morse Blog ]

  13. Love this technique. I find that I need to set the concealer with a powder a shade lighter than my normal powder before using my usual powder all over my face, otherwise it just all blends together and you don't notice the brightness under my eyes as much!

    XO, G from grace'd

  14. I am definitely going to try this! x

  15. I use this technique too but always carry the triangle on up to the side of my eyes too so it highlights as well :)

    Tiny Alis

  16. Good products
    L x

  17. love!

  18. I blogged about highlighter pens today too but focussed on MAC's Prep + Prime vs YSL Touche Eclat, I preferred MAC's offering. Check it out if you're interested :)


  19. i think i'm going to have to try this technique out.

    Hayley \\


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