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Monday, 12 May 2014

not a fan : Escentric Molecule 01

Escentric Molecule 01 review swatch photo

Escentric Molecule 01 got a lot of hype in the blogging world last year, but I wasn't overly interested int it for the longest time. I ordered it off Cult beauty one day when I was feeling uninspired with my current stash and wanted to switch it up. I love fragrance and have a huge collection of different perfumes and to be honest… I was totally underwhelmed by this.

The scent to be flits about and sometimes it smells good sometimes it doesn't. I know that it’s supposed to be something that mixes with your natural pheromones to create a bespoke scent. I can get notes of cedar and some sandalwood… It’s very woody at times then at others its a bit… horrible?I do like the perfume layered with other scents (it brings out woodier notes) but alone it just doesn't do it for me. No one has asked me what I’m wearing and I get more compliments from the body spray I wore a few days ago. Maybe my chemistry just wasn't made for this scent!


Escentric Molecule 01 review swatch
Escentric Molecule 01  £35


  1. I'm not a fan of this scent either mainly because not only can I not smell it at all - I guess I can live with that, but noone else could smell it either so a bit of a waste in my opinion. :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one :) I tried this 'scent' and didn't like it either. To me it just smelled like neat alcohol and had little to no staying power. Completely agree - underwhelming, overhyped, waste of money.

  3. Brought this after hearing the stories of people running after you cz you smelt so amazing, this has no happened to me although i love the smell on myself xx

  4. I tried this too and on me it smelt so alcoholic, but then settled to smell a bit like Parma Violets! I'd try it again I think, but I'd only pick it up if I bagged myself a big saving or had a voucher to spend! :)

  5. This is definitely a product I'm dubious about, I think it must just work for some and not others! x

    India Charlotte♥

  6. I really love this perfume, it works really well for me and smells different every single time I wear it! On me it smells quite spicy, so I don't know what that says about my chemistry bahaha xx

  7. Strange, I've always wanted to try it but I am not sure it'd be worth it in the end to get it! Thanks for the review x
    Emily Lavenders

  8. Agree!! Makes me smell of toilet cleaner!! And it's so overbearing.

  9. Seems like such a love/hate scent! Still kind of want to try it for the novelty value though...
    T x

  10. I love this perfume! It seems that it smells different on everyone so therefore its a hit or a miss. Its a shame that you dislike this scent on you~ i quite like it on me and have recieved quite a few compliments on it so far.

    Thanks for sharing, i hope you have a lovely day!

    Ying ♥ || *- YingcBeauty-*
    X x X x X

  11. love!

  12. I can't even put into words how much I dislike this. To me it smells the same on everyone I've sprayed it on, horrible.

  13. So glad you've written an honest review xx


  14. SO refreshing to finally see a bad review for this haha, I love reading other bloggers real honest opinions especially on overly hyped products! XO

  15. This sounds really odd, that it changes significantly to match your body. I don't think I'd be a fan of this one either!

  16. I have this and feel the same, half the time I cant even smell it! It was a disappointment and I wouldn’t buy it again!

  17. This literally smelt like NOTHING on me, was so disappointed after all of the hype!! xx


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