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Sunday, 31 August 2014

sussing out eye cream

eye cream reccomendations

Looking after your eyes is a must. At the grand age of 24 I’ve started to notice how my eyes are showing signs of ageing. Fine lines, dark circles and discolouration. Not cute. Eye cream isn’t just something that your nan uses. We should all look after our under eye areas, it’s an essential part of a skincare routine. Eyes are delicate and sensitive - rubbing off our mascara and tugging at them to apply our eyeliner - not the best. Giving your eyes a bit of extra attention and love will make a hinge difference. It will help keep your eyes looking brighter, more awake, reduce shadows, and minimise any early morning puffiness. Picking a eye cream might be a bit daunting (boring) but here are my favourites to help you pick your own!

Origins No Puffery is a lovely cooling rollerball under eye treatment. It’s soothing, cooling and really perks up the under eye area. It’s my quick fix under eye treatment. It quells under eye puffing in no time! Benefit’s It’s Potent is my personal favourite eye cream. It’s thick and creamy but sinks straight into the skin. Using my ring finger I’ll take a light layer on or when my eyes are in need of a deep hydration I apply a thick layer like a under eye mask. I also really like the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream as it’s affordable, cooling and brightening on the under eye area. It’s also 99% natural which is great for those conscious of the environment!


ORIGINS NO PUFFERY review swatch
BENEFIT IT'S POTENT  review swatch


  1. I love the balance me wonder eye cream, I've been using it for over a year now and it's really helped! x


  2. definitely going to have to check out the balance me eye cream, looks great

    abi from a little dust x

  3. Might have to try some out. I spend too long tugging at my eyes applying eyeliner and it just cant be good for them xxx

  4. Definitely going to have to get my hands on the Benefit it's potent, I love the packaging!

  5. awesome!

  6. So true! I definitely need to give some attention to my eyes!

  7. Recently got the body shop vitamin e one recommended to me. I have a sample of Benefit's It's potent.. I need the full size it's so good. Boots botanics eye cream is a great starting out eye cream, does the job with nothing fancy in it.

  8. I'm turning 24 at the end of the year and have definitely noticed the fine lines under the eyes forming slowly but surely! I'd love to try the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream since I'm such a fan of organic skincare (the best for my sensitive skin!).

  9. I definitely need to start using eye creams! x

  10. I've been using eye cream/gel more in the past months and seen a real difference! The Clarins Eye Gel and Elemis Anti-Ageing ones are great too
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

  11. I have started to notice fine lines under my eyes and they make me sad, I need them gone :( I will be sure to try these products after the one I am using now if it doesn't work! :)

  12. I've been using the Benefit one for a while now, but I'm interested in the Balance Me one!

  13. I have recently noticed how bad my eyes are getting what with being puffy and itchy and I am only 20. Will definitely be investing in an eye cream, sooner rather than later

    Rachel xx

  14. I skip this step of my skincare routine far too often because I always think 'Oh I'm young, I don't need this.' But then I look closer and notice some lines under my eyes and dark circles and then I use an eye cream religiously for some time. This post was definitely a good reminder to put an eye cream back into my routine! xx

  15. I really like the sound of the benefit its potent! I am using the Origins Gin Zing at the moment which is pretty great for early mornings.

  16. Please take the time to check out my blog. I've just posted a new post.

  17. the benefit one sounds really good! my eyes are always dry so i might have to give this a try! do you know of any purse friendly dupes?
    alice x

  18. I also absolutely love the It's Potent Eye Cream. Plus I cannot get past the amazing packaging!

  19. I shall try the origins' and the benefit's!


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