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Monday, 15 December 2014

Kylie Jenner Inspired Everyday Makeup

how to look like kylie jenner
kylie jenner makeup tutorial
kylie jenner lips 2014

For my most recent video I decided to show my current everyday makeup routine. I'm a huge fan of the Kylie Jenner makeup look (seriously, I've posted about her so much the last few months) and her style of makeup is really similar to how I've been doing my makeup the last month. So watch above (or on my channel here) as I attempt to talk through my day to day makeup routine! Let me know what you think!

Full product list and anything you might possibly want to know is in the bottom bar on the Youtube page! Dont forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't already - Enjoy!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Collection

Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set review swatch photo
Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set review swatch photo
Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set review swatch photo
Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set review swatch photo
Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set review swatch photo
Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set review swatch photo
Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set review swatch photo
zoeva rose gold complete eye brush set* £56
You know when you come across something that makes you just go OOOH. This was that. I've never heard of the brand Zoeva till recently and it's been on my to watch list for a while. This Rose Gold brush set from Zoeva is one of the most beautiful brush sets I've seen in a long, long time. It's a 12 piece eye makeup brush set including brushes for your crease, brows, liner and concealer. They are among my favourite brushes I've ever used, dense, easy to use and blend shadows like a dream. At £55 for 12 brushes I dont think thats a bad price at all considering the excellent design and quality.

This would make the perfect gift for any beauty junkie, it's an absolutely breathtaking collection and incredibly eye catching. If I'd woke up to this on Christmas morning then I'd be one happy girl!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Lush Santa Baby Tint & Scrub

lush santa baby lip scrub review swatch photo
LUSH STANTA BABY LIP TINT review swatch photo
lush santa baby lip scrub tint review swatch photo
lush santa baby lip scrub
lush stanta baby lip tint
It's that time of year again where tis the season to smooch someone under the mistletoe. Damn you central heating, cold weather and those winter kisses - Winter takes it toll on the lips and can often leave them feeling chapped and gross. Lush have provided two pocket sized solutions to these lip woes. First I have the Lush Santa Lip Scrub - it's a cola scented sugar based scrub which is tasty and effective in equal measures. Super gentle and leaves the lips feeling lightly exfoliated without drying the lips out. Lush Santa Baby Lip tint is a tinted lip balm which is super hydrating due to being backed full of essential oils and shea butter. Leaving the lips super kissable with a little red tint. A really lovely cherry shade! Two fun seasonal lip shades which are both budget friendly and super cute.

Friday, 12 December 2014

5 Steps to the best eyelashes ever

5 Steps to the best eyelashes ever
Shisedo eyelash curler
chanel les volumes de chanel mascara
clinique bottom lash mascara
bare minerals locked and coated mascara*
Always Curl:
Step one to getting the lashes you’ve always dreamed of is to use a lash curler. Shisedo Eyelash Lash Curler has been the industries pusher upper of choice for years and nothing quite compares. Start at the base of your lashes and squeeze upwards from root to tip.

Layer, Dry, Repeat:
Start with a volume building mascara as a base. Chanel Les Volumes De Chanel adds serious lash plump and holds a curl like theres no tomorrow. Apply 1 coat before leaving it to dry before repeating twice. Avoid spider lashes by using a clean spoolie between coats.

Don’t forget the bottom
Bottom lashes deserve mascara love too! Wipe off any excess before lightly running it over your bottom lashes. Use a clean cotton bud to clean up any mess. The Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara is a lifesaver if you struggle with applying bottom lash mascara without it smudging. It has the teeniest tiniest brush head ideal for getting right in there.

Smudge Proof
If your'e worried about your mascara smudging throughout the day fix your mascara in place with a waterproof topcoat. Bare Minerals Locked and Coated is designed to be worn over any mascara to keep things in place! Just make sure you have a good waterproof makeup remover at hand!

Cheat It
If you arent happy with the lashes you’ve got then fake it. Forget heavy over the top lashes and use individual ones. By adding a few individual lashes to the eyes it can boost volume and not look like you’re smuggling caterpillars on your eyes!

Monday, 1 December 2014

December Everyday Makeup

review swatch photo
review swatch photo
review swatch photo
Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation, Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer, Tarte The Sculptor, Nars blush in Doucer, MAC Uninterrupted, Burberry Everlasting Liquid Eyeliner*,  Too Faced Eyebrow Kit*, Clinique High Impact Volume Macara Gosh Velvet Lip Liner in 001 Nougat Crisp
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