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What does LLYMLRS mean?
LLYMLRS is my name (Lily Melrose) without vowels.

How old are you?
I'm 21, My birthdays April 20th.

How tall are you? How much do you weigh?
I'm 5ft5 and I'm a Size UK10.

Do you have a Twitter?
yes, @llymlrs

What did you study at university?
I studied graphic and media design, this has no bearing on my future career choices and I genuinely regret following through with doing the course. As much as I love design and art the actual making in graphics doesnt intrest me. My blog is nothing to do with graphic design and I have not studied fashion.

What makeup do you use?
You can view a post on the makeup I use daily here, and how I apply it here. The blush is normally Topshop Neon Rose or Nars Orgasm, I wear Eylure (110's or 101's) or these ones from eBay, with Duo Glue and the mascara I use is Maybelline False Lash Effect Mascara. All my lipsticks are from MAC, my favorites are Hue (nude), Costa chic (bright coral), Jazzed (soft coral), Please me (bright pink), Shy girl (nude peachy pink) and Angel (soft pink).

What are your favourite MAC Eyeshadows?
I dont have an all time favorite but my most used pallete contains, Shroom, Ricepaper, Honesty, Naked Lunch, Gleam, Expensive Pink, All That Glitters, Retrospeck, Texture, Honey Lust, Amber Lights, Woodwinked, Sable, Mulch & Romp. I mainly wear Gleam all over the lid then a touch of Expensive Pink.

How do you do your nails? 
I either use Nailene 200 full cover nails in active square or these from ebay. The Nailene ones dont need any prep as they are small and easy to stick on and go, but the cheaper ebay ones require alot of effort to shape them. Its so easy to do nail art on the eBay ones, as I tend to paint them before I actually put them on, saves having to wait for them to dry! I use Nailene Quick Dry Nail glue on them, I change them every 5-7 days. My nails are ruined from years and years of acrylics, so I've not noticed any difference since using them. I use Barry M nail polishes, my favorites are 308 (pale purple), 295 (blue turquoise), 290 (bright leafy green), 272 (bright hot pink) and 291 (dark blue).

How do you do your eyebrows?
I've done a post on them here.

Will you do a makeup tutorial on X look?
Nope, I'm not a makeup guru, merely just a consumer. I have no plans in the future to do videos on how I do my eye makeup, Nor do I plan on doing "FOTD"'s on the looks I wear. Everything I learnt about makeup was via the internet and other Youtube Gurus. So if you want to learn anything go on there and have a browse, its really helpful and much more informative than I could be!

What skincare products do you use & whats your skin type? You have really good skin
I really dont have perfect skin, Its just the makeup that covers it! Im not spotty, and I've never had problems with acne or any other skin complaints. I have very pink cheeks, with a very yellowy/grey cast olivey skintone! My skin is oily-combination, depending on the time of the year! I dont use any specific skincare products, I normally just use cheapy makeup wipes, No7 eye makeup remover and then wash my face with whatever soap/cleanser thats nearest! I should really improve my skincare routine but I cant be bothered.

What do you do to your hair?
You can read a post here. The fade in my hair is called "ombre" which I did myself using a Loreal highlighting kit, You can watch the video on how I did it here. The brighter Ombre I've had since July 2011 was achieved using a Jerome Russell BBlonde kit. I dont use any products on it apart from hairspray on the odd occasion, I don't stick to any brands of haircare.

Where do you shop?
I'm surprised how much I'm asked this as I think the answer are pretty obvious because I always write the names of the places where I buy my clothes from underneath each outfit post. H&M, Primark, New Look, River Island, Topshop etc etc!

How much do you spend on clothes a month?
As much as I can afford, I only buy things that I do genuinely want and like, some months I spend alot of money some months I spend very little. It really does vary. I go shopping alot but dont really buy anything because I like browsing. I dont live above my means.

How did your blog get to popular?
I really don't know, It just sort of happened. I hardly had any followers (about 100 or so) at the beginning of 2010, and it all sort of exploded from there! I just found my niche and then ran with it! My blog wasn't a overnight success and I think you must try and be as patient as you can and keep going and working hard at achieving your goals.

Can I use your post ideas/photographs/features?
Of course, as long as you link back (credit me!) and let me know! As long as I know somethings going on I'm cool with it, when people are sneaky and think you will never find out, Im more than likely going to be okay with it, Plus I love seeing what people do with my things!

What camera do you use?
I currently use a Canon 1000d, you can see a full post on it here.

Why dont you do videos?
Because I genuinely dont want to do them. I think the Youtube community is a breeding ground for haters and negative people. I dont think I've ever seen a video on Youtube by someone who hasnt got a rude or horrible comment on. I think its disgusting! Personally I dont want to be part of that. I dont have any interest in making videos, I already run two blogs and I think keeping a channel as well would be far too much work!

Can you give me any tips or advice on blogging?
Honestly no, I dont have any tips or tricks, blogging is just a game of hit or miss. Its a really over saturated market so the best thing you can do is offer something different and new to your readers, dont copy the popular bloggers, you're never going to be the next "insert top blogger name" and work making YOU the next top blogger! I didnt start my blog thinking I'd be the next big thing in fashion and i'll be FROW-ing at fashion week, i know i'm never going to reach those levels I just try and be the best i can be with the means I have!

Can you critique my blog?
Im sorry but I wont do this, I dont want to be negative about someones blog at all. Its unfair and unnecessary. I understand why people want me to look at their blog and tell them what to improve on, but my biggest piece of advice in this area is to just look at what you like in a blog (ie quality/layout/content) and try and emulate (not copy, just use this as a key point to define your own style!) what makes your favourite blogs your favourite blogs! Dont be half assed about it if your serious about blogging, dont just post for the sake of it, dont post things you think are bad, quality over quantity always!

X blog is like yours! COPY CAT! COPY CAT!
I get this a hell of a lot, I know there ares bloggers out there who have a similar style to me clothing wise and layout wise. I cant say I dress uniquely or different from the rest. I have a pretty generic 20-something year old girl style. I am aware that there are bloggers out there who people accuse of "being like me" and I do feel really sorry for them because its not fair on them.  People "report" others to me who use the no vowel thing on their blogs too, honestly I dont care, its one of those things again that will again make people compare that blogger to me, which doesnt do them any favors. I think a unique and different blog name is quite important, but if people want to use it they can, not like i invented it!

How do you get invited to events/press days?
Typically PR's just get in touch with you and ask you if you want to attend. Again I dont know how to get noticed by PR's most of the time they contact you out of the blue.

I've seen your photo on eBay! Is it you?
No, I do not sell my clothes on ebay, People search for the items Im wearing and they come up in google and people use them. PLEASE DONT THINK ITS ME! I had someone once email me telling me how awful I was because "I" sent them something shoddy, but it wasnt me. I do not have a ebay sellers account! Ebay does nothing about these listings so I dont report them.
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