Thursday, 20 November 2014

one product every nail junkie should have

one step nail polish remover review swatch photo
bourjois one seconde nail polish remover
maybelline express nail polish remover

If you've been living under the rock and dont know what these two products do then you really need to get with the times. One step nail polishes have been released in their masses this year and have been a staple of any self confessed beauty junkies beauty arsenal.

Each pot contails a nail polish remover soaked foam pad with a hole in the top to insert your finger. Super easy to use because all you do is pop your finger in, twist and press and off comes all the nail polish. Literally a few seconds and it's gone. Ideal if you change your nails a lot, Plus you dont have to remember to buy cotton pads!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

my new favourite eyeliner

Burberry Effortless Liquid liner review swatch photo
Burberry Effortless Liquid liner review swatch photo
burberry effortless liquid eyeliner in jet black *

The Burberry Effortless Liquid liner came into my possession a few weeks ago and I'm well and truely hooked. Bored of my old favourite the Guerlain Eyeliner and in desperate need of a switch up I reached for it and haven't looked back. Super black, easy to use and absolutely fool proof. Providing the perfect swoop of liner to frame the eyes and pull my whole look together. Totally lives up to the effortless name! An ultra fine nip which glides onto the lid for the perfect feline flick.

 At £23 it's not the cheapest of products but gosh darn it, it's awesome.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

the do's and donts of lip liner

OCC Lip Pencil in Black Dahlia review swatch photo
OCC Lip Pencil in Black Dahlia review swatch photo

Lip Liner is a product that I’ve never really got. I just never really understood how or why I needed to use it. I recently picked up the OCC Lip Pencil in Black Dahlia and I finally understood the joys of a lip liner. The OCC Lip Liner is creamy and easy to use with minimal fading as a base. Crazy long wearing, it defines and shapes my lips and locks in colour. Perf.

Lip liner seems to have a resurgence in popularity recently. Maybe because of the rise of the Kylie Jenner Lip. While girl aint fooling anyone with her lip fillers everyone is trying to create that super full look. Here are some of the things I’ve learnt since dabbling in the stuff:

DO use a natural shade around the edges of the lips for a fuller look to the lips.

DONT use lip liner without a product on top. Often lip pencils are designed to be chalkier and more matte. Try using a balm or a light gloss over it to keep it looking fresh and hydrated.

DO use lip liner to define the lips. The cupids bow especially.

DONT over line your lips to the point it looks fake. While it somehow works for Kylie Jenner us mere mortals don’t seem to have much luck. Keep it looking natural but boosted.

DO line the lips when using a bright lip colour. It’ll make it last longer and look cleaner around the edges.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Knowing if you're ready for a big chop

do i cut my hair short
I went for the big chop last year - going from below the boob long flowing locks to The Lob. I think at the time I just needed a change (admittedly, post breakup hair change hollaaaa). Flash forward almost a year later and Im pining for my longer locks. Do I regret the chop? Not at all. My hair needed it at the time but I’m always asked about if I regret the drastic hair change!

Think about it

Chopping your hair off is a major decision. I dwelled on cutting mine for about a week before settling on doing it. If your worried about it then sleep on it and then sleep on it again until you are 100% sure. Don’t let stress or peer pressure prompt you. And if you’re going for the post breakup hair change… maybe wait a week or two to make sure it's right!


Most hairdressers offer a consultation for free. Make sure you bring in enough photographs of what you do and do want (see this post on how to avoid a bad haircut) and state exactly what you want and expect. Your hair dresser isn’t a mind reader so try and be as clear as you can be. Always
ask your stylists opinion too, they are the professional after all.

Try & Try again

Maybe go into a wig shop and ask if you can try on a few different styles to get a feel for how it might look on you. There are also tons of online makeover tools which might be worth testing out of you’re still unsure. It’s probably a good idea to test out what it might look on you before making a huge commitment!


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